10 Nursing Schools in Nashville

Nashville is the capital of the U.S. most populous state Tennessee. It is home to legendary country music venues.

Asides from this, Nashville takes healthcare seriously. As a result, there are many nursing schools in Nashville. Read through this article to find out the best nursing schools in Nashville to enrol in.

Their requirements are also not left out.


With so many learning institutions in Tennessee, choosing the right nursing school can be overwhelming and stressful. Here is a list of the 10 best nursing schools in Nashville that will make your selection easier;

10. University of Tennessee- Chattanooga

The University of Tennessee is a learning institution and one of the best public nursing schools in Nashville.

The School of Nursing offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice and master’s of science in nursing programs among many other impressive programs.

With a total enrollment of 11,651 students and a student-faculty ratio of 19 to 1, the accredited university ranked at #298 – #389 in national universities.

It provides a learning environment in which students get attention, share their own ideas, and describe their perspectives with their teachers and peers.

A sophomore at the public university in a review mentioned how pleased they were with the transition to online classes during a spring semester, the incredible efforts from their professors who made it a success, and the family environment in which students’ needs were put above all else.

To gain admission, a composite score of 21 and above on the American College Test (ACT) or 980 SAT score and a cumulative high school grade point average of 2.7 and above is required.

Students also have access to several facilities on campus such as the Thompson-Boling Arena which is the third-largest on-campus basketball arena in the USA.

Part of what makes University of Tennessee- Chattanooga number 10 on this list is the graduation rate of 28% despite having an acceptance rate of 82%.

For students still in doubt about this choice, the next one will be a treat.

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9. Trevecca Nazarene University

The vibrant private institution of Nashville is one of the most recommended universities in Tennessee, with a graduation rate of 49%. The university is usually a consideration for anyone looking to pursue nursing majors and a godly environment. 

It is another best nursing schools in Nashville.

Ranking #298 – #389, the Christian university has an acceptance of rate of 62% requiring a minimum high school GPA of 2.5 and a minimum ACT score of 18, SAT Reading, Writing & Math score of 940 for admission.

It has 4,124 students which take pride in the welcoming and friendly culture at the school. Students can build better connections with their professors which can be useful in getting better grades, scholarships, and career opportunities thanks to the 24:1 student-faculty ratio.

Not only is the proximity to downtown Nashville a bonus to students entering the music industry, but they also get a free ride in a shuttle from campus!

8. Tennessee Technological University

There are so many elements that make Tennessee Technological University one of the best nursing schools in Nashville. The Whitson-Hester School of Nursing offers students an advanced learning environment which is vital in building the experience and exposure needed in a nursing career. 

Tennessee Technological University has 10,140 students, an acceptance rate of 79%, and ranks #272 in national universities.

The student-faculty stands at 18:1 which means the class progresses through the course material more quickly and the resources are adequate.

Students in this university have an average SAT score between 990 and 1260 or an average ACT score of 21-27.

7. Remington College

Remington College is a top-performing school in the region and has been for the past 4 years. With 779 students at the college and a 74% graduation rate, the private school has a stronghold over other schools in Nashville for academic success.

Considering that the classes are in four-week increments, the school is very well-rounded and a fast-paced environment with instructors more than willing to help students learn and succeed.

A 22 to 1 student-faculty ratio and hands-on learning with training in nursing provide graduates with the essential skills to perform exceedingly in the work environment. The college requires proof of high school graduation or its equivalent for enrollment. 

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6. South College- Nashville Campus

Considered one of the best nursing schools/ colleges in Nashville, South College has a variety of academic resources for learners and offers ample time for research.

In addition to its facility, the institution offers online classes for its nursing programs.

The school boasts 2006 undergraduates and a student-faculty ratio of 18:1. While the ACT composite score is 17, South College has an acceptance rate of 100% and a graduation rate of 34%.

5. Nashville State Community College

The large public college in Tennessee implemented online classes to accommodate the 8,284 students it has after the Covid-19 pandemic which affected the normal school calendar.

With a fairly high student-faculty ratio of 21:1, Nashville State Community College has a low graduation rate of 18%. The school is popular for its diverse culture and activity in sports.

For enrollment into the college, you need to have a minimum sub-score of 19 in the ACT in math and 18 in English.

4. Marian University

Marian University has a plethora of nursing majors and concentrations with which students can fulfil their medical goals and aspirations.

The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association accredits the school and ranks #28 in regional universities Midwest.

The dynamic and innovative approach the school employs enables the 3,519 students to get employment after graduation. 

There is a 13:1 student to faculty ratio. This is commendable because encourages students to take part while in the classroom and build a relationship with their professors.

The private institution has a fair acceptance rate of 62% and a graduation rate of 43%. Admission requirements of Marian University are a high school GPA of 2 or 660 GED and a minimum of 18 in ACT scores or 940 in SAT.

3. Fortis Institute

Fortis Institute confers nursing programs that are most desired by employers. It is most definitely the place to go for nursing skills and training.

Students spend as much time out of the classroom learning through experience as they do in the classroom. This is aimed at preparing them for challenges they will experience in their careers making it one of the top five in Nashville. 

The small-sized institute with 353 students and a student ratio of 18 to 1, has an acceptance rate of 100% and a graduation rate of 56%.

Applicants must submit a transcript of high school record interview and a minimum high school GPA of 2.0 for enrollment.

2. Union University

Union University is a remarkable institution that offers undergraduates a wide range of options in nursing programs to choose from.

The private Christian university is always on the top of the recommendations for nursing studies. It is one of the best nursing schools in Nashville.

Ranking as 6th out 42 schools in Tennessee, Union university is a brilliant choice for students pursuing a nursing career. The school provides a high level of attention and interaction between students and professors which are key to its success. 

With 3172 students, the private school maintains a low 9:1 student-faculty ratio and a 61% graduation rate.

Students have the opportunity to enjoy the hands-on experience. The school believes in students putting into practice what they learn.

Upon graduation, nurses either start a career in the workforce or continue their education to earn an MSN or DNP.

Among national universities, Union University ranks #206 and requires 22 ACT, 1100 SAT or 72 CLT scores.

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1.  Vanderbilt Universit

Known for its prestigious lifestyle, Vanderbilt University is a top-tier school and dream destination for students in Tennessee.

Ranking at #14 in national universities with an acceptance rate of 9%, it is no surprise the private university comes up as number 1 on this list. Also, job interviewers rate them highly. 

Enrollment into the university is both limited and competitive. To complete an application at Vanderbilt University, one requires an official high school transcript, counsellor letter of recommendation, two academic teacher letters of recommendation, and official SAT or ACT scores.

Successful students at the university earned SAT math scores of 750-800, SAT EBRW scores of 700-760, and ACT composite scores of 33-35.

In conclusion

These are the best nursing schools in Nashville. It is important to look at the opportunities they present.

Many of these learning schools offer great nursing programs and are regionally recognized.

In compiling this list, significant consideration was given to student and alumni reviews.

Do you have any experience in any of them or a university you think should be on this list? Leave us a comment.



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