100+ Likely Questions and Answers from JAMB 2022 Novel The Life Changer

The life changer is the most recent novel incorporated into the General JAMB English Comprehension texts for the JAMB 2022/2023 examination. Not to be afraid, the novel is quite an interesting one and you can easily finish within 8 days if you read the novel like 10 pages daily. You can even compile questions when reading the JAMB novel.


1.Who is ummi?

Ans. ummi is the storyteller and mother of the children.

2.How many children does ummi have?

Ans. ummi has 4 children

3.Who was the first child?

Ans.Omar is the first child and only boy

4.who was the second and third child

Ans.Teemah(first female child) and jamila(2nd female child)

5.Who is bint and how old is she?

Ans. bint is ummi’s last child and she is five years of age.

6.What is Omar’s dad occupation and what time does he close from work?

Ans. He is a Banker and closes by 5pm.

7. Bint’s social study teacher was “meddlesome”, what does it mean?

Ans. The teacher was always interfering.

8.What is the name of bint’s social study teacher?

Ans. Mallam salihu

9.What question did Mallam salihu ask the class?

Ans. Whatis good morning in french.

10. What question did bint ask mallam salihu?

Ans. How do you say that’s very good in french.

11.Ummi in arabic means what?


12.According to ummi, eavesdropping on the children was to?

Ans. Ensure their room was always neat and to keep them company.

13. during their conversation who rushed into the room?

Ans. Omar rushed into the room

14.what state was Omar and why?

Ans.Omar was in a happy state,because he gained admission into the university.

15.how old was omar when he got admission?

Ans. Omar was 18 years old.

16.Omar was offered admission in which university and what course was he offered?

Ans. Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and was offered Law at kongo Campus.

17.Omar told teemah and jamila to call him what?

Ans. He requested he be called learned brother.

18.Omar was expecting a gift from his dad what was it?

Ans. A smart phone

19. who suggested they go outside and why?

Ans. Jamilla suggested they go outside because the room was hot and stuffy

20. why was the room hot and stuffy?

Ans. they was no light and the generator was faulty.

21.Who sold zobo?

Ans Teemah sold zobo.

22.Teemah refused Omar’s zobo request why?

Ans. He takes on credit and never pays back.

23. What did Omar score in Jamb?

Ans. he scored 230/400.

24. How many credits did Omar get in WAEC?

Ans He got 7 credits including English and Maths at his first attempt.

25. According to Omar, what’s stopping Teemah from growing tall?

Ans. Jealousy and Envy.

26. The HOD’s name during ummi’s time is?

Ans. Dr. Samuel Johnson.

27. What was Salma’s Physical appearance?

Ans. Salma was a fair complexioned girl,tall,slim and bursty.

28. What was salma’s view about lecturers?

Ans.Salma viewed them as needy,boys you pay money,girls you go on a date.

29. What was Ummi’s matric number?

Ans. ummi’s matric number was UG0001.

30. Ummi’s full name is?

Ans. Ummi Ahmad is her full name.

31.What tribe is Dr.Samuel Johnson?

Ans. Samuel Johnson is from the yoruba tribe.

32. Who did salma compare the lecturers with?

Ans. She compared them tothe policeman.

33.The young man salma was talking with was who?

Ans. he was a lecturer.

34. Why was the HOD close to Ummi

Ans. She knows her husband very well and was even the one who worked her admission.

35. Who was the formidable boka?

Ans. traditional medicine man.

36. What is the real name of the quiet one?

Ans. Talle was the quiet one.

37. Talle was guilty of which Crimes?

Ans. kidnapping, armed robbery and extortion.

38. How long did Talle and Zakki kidnap the little boy?

Ans. the boy was held One week in captivity.

39. How much did the kidnappers demand?

Ans. one million and later came down to two hundred and fifty thousand naira

40.How did the police arrest Zaki?

Ans. He was arrested by the police at the point of collecting the ransom.

41.What later happen to zaki and Talle?

Ans. They were sentenced to some years in prison for their crimes.

42.What does EMAL stand for?

Ans. Examination Malpractice

43. What drove Salma out of the university

Ans. she was found guilty of Examination Malpractice

44. which Hostel was salma enrolled in?

Ans. Queen Amina Hall.

45.Why did salma not like the hostel?

Ans.She thought her room mates will not accept her way of life.

46.How many pupils are allowed to stay in the hostel room?

Ans. A maximum of 4.

47.What are the names of salma’s room mates and where are they from?

Ans. Tomiwa(from Ibadan,Oyo state), Ngozi(from Umunze,Imo state),Ada(from benue state).

48.which one of salma’s friend was an aspiring singer?


49. What was their religion?

Ans.Salma and Tomiwa were Muslims while Ada and Ngozi were Christians.

50.What food was the students favourite and fastest?

Ans. Jollof Indomie was the students favourite.

51. what delicacy did Tomiwa and salma introduce respectively?

Ans. Tomiwa introduced the snail delicacy while,salma introduced danwanke.

52. Who is Dr.dabo?

Ans.he is a lecturer in the university known to be principle.

53. what did omar wear when going to the cafe?

Ans. white shirt and blue jean.

54 I want to know you more intimately, who made that statement?

Ans. Dr.dabo made the statement.

55.who were the men in the car?

Ans. Habib and Labaran.

56.what was the brand of the car?

Ans. Mercedez benz.

57. What is the colour of the car?


58.Who was Tomiwa’s blind date?

Ans. Habib.

59. When did the phone ring?

Ans. 8 o’clock in the evening

60.Tomiwa never had guys approaching her why?

Ans. Over confidence.

  1. Why do students often lock their doors and switch of the lights before eating?

Ans. To prevent other students from coming in and eating their food.

  1. How much did Habib give Tomiwa?

Ans. He gave her a sum of 50,000 naira.

  1. How much did Habib give Tomiwa for herself?

Ans. He gave her 20,000 naira.

  1. Why did Habib suspect That Tomiwa wasn’t Salma?

Ans. It was because Tomiwa’s confidence exceeds salma’s.

65.Who amongst Salma’s friend hated politicians?

Ans. Tomiwa.

66.Why did Tomiwa hate politician?

Ans. She hated politicians because they are not trustworthy and most cases are the problem rather than the solution.

  1. How did she tell Habib was a politician?

Ans. She heard Labaran call him ‘honorable’.

68.How many years was the past question for Moral philosophy repeated?

Ans. 3 years.

  1. After been caught for Examination Malpractice, most students leave the University without facing the committee why?

Ans. It is because they already know their Fate.

  1. The name of the man who posed as a committee chairman is?

Ans. Dr. Kabir.

  1. How much did Salma pay Dr.kabir to avert the penalty?

Ans. 100,000 naira.

72.How did Dr. Kabir appear to everybody?

Ans. He appeared as a friendly person.

  1. ‘lose it to the card’ means what?

Ans. It means Lose it to gambling

  1. why do Muslims bury their dead faster than Christians?


  1. What was the name of the thug sent after Kabir by Labaran?

Ans. Zaki.

  1. At first why was Habib sceptical of using zaki?

Ans. He was skeptical because zaki was unprofessional although he gets the job done.

  1. who is kartagi?

Ans. The leader of the Gamblers.

  1. What did Kartagi consider disrespectful?

Ans. Gamblers leaving the house immediately they win Money.

  1. Who left the house immediately they won Money?

Ans. Dr.kabir

  1. How much did Dr. Kabir stake?

Ans. N50,000

  1. How much did Dr.kabir Win?

Ans. N300,000

  1. Who did Kartagi send after Kabir?

Ans. Gumuzu.

  1. Aside from the thug way, what did zaki to earn a living?

Ans. He engages in spare part deals.

  1. What was the name of the song Zaki sang?

Ans. The Gambler.

85.Who sang “The Gambler”?

Ans. Kenny Rogers.

86.What is the full meaning of “LT”?

Ans. Laboratory Technologist.

87.What was the reason Labaran refused to give the money back to Habib?

Ans. It was because he was sure Habib slept with Salma.

  1. What does ‘IPO’ stand for?

Ans. Investigating Police Officer.

89.Who Is Hakimi?

Ans. He is the district head of the village.

  1. What was Habib’s position in politics?

Ans. He was the speaker of the house.

  1. What did salim buy?

Ans. His first ever smartphone.

  1. What brand of phone did salim buy?

Ans. The Samsung.

  1. Who is Lawal?

Ans. Salim’s friend.

94.What did Lawal refer salim’s online girlfriend as?

Ans. Indian princess.

  1. Why was Salim disappointed after seeing his online date?

Ans. It was because she appeared different from what she looked like online.

  1. Who was Natasha?

Ans. She was the beauty the robbers used to lure men to the dark then rob them.

97.How did salim park his car?

Ans. He parked military style.

  1. When did it dawn on Salim that Natasha was part of the heist?

Ans. The moment she said please don’t hurt him

  1. What car was Salim driving?

Ans. An SUV

  1. What was the car mode operation.

Ans. Automatic.

  1. Why was it that the robbers were not able to start the car?

Ans. The gear was not engaged.

  1. who was roger?

Ans.  One of the robbers.


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