Airtel 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat With HTTP Injector Config File

How To Activate Airtel 0.0KB Free Browsing With HTTP Injector

Airtel Free Browsing Cheat? – Are you looking for Airtel free browsing tricks/ cheats? If yes, this post is for you as I’ll provide you full details of the latest working Airtel cheat for this month, this year, and other working free browsing cheat on Airtel.

Just like other free browsing cheats, it doesn’t require much to start browsing with this Airtel 0.0kb free browsing. You have to know that for you to start using this free browsing just like others, you need some certain things of which I am going to show you now. I have also provided you with those requirements you can not get yourself. Take a look below to see those requirements for Airtel free browsing cheat.

Airtel free browsing cheat

Requirements For Airtel 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat

The requirements are nothing new to you if you have been using our free browsing before. All you need are just

When you are done in getting these requirements, this is how you are going to activate it.

If you have MTN please try using this settings

How to Set up Airtel 0.0kb free browsing with  HTTP injector and Configuration File

Setting up your Airtel free browsing is pretty simple. Just install your HTTP injector and open it then follow the steps below

  • Click on the file icon
  • Click on the import config file
  • Locate the download configuration file
  • Import the configuration file
  • Click on start and that’s it

It is important to note that this is sim selective and it is recommended you use a 4G sim. It is also to use it in areas that support 4G.

If you try using a 0.0kb sim and it’s not connecting, try using a sim that have at least 5mb on it.

If you encounter any difficulty while following these steps, you may drop your phone numbers in the comment box so you’ll be added to our WHATSAPP GROUP. 

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