Anonytun VPN Settings for MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing 2022 + (APN Settings)

There are these new settings that will enable you to browse on your MTN sim for free. Since most people don’t use MTN sim for browsing because of the high price on the network though there is a cheaper bundle, we have decided to share some settings that will enable you to browse freely on the network.

So for the settings, follow the below tutorial, please make sure you already have the data sim before you begin, you can get it from any trusted person you know online or offline, I am here to only provide the settings so you do not pay another fund for server or depend on new logins daily from anyone.

There are many good working hosts for this, one is, the other is, etc. Actually you can use Google-related websites as hosts like, so this is something those who paid for the SIM should have to use their brains and discover all these while if you have not come across it then follow the guide on this page.


Below are the requirements, make sure you meet them before reading on to the MTN Data Sim AnonyTun settings (Full).

  • 1. Android device.
  • 2. MTN Data SIM,
  • 3. No Airtime.
  • 4. No Data.
  • 5. AnoyTun VPN.


  • 1. Servers are extremely fast
  • 2. No need paying for premium server
  • 3. Unlimited downloads, (Over-downloading allowed).
  • 4. Torrent servers are available.
  • 5. No crash or Bug on the App.
  • 6. Supports Android 5.0 and below.
  • 7. Stable Internet connection.


I also have another trick for you to make use of MTN Data SIM to download, stream or browse without depending on any VPN totally. This just require you to add some settings on your ISP Access Point Name, this enables you to access the internet easily.

  • Name: MTN ACESS
  • APN:
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 8080
  • Username: web
  • Password: web
  • Authentication Type: None or PAP

After applying this settings, you can access Youtube for streaming and some browsers for downloading, but social media will not work properly. So to power all applications, then you need to setup your AnonyTun as follows.

1. On AnonyTun, tap ‘Stealth Settings’, make sure it is on.

2. Connection Protocol: TCP.

3. Connection Port: 443.

4. Enable ‘Connect Via Parent Proxy’, then tap it.

5. On Parent Proxy Settings, input the following;– Proxy Host or IP:– Proxy Port: 8080— Tap OK.

6. Now, as you are on Stealth Settings, tap SAVEThat’s it, click CONNECT and it will begin connecting, under 3 seconds it is done, you can now browse free and unlimited without any issue. The host can be,,, or

I hope this guide was helpful, kindly drop a comment about your experience and share this page with friends

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