Arizona State University (ASU) Acceptance Rate 2022/2023 Admission

This detailed article will enlighten interested students on the Arizona State University –ASU acceptance rate for 2021, Class of 2025, and the basic admission requirements (SAT Score, ACT Score, and GPA).

The ASU acceptance rate entails the rate at which applicants’ who apply for admission are admitted. Arizona State University (ASU) is one of the Universities in the US with the highest acceptance rate.

Firstly, ASU admission is open to freshman, Transfer students, Starbucks, Home School, International students, Graduate, Non-degree, and Military/Veterans.

The ASU admission rate shown on this page is applicable to all kinds of applications including the acceptance rate for freshman and the admission rate for Transfer students.

Arizona State University (ASU) Acceptance Rate 2022 is 85%.

The ASU admission rate stated above is estimated, gotten from last year. Since this acceptance rate had been for some years, students/applicants should hold unto to it as the Arizona State University acceptance rate.

Additionally, Arizona State University uses a holistic admission process. The institution offers more than 100 undergraduate courses/programs.

Application is open yearly to International students and US base students (both in state and out of state) and students are to apply via the ASU admission portal.

The next section below will show you basic admission requirements for freshman, transfer students, and international students for 2021/2022 academic year admission:

ASU Admission Statistics/Admit rate/Stats

Now, ASU admission statistics/admit rate shown below is for last year’s admission. The admission statistics/admit rate for 2022, class of 2023 may differ from this but the differences will not be much.

Application statistics:

  • Female applicants: 12,613
  • Male applicants: 14,256
  • Total Number of applicants: 26,869

Admit Rate Statistics:

  • Accepted Female applicants: 10,953
  • Accepted Male applicants: 11,826
  • Total Number of accepted applicants: 22,779

Acceptance Rate Statistics:

  • Female acceptance rate: 87%
  • Male acceptance rate: 83%
  • ASU Admission rate: 85%

Enrolled Statistics:

  • Female enrolled: 4119, 38%
  • Male enrolled: 4742, 40%
  • Total enrolled: 8861, 39%

SAT, ACT, GPA Admission Requirements

Below are the basic admission requirements, including the SAT Score range, ACT Score range, and the GPA needed for admission.

  • ASU Acceptance Rate is 85%
  • The enrollment/Application fee is $50.
  • Application Fees for international students: $115
  • Undergraduate Admission Requirements
  • Required GPA is 3.4
  • High school course competencies
  • English Proficiency Test scores for international students.
  • Acceptable Credits: AP Credit or Dual Credit

SAT Score requirement is 1130 – 1360 Range

  • Reading 25th percentile: 570
  • Math 25th percentile: 560
  • Composite 25th percentile: 1130
  • Reading 75th percentile: 670
  • Math 75th percentile: 690
  • Composite 75th percentile: 1360

ACT Score requirement is 22 – 29 Range

  • Math 25th percentile: 22
  • English 25th percentile: 21
  • Composite 25th percentile: 22
  • Math 75th percentile: 28
  • English 75th percentile: 29
  • Composite 75th percentile: 29

General application requirements include;

  • High School GPA
  • College Prep Courses
  • High School Rank
  • SAT/ACT Test score (not compulsory)
  • High School Transcript

Admission Rate and Application Methods

The ASU Admissions Rate remains at 85% for all the fields and courses offered by the institution. Such courses range from Law, Science course, Engineering and Technology disciplines, Humanities, Business majors, and every other major and minor offered by ASU.

Interested students can apply for admission in two different modes. ASU uses online and offline application modes. Applicants are to choose the payment mode that is best for them.

The application process, procedure, and requirements differ per first-year (freshmen), Transfer students, and international students’ applicants.

Application Methods:

Arizona State University (ASU) uses three different application methods for its online application. The three methods include:

  • Common Application @
  • ASU’s Application for Admission @
  • Coalition Application @
  • Application Portal:

Students are to choose one method that is best for them and fill the online form via the application with a non-refundable application fee of $50.

Mode of payment

Applicants can choose to pay their application fee through any of the following methods listed below: Available payment methods are;

  • Credit Card
  • Money Order
  • MyASU Account
  • You can pay your application fee online if you are using the ASU’s application for admission or you can mail a check/money order to admission services indicating you’re paying to the Arizona State University.
  • Applicants using the Common Application or the Coalition Application are to make the payment online during the applications.

Intake seasons, Admission Dates, and Application Deadlines

Application is open for students in three different seasons as shown below;

Intake seasons:

  • Fall admission/application
  • Spring admission/application
  • Summer admission/application
  • Admission Deadlines are not available for now

Admission Dates/deadlines:

  • Early Action
  • Early Decision
  • Common App: None
  • Coalition App: No

Application Deadlines:

There are no hard deadlines for application submission. The application deadlines for each application varies per program.. More information on this will be updated on this page

How to Apply For Admission (Application Procedures)

This section will guide on how to apply for admission at ASU using the different online or offline application methods, modes, and procedures for first-year students (freshmen), Transfer students, and international students.

First-year students (freshman) Application/Admission 2022

This application procedure is mainly for freshmen (First-year students). Transfer students should check the next section below for their application procedure;

  • Application Portal:
  • Make your application fee payment as shown above in the Mode of payment Section
  • Fill in the ASU’s Application form with the required details
  • Send the following credentials and documents: Official transcripts and ACT or SAT scores (not mandatory)
  • Sign in to My ASU to check your application status using your ASURITE User ID.
  • Students who will want to benefit from certain scholarships, federal grants, work-study, and loans should fill the FAFSA form of the university.
  • Note: The ASU’s Federal School Code is 001081.

Transfer Student Application/Admission 2022

Transfer students should follow the application procedures/steps shown below to complete their registration/application;

  • Application Portal:
  • Make the non-refundable application fee payment as shown above in the Mode of payment Section, using the Coalition Application, Common Application, or other methods.
  • Fill in the ASU’s admission Application form with the required information.
  • Activate the “My ASU” and “ASURITE UserID”.
  • Send the following credentials and documents:
    • Official transcripts (from university, college, or high school)
    • Test score SAT score, ACT score, or TOEFL (not mandatory)

International Students Application/Admission 2022

International students/applicants are to submit their 2021 admission applications to the Arizona State University (ASU) with the following documents:

  • Applicants send their application fee
  • Application is to be completed before the deadline for each semester.
  • International students who do not speak English as their native language must write and submit an English language proficiency test score.
  • The acceptable English language proficiency tests are IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL.
  • International students outside the United States are to select the visa type “JN” during their application.

That is the available information on the Arizona State University (ASU) acceptance rate, admission statistics, and test score requirements for freshman, transfer students, and international students.

The above data are from the previous year’s admission. More information on the ASU admission rate 2021, class of 2025 admit rate, and admission stats will be updated here immediately there are available.

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