Best Article Rewriter Tool for Students to Make Their Assignments Unique

Why do students need to use article rewriter tool?

It may take hours to rewrite content if done manually. Surely, there’s no room for relaxation if you are a student and have a large number of assignments to complete before the deadline. Undoubtedly hard work pays off, but it requires a massive deal of time, and content creation is even less.

For this, students are working pretty hard but sometimes they can’t deliver the real essence of the topic. To avoid plagiarism, they grind to thesis writing. Also, it consumes their precious time and their content might not be actually closer to the teachers ‘ expectations. This leaves them offended.

For example, if you are rewriting an essay or article without using a paraphrasing tool, you must first read the full text. Then find the right words to replace the original text, while preserving the topic’s credibility. People would really need a well-established vocabulary, and lots of spare time to do that. So, students who are exceedingly weak at grammar may engage in finding an escape through technology, and those with limited available resources at their hands may find rewriting their assignments a troublesome job.

Teachers do sometimes confront difficulties when it comes to preparing lectures and student notes. Occasionally, they just don’t provide their students with the right knowledge. Website owners and new developers of web content often commonly face various challenges concerning content creation because they cannot hire skilled authors. So, here rewriter tools can let you out of trouble.

What is the article rewriter tool?

Article Rewriter is a web-based bot capable of rephrasing or rewording articles and making the text exceptional enough to cross all plagiarism checks. With over a tremendous amount of synonyms, article rewriting tools work as text spinner and replacing a few words from each sentence, then providing you a 100% unique text document that you can submit to your professor or publish anywhere without being caught by google or other plagiarism checker tools.

You may also name it a paragraph rewriter that can act as a unique material creator that makes you use various synonyms and similar terms to your own writing, and also make the article more technical and even use it for thesis, IELTS writing test planning, research articles, documentation, and other writing-related jobs.

It is the best way to make your assignments unique

The only way to write unique material free of plagiarism is to write it down in your own words. However, there are some tools that can help you a little, such as text spinner, content rewrite tool, and article rewriter. You could search for your keywords on Google and then check some of the related blogs, now open a text editor and start writing the intro, add a few headings and talk about them, then add a conclusion. This is how you write a plagiarized-free article manually.

Online and offline, there are hundreds of article spinning software available and they all use the same technology to achieve you a unique article. So, we recommend you use these spinners to rewrite and do things correctly, don’t copy and paste other data, start writing your own article and make it more unique with free rewriting tools. Some of them we are mentioning below;


This spinner offers you the best article spinner and its convenient and user-friendly interface is what makes this article rewriter distinct and unique. It is a straightforward yet effective article rewriting spinner for students which requires no sign-up, registration fee, or setup. All its users need is good internet access, then you are great to just go.


If you’re a student or a blogger, you can rewrite any letter, paragraph, or assignment online to save time and get a new version using this free article rewrite spinner. This rewriter article has more than half a million synonyms in its own database that make it function more accurately and fluently. All the words or phrases that this smart article spinner tool considers worth replacing are replaced with an equally suitable synonyms or phrases with just a single click.

3. Dupli checker

The fact that the students and teachers likewise prefer this text spinner is due to the production of good quality content. That helps students genuinely with their projects and research papers. It also helps teachers to learn how to plan content for pupils.

This website allows bloggers to review their articles and stay well away from plagiarism and other grammar mistakes. The main objective of this tool is to deliver its services safely and economically without exploiting students.

4. Prepostseo

It is another very easy and useful tool for those students who want to rewrite the assignments by assigning the same definition to the new form of the content provided. The beauty of this article rewriter software is that in just a minute, it has no limit to rewriting the text.

It can help produce an accurate content. Another nice feature of this platform is that it lets you publish the material free of plagiarism. It is very simple to use and easy to access as it is totally free.

5. Free article spinner

You can use this awesome tool to rewrite or rephrase your thesis, papers, and assignments. This method is very useful for students, authors, and qualified scholars. this is an excellent English rewriting tool that works very efficiently and with great caution. this paraphrasing software is an amazing commodity that functions as a human researcher.

Another fantastic feature of this tool is that it will work as your classmate to build exclusive projects, research papers, and thesis for the purpose of education. This software will search your essay and recommend alternate terms for your current phrases.

6. The best spinner

it is another spinner that creates hundreds of exclusive copies of your article easily only by using innovative tools. Also, this tool has a built-in spell checker and grammar checker features and this tool allows the making of a custom dictionary for any language. With lightning speed, this technology can generate exclusive content in no time.

7. Ez rewriter

This is another simple tool to rephrase your content and help you develop original content for your portfolio, thesis, or other assignments. This tool will reword words to your text. This tool should generate relatively exclusive material for all search engines after the work has been done and that is all you need. This entire cycle takes only a few seconds to complete.

8. Text paraphraser

Paraphrasing is taking something that is already published, and then you actually rewrite it in your own language, thus you should do it without being questioned for plagiarism. Text Paraphraser is a very successful adaptive paraphrase application that will assist you in rewriting your assignments.


It is also one of the free and easy to use tools for rewriting documents. The software provides excellent support as it uses the synonyms of more than 500,000 words in its dictionary. It, therefore, tries best to suit the most suitable word and to match your text, making it more interesting and genuine. Unlike other tools, it’s fairly basic but also excellent.

10. Rewordify

This wonderful real-time paraphrasing tool you can use to paraphrase or rewrite your full-length articles, essays, and reports. Additionally, it can also assist you in some other way to illustrate simple phrases, sentences, or individual words. The said tool will rewrite the content that is free of plagiarism.


Whether you’re good at writing, but let’s be honest who wouldn’t like to save time when there’s a way to. The availability of countless tools all over the internet for article rewriting has made it easy for everyone to get their job done in a fraction of no time.

So, using these paraphrasing tools might help if you want to complete your assignment quickly. Once you have completed the rewriting of the content, you can check the plagiarism by using any excellent plagiarism checker tool just to check how efficiently the article spinner has worked.

But do not rely 100% on these spinners because even after rewriting, the content requires a lot of changes to make it readable. Thus, proofreading of content is a must before submitting it to your teacher.

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