Best Aviation Schools in South Africa (Cheapest)

Do you want to study aviation in South Africa?

Then you need to make research for the best and cheapest aviation schools in South Africa.

Studying Aviation as a course will make you become an airspace pilot. Also, Being an airspace pilot can be a massive career in South Africa, incorporating within it a ton of fun and pleasurable experiences.

You get to travel around the world as your itineraries permit, and learn new things everyday while on the job.


If you are looking to get enrolled into one of the best aviation schools in South Africa, this article will provide a detailed overview of all the flight schools available in South Africa, including the cost of pilot training, cheapest flying school, and aviation courses in South Africa.

Best Aviation Schools In South Africa.

Below are the 10 best Aviation schools in South Africa this 2020.

1. Aeronav Academy Limited, Johannesburg, South Africa

With over 30 years in the aviation service delivery industry, the Aeronav Academy Ltd has proven itself time and time again, delivering on the highest quality training to its students with a fantastic syllabus and learning programs that incorporate the best practical training and advanced technical testing grounds.

Located at the expansive Lanseria Airport in the city of Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, Aeronav Academy Limited, trainee pilots pass through one of the most rigorous tutorings under some of the most qualified aviation experts In the country which is why the school produces only the brightest minds in the flight and civil aviation industry in the country.

Aeronav Academy Ltd trains pilot for both professional and commercial careers awarding with the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) at the end of every aviation training program.

Contact Info:

  • Location: Gate 9a, Lanseria Airport, Johannesburg, 1748 South Africa
  • Phone Number: +27 11 701 3862
  • Web Address:

2. CapeTown Flight Training Centre, Durbanville

At Capetown Flight Training Centre, every trainee pilot is taken special care of with the best hands-on practical experience with flight handling, airspace control and aviation best practices. Safety is the most severe concern at CapeTown Flight Training Centre.

Only the best trainers and professional experts are on the ground to equip students with the right standard training in a serene learning environment to compete favorably in the aviation industry. Pilots are given the Night Rating (NR) Private License (PPL), and Commercial License (CPL) at the end of their training.

Contact Info

3. Algoa Flight Centre, Port Elizabeth

Algoa Flight Centre is a highly rated flight school situated in the Port Elizabeth Airport that offers the best quality aviation training for both private and commercial licensing.

With the best trainers and experts, the industry has to offer, Algoa Flight Center uses state of the art equipment and facilities to nurture its students for best in quality airmanship.

The school has maintained a track record over the years which is why it has become highly sought after by wannabe pilots in South Africa and beyond.

Contact Info

  • Location: Port Elizabeth Airport, South Africa
  • Phone Number: +27 41 581 3274
  • Web Address:

4. Durban Aviation Centre, Durban, South Africa

The Durban Aviation Center is a premium training ground situated in the city of Durban, South Africa. In Durban Aviation Center, students are equipped with the best in pilot training, best practices and professional conduct.

The school has one of the best professionals with many years of hands-on experience in the industry. At the end of each training, trainee pilots are given all of three licenses to include the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL), Private Pilot Licence (PPL), and Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL).

Because of its insistence on top quality in its delivery, Durban Aviation has become a highly rated institution of aviation by various airspace authorities.

Contact Info

  • Location: Virginia Airport, Main Terminal Building, Suite 19, Durban, 4051 South Africa
  • Phone Number: +27 31 573 2995
  • Web Address:

5. Avcon Jet Africa, Midrand

When you are thinking of really high flight schools in South Africa, Avcon Jet Africa is what immediately should come to mind. Sited in the Grand Central Airport in the Midrand area, this school has a proven track record in aviation excellence.

With a very spacious and serene training ground, Avcon Jet Africa has the best equipment. It teaches its students with the most advanced training aircraft coupled with more technological flight tools for the best airspace simulations. Examples will be the Cessna 172.

Avcon Jet Africa has one of the best tutors in the country, and they take the most care in delivering on excellence while in the field of aviation training to make sure they groom only the great minds to take on the aviation industry.

After rigorous training, Avcon Jet Africa, Midrand awards its pilot trainees with the Private Pilot Licence (PPL), and Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) respectively.

Contact Info

  • Location: Grand Central Airport, New Rd, Midrand, South Africa 1685
  • Phone Number: +27113125676
  • Web address:

6. Progress Flight Academy, Port Elizabeth South Africa

At Progress Flight Academy, highly qualified take students on the best flight courses in the industry. Complete with the highest standard training facilities and spacious learning environment, Progress Flight Academy does not compromise on quality, and that is why they pride themselves in producing some of the best pilots in the industry.

Located at the Port Elizabeth Intl Airport, the Progress Flight Academy has some of the most sophisticated training equipment, to include training flight fleets and airspace simulators. With over 30 years in the aviation industry, Progress Flight Academy has evolved to be one of the top-rated flight schools in the country.

Contact Info

  • Location: Progress Aerodrome, Port Elizabeth Intl Airport, Port Elizabeth, 6390 South Africa
  • Phone Number: +27 41 394 1000
  • Web Address:

7. 43 Air School, Port Alfred

43 Air School is a premium aviation school located in the beautiful coastal city of Port Alfred in South Africa. With one of the most extensive training grounds in the country, 43 Air School prides itself in giving its students the best in air traffic control knowledge and flight operations.

Currently, the school has over 300 students under its enrollment with well equipped full boarding facilities that accommodate two students in a room.

This school has a fully suited training environment with state of the art equipment, and advanced technological tools, with the best training officers and tutors with years of field experience to impact on its students. 43 Air School is the only flight school that awards its trainee pilots with an Integrated Airline Transport Pilot´s License (IATPL).

Contact Info

  • Location: Private Bag x43, Port Alfred, 6170 South Africa
  • Phone Number: +27 46 6043600
  • Web Address:

8. Afrika Union Aviation Academy, Mafikeng

At Afrika Union Aviation Academy, particular attention is placed on aviation best practices to ensure that only the highest professional conduct is achieved. From programs, training equipment, equipment, facilities, testing grounds and tutor centres, Afrika Union Aviation Academy has never compromised on standard and quality to produce only the best minds in the industry.

Located near the sprawling Mafikeng Airport in the Mafikeng district, Afrika Union Aviation Academy is a full-time pilot training institution that arms its graduate pilots the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) after each period of professional training.

Contact Info

  • Location: Mafikeng AirForce Base, Opp Mafikeng Airport, Mafikeng,
  • Phone Number: +27 (0)18 385 1080
  • Web Address:

9. AAA 4 Pilots Durban, South Africa

An aviation training ground per excellence, AAA 4 Pilots, stands as one of the great pilot schools in South Africa.

Certified under the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SA CAA), AAC 4 Pilots pride themselves in giving students under their tutelage the best in quality airspace training in a serene professional learning environment, for them to achieve their highest ambitions in personal, and career endeavours.

In AAA 4, trainers are equipped with the most top professional skills in-flight safety, regulations, latest technological trends, competence to impact the right kind of knowledge, ethics and professional confidence unto their trainee pilots.

Contact Info:

  • Location: Virginia Airport, Hanger 8, Durban, 4016 South Africa
  • Phone Number: +27 (0) 31 837 6939

10. Aircraft Fractional Ownership Service, Germiston

Aircraft Fractional Ownership Service located in Germiston, Johannesburg has some of the best training grounds for flight and airspace learning.

You can find their grand centre at Hanger 40, located at the expansive Rand Airport where they groom the best pilots using only world standard, state-of-the-art training equipment, and technologically advanced tools that build pilots to compete favorably in a highly-demanding industry that requires precision and professional best practices.

Aircraft Fractional Ownership Service awards its trainee pilots with the Private and commercial pilot licences (PPT, CPT) at the end of each professional training to get the start in the airspace industry.

Contact Info

  • Location: Hanger 40 Lancaster Avenue, Rand Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Phone Number: +27 11 827 4125
  • Web address:
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