Best Commercial Subjects For Commercial Students

In Nigeria, Commerce is a vastly followed and highly recognized field. Many students in Nigeria aims to study courses cognate to it. Students are offered with various subjects related to this course. If you are confused about choosing the appropriate subject then this article will surely help to gain some clarity.

There are many subjects to choose from, and selecting the combinations can be puzzling. But here are some of the best subjects listed below to choose from.

These are the list of best commercial subjects for commercial students;

English Language

Authentically, the English language is not a commerce related subject. Yet, it is a compulsory subject in most institutions across Nigeria. English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Therefore, keeping this subject will help you to get more and more information. The English language in commerce will not only help you to broaden your knowledge but also will help you to communicate well in the field. Knowledge of this language also helps in other fields as well as commerce.

General Mathematics

In Nigeria, Mathematics is a general subject in all the secondary schools in the country. Doesn’t matter if you are in science, arts, or commerce, mathematics will be a general subject in every course.

Most schools in Nigeria and also WAEC has made this subject compulsory. In order to get admission in any University in Nigeria, having at least a credit pass in this subject is compulsory.


Accounting or Financial accounting is one of the most preferable subjects not only in Nigeria but also around the world. Accounting can be considered as a core subject in commerce. This subject has an immense outcome in the professional area.

This subject is thoroughly applicable in practical life which is why accounts or financial accounting is a popular carrier option in most countries. A big portion of WAEC and JAMB students selects this subject. Particularly students who want to pursue studies in Banking and Finance in Universities. 


The subject Book Keeping is a part of Accounting in some institutes, and an independent subject in some other institutes. In both cases, Book Keeping is a vital part of the commercial sector. That is why gaining knowledge in this subject is very important for students who want to study commerce.

Bookkeeping is a highly practical subject. Any kind of business or organization requires a proper way of Book Keeping. It is not a compulsory subject, but knowledge of this subject will surely be very effective in this course.


Marketing is a very popular subject in commerce. Marketing is a combined subject of many topics like B2B Marketing, Global Marketing, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, etc. At the school level, students are introduced to the basic concept of marketing.

In higher studies, students can pick a particular topic to study the subject more precisely. Marketing is one of the top carrier options worldwide. Knowledge of this subject is a basic criterion in some organizations.


insurance is a general subject. Students who are interested in pursuing a carrier related to Insurance can choose this subject for better clarity.

Insurance can be one independent subject or it can be included in Accounting or marketing. It mostly depends on the institution. Studying this subject will be helpful in many ways. Even if you do not continue this subject in your further studies, it can be still helpful in your daily life.


Management is one of the top subjects in the commercial field. Management skills are considered to be one of the main criteria in the jobs of commercial fields. Management is a general subject.

You can choose this subject if you want to study Management in your higher study. It is a very popular carrier option as well.

Apart from these basic subjects, there are more subjects which you can choose according to your interest. These are-

  • Civics
  • C.R.K
  • Music
  • Dyeing & Bleaching
  • Economics
  • Visual Art
  • Geography
  • History
  • Tourism

These subjects are not compulsory. You can choose any of these subjects along with your main subjects. You can choose a subject based on your interests and hobbies. Having these subjects along with your main subjects will give you an opportunity to showcase your creativity and diversity of knowledge along with the knowledge of the main subjects.

However, not all secondary schools in Nigeria have funds so that they can afford all the subjects mentioned above. But the schools must offer teachers at least for the compulsory subjects at any cost.

You can choose from many of these subjects according to your interest. Some schools may not have the above-mentioned subject and some can also have more subjects than these. Compulsory subjects are available in almost every educational institution.  

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