Best Science Courses for Science Students

In Nigeria, the State, Private, and Federal Universities offer a variety of courses for students who want to study science. Choosing from so many options can be confusing. There are many programs in this course. These programs consist of many topics. Here are some combined and different disciplines under the educational programs from which you can select what exactly you can study.

Basic Medical Science Program

There are many subjects to choose from. This combination of subjects is basically created for the up-gradation of Medical Science.

In Medical Science there are opportunities to build a carrier around it. If you want to be a doctor, therapist, lab technician, or any other medical staff then having any of these subjects is compulsory. Students who are interested in medical science and wish to pursue a carrier out of if can opt for the subjects given below.

  • Nursing science
  • Physiotherapy
  • Human nutrition and dietetics
  • Physiology
  • Radiography
  • Public health
  • Optometry
  • Anatomy
  • Medical laboratory science
  • Medical rehabilitation

Administration Program

The administration Program mainly refers to the Administration or Government sector-related subjects. This set of subjects emphasize topics that are crucial for working in Administrative Sector.

These subjects allow you to learn more about the administration process and learn about the working process of the Government. Students who are interested in such a sector and wish to learn more can choose from these subjects to study. Here are the subjects that are given below to choose from.

  • Political science
  • Education Program
  • Agricultural science
  • Actuarial science
  • Integrated science
  • Computer science

Science Program

This set of subjects mainly focuses on the core subjects of Science. Which is also referred to as Pure Science. Included topics are mainly chosen because these are the subjects which students can study as Pure Science.

These are the basic subjects in science. There can be more divisions and sub-divisions in the subjects of this set. It may be different in case if individual institutions. You can choose any of these subjects given below if you are interested in this branch of science.

  • Physics
  • Electronics and physics
  • Biochemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Geology and mineral science
  • ZoologyMarine biology
  • Computer science
  • Microbiology
  • Engineering physics
  • Industrial mathematics
  • Animal and environmental biology
  • Botany
  • Industrial chemistry
  • Cell biology and genetics
  • Statistics
  • Science laboratory technology
  • Genetics
  • Information and media technology

Social Science Program

Social Science is the branch of science which deals with the social activities of the society. This set of subjects is similar to the subjects of the administration program. Yet, there are some key differences. Like, the administrative program is based on the Government sector.

On the other hand, Social Science is based on society. The subjects are selected keeping in mind that the knowledge which the students will gain from these subjects can help the society or not. If you are interested in working for your society or work related to any social science topic then have a look at the topics given below.

  • Geography
  • Anthropology
  • International relations
  • Sociology
  • Local government studies
  • Criminology
  • Operations research
  • International studies and diplomacy
  • Social work
  • Political science
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Administrative studies
  • Demography and social statistics
  • Mass communication

Environmental Science

Environmental Science Program is a set of subjects that are related to the environment, industry, architecture, etc. Choosing from these subjects allows you to move a step closer to working for both the environment and society.

These subjects are a combination of topics which allows the students to know more about their surrounding and their society. The vast range of topics allows you to choose more specifically what exactly you want to study. Given below are the subjects to choose from.

  • Estate management
  • Architecture
  • Surveying and geo-information
  • Fine and applied arts
  • Textile science
  • Industrial design
  • Regional and urban planning
  • Glass technology
  • Building
  • Environmental management

There are also more subjects to choose from, outside of these sections. Such as Engineering Program, Food Science, Home Science, Agriculture, etc. Also, English Language and Mathematics are compulsory in all the courses whether it is Science, Arts or Commerce.  Although many institutions do not have all the courses mentioned above. Yet schools must have at least the basic subjects so that students can study this course.

Subsequently,as all the science courses are not presented by every higher educational institution, students in Nigeria can select their college or university based on the list of courses if they want to study science and get a degree in this field.

Science offers you a vast range of subjects from which you can select your desired subjects based on your interest. Having too many options can be confusing sometimes but it also gives you clarity about what do you want to study, specifically. As not all the institutions have the courses, you should carefully read and understand which subjects are available out of these above-mentioned subjects in your school.

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