Best Universities to Study Computer Science in Nigeria

Strong education and the academic system is necessary for strengthening the position of the country. The countries that invest in the best quality academic system, are resulted in a more civilized and educated nation. The state who makes education priority is always a powerful, strong, and independent nation. To meet the needs of modern times, every country has to make special efforts to make its education system, at the topmost level.

In Africa, Nigeria is having a prominent position in providing excellent education. The government of Nigeria is focusing on the betterment of students and providing them modern techniques of education. This is resulting in successful students who are making a secure and brighter future within Nigeria and in other countries.

 Computer Science technology has changed the view of people. Today, if we talk about the significance of this subject, we can conclude that the study of Computer Science is mandatory to survive in this modern era. No state can strive in the race of modernism, without educating their students about Computer Sciences and Information Technology because,

In these advanced times, every task is being done with the help of Computer Science and Information Technology. This was the conventional thought that students should only stick to their books and course outlines. The modern era demands that the students should think out of the box.

So, the state and the government should provide enough opportunities for the students to make them independent, confident, and self-sufficient. They must be knowing all the Informational Technology techniques that can assist them in the future for a better career and learning.

In this article, we will provide you a list of top institutes in Nigeria that are providing exceptional studies in the field of Computer Science. Read this article and make your choice easy about the University.

These are the list of top best universities to study computer science in Nigeria:

University Of Ibadan (UI)

The University of Ibadan in Nigeria is enjoying the fame being the most prominent and quality educational institute in Nigeria. Many national and international students pass out from this university each year. This university runs under the Federal Government guidelines in Nigeria and it offers graduate and post-graduate programs to the students.

In the field of Computer Science, the courses that are offered by this vast university in Computer Science, Information Technology, Different courses of Engineering, Technical Support Unit, Food Technology, and many other advanced courses. The student can choose the relevant and can get their seat reserved.

University Of Benin (UNIBEN)

Situated in the city of Benin, this university is offering many undergraduate and postgraduate courses for the students. Their motto is “Knowledge for Service”.

In the field of Computer Science, the courses that are offered by this university are Information Technology, Computer Science, Technical Arts, Programming, Technology, and many advanced Engineering courses.

University Of Abuja (UNIABUJA)

The University of Abuja is enjoying the fame and prominent rank in Nigeria. The programs offered by the University in the Computer Science field are Advanced Engineering courses, Information Technology and Computer Science.

Students can study graduation and post-graduation courses from this university.

University Of Port Harcourt

This university was established as a college in 1975 and gained the status of university in 1977. In the field of Computer Sciences, the courses that are offered by the University are Laboratory Technology, Industrial Technology, Information Technology, Computer Science, and many modern technical courses.

University Of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN)

The famous University of Nigeria is working since 1955. It is offering the courses in Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering courses, and the latest Software application courses to the students.

The students can choose the relevant field and can get their admission in this university.

Federal University, Lafia (FULAFIA)

This university is relatively new in Nigeria. It is providing the courses of Information Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Sciences, and Engineering courses to the students.

The students can study graduation and post-graduation courses in the relevant fields.

Feredal University Of Technology Owerri (FUTO)

This Federal University was developed in 1980 and it runs under the guidance of the Federal Government. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs to the students.

In the field of Computer Science, the programs offered by this Institute are the field of Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, and Computer Engineering.

Federal University Of Technology Akure (FUTA)

The Federal University of Technology Akure is one of the top Institute in Nigeria. It provides an advanced form of education to the students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

In the Department of Computer Science, the courses which are offered by the University are Information Technology, Software Engineering, Programming, and Computer Science.

Bayero University Kano (BUK)

This university lies under the guidance of the Federal Government in Nigeria. The students can avail the opportunity of under-graduate and postgraduate programs by studying in this university.

In the field of Computer Science and Information Technology, the courses which are offered by the University are Bachelor’s and Master’s in Computer Science, Bachelors, and Masters in Information Technology, Bachelors, and Masters in Software Engineering.

The students can choose their desired program and can get their seats reserved in this university.

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