How to Calculate Federal Poly Ado Screening Aggregate Score 2022/2023

This information is for the general public especially candidates who applied for admission into Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti National Diploma (ND) Full-Time programs.

This page will show how candidates who participated in the Ado-Poly Online screening can calculate their aggregate score for 2022/2023 session.

Before we show you how to calculate it, please note:

  • O level result grades and point:
    D7-F9=0. Meaning D7 downward is not relevant.
  • Number of sitting and point
    One sitting=10 points
    Two sittings=6 point
  • Note that your O’level screening is 40% while your JAMB UTME Score is 60%

How to Calculate Federal Poly Ado Screening Aggregate Score

  • O’level Screening Point: Pick the 5 subjects relevant to your course and add their points as listed above. Then if it is one sitting add 10 marks to it and if it is two sittings add 6 marks to it. Jamb result: Jamb result divide by 6.666666667
  • UTME Point: Multiply your utme score by 15 and divide your result by 100.
  • Aggregate Score: Whatever you get as your screening point and your utme point, add them together. That’s your final aggregate score.

We know you’re probably not clear, so we will do an example:

Let’s say Olamide had 250 in jamb, B2’s in 4 subjects and 1 C6 in another subjects, with just one sitting.

  • His O’level screening Point will be:
    One sitting 10
    Total: 21+10=31
    Remember he scored 250
    3750÷100 =37.50
  • Aggregate Screening Score: Add the O’level points and UTME points together; 31+37.50 = 68.50
  • It is the aggregate screening score that will be used to give admission. You must reach the aggregate score for your department before you will be given admission.

This will help you to know your fate as regards to the Ado Poly Admission List.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask us using the comment box.

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