Cheapest Universities in Australia 2022 (Low Tuition Fees)

Are you searching for the cheapest universities in Australia? Here you will find a comprehensive list of cheap universities in Australia for international students.

In this article, you will find quite a lot of affordable low tuition universities in Australia, for both the domestic and international students.


Before we proceed, they are set of vital information I will like to make known to us out of which are living expenses to study in Australia, How much money is required for Australia study visa?, also the living cost for the international students to study in Australia.

For those who can’t stop asking me what is the cheapest Universities in Australia?, Please do take note of the informations that will follow.

Living Expenses In Australia.

If you should be concerned about anything, you should take a thought and findings on the living expenses in Australia as you would care about tuition fee.

The living expenses in Australia includes;

  • Accommodation
  • Food and bills
  • Clothing

Although, living expenses May differ from an individual to another, but it is greatly influenced by lifestyle.

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Generally, the estimated annual expenses for a single student living and studying in Australia wouldn’t exceed a total of approximately $18,610 Australian dollar.

As I said earlier, lifestyle of the individual matters and in most cases it could be higher or lesser than the specified figure above.

Living Cost For International Students In Australia.

The living cost in most cases can be very unfavorable for both domestic and international students even for the fact that they are quite number of cheap universities in Australia.

It is obvious that international students studying in Australia are more likely to face several monetary changes at certain intervals: referred to as bills.

Though, International students in Australia spend at least AUD$390 per week; that is a total of about AUD$1,550 per month.

The costs covers:

  • International and domestic travel
  • Entertainment
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Food and clothing
  • Telephone, and other miscellaneous.

Working And Studying In Australia?

Is it possible to be studying and working in Australia?

The answer is Yes.

As an international student, you can be working while studying. Although there’s a clause to this answer.

As an international student, you are allowed to work for a maximum of 40hours. Which can be summarized as two weeks per session.

Cheapest Universities In Australia.

Below are list of the cheapest Universities in Australia for domestic and international students.

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UniversitiesBachelor TuitionPostgraduate Tuition
Southern Cross University$18,500$22,500
University of Canberra$24,500$30,000
Charles Sturt Universtiy$25,500$22,000
Charles Darwin University$19,500$24,500
University of Sunshine Coast$19,000$25,500
Australian Catholic University$22,500$24,000
Victoria University$23,000$21,500
University of New England$22,000$29,500
University of Divinity$12,500$11,500
University of Southern Queensland$21,500$24,000
Monash University$19,000$21,000
University of Queensland$35,000$20,000
University of New South Wales$34,000$33,000
Australian National University$39,000$35,000
Curtin University$30,000$40,500
University of Newcastle$28,000$35,000
University of Adelaide$35,000$40,000
James Cook University$27,000$30,000
Macquarie University$35,000$34,000
Central Queensland University$25,000$21,000

Now that I have listed the above the list of cheapest universities in Australia.

Either you are a permanent Australia resident or an international candidate looking for low tuition Universities in Australia for international students.

I believe I have provided above everything needed to study in Australia and the cheap Institutions you can find in Australia.

Also, it is worthwhile knowing that these universities also offer a great deal of scholarships for international students. Kindly share this information as it will be useful for others!

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