Creative Assignments for High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers

Whether you’re in 5th or 8th grade or writing some kind of shorthand for high school, college, or outside, you’re not short of homework. 

You may be asked to write an article, a short story, a summary of a book, your resume, or a scientific document, a poem, or even an imaginative narrative, the final of which was the most fun.

Creative writing allows you to explore the inner workings of your head, let your emotions run wild, and let your creativity run wild. There are no limits to what you can and can’t do creatively.

Fortunately, brainstorming ideas for a fantastic short story or creative writing mission doesn’t have to be paralyzing.

Creative writing is very important for the students to enhance their career.

Why creative writing?

Creative writing can be described as any type of writing that consists of a creative point of view, such as poetry, fiction, innovative non-fiction, screenplays, and much more. The idea is to say something through writing, whether it is emotions, ideas, feelings, or anything completely different.

Instead of merely providing information or provoking the viewer into some kind of valuable action, imaginative writing exists to entertain or teach readers, raise awareness of someone or something, and also to communicate emotions and thoughts.

Creative writing could be divided into two classes: good and bad, or unsuccessful and effective. It will never achieve its goal or goal.


If you elaborate a novel, then you’re writing for middle school or expecting to expand your faculty, you need to improve your skills. 

Just as it is possible to write great works of books, poems, and non-fiction, you will be surprised by the number of good things that happen sometimes. 

If your writing is not compelling enough, then your audience will have a difficult time writing it down. Admittedly, the job you are writing is not becoming a bestseller, but it could bring you quite an amazing level and a lot of responsibility with your teacher.

Of course, the perfect way to reach this level would be to practice writing as often as possible.

The idea for creative assignments 

Giving a creative assignment to the student would sharp the mind of the students and for this; we have listed down the best ideas for creative assignments a teacher can give to their students. 

Write assignments privately

Many student writers – especially younger students – are extremely shy of sharing their writing with peers. Many returns from writing something too private, or are excited to know that someone else can look at it and say something negative about it. 

To give new authors a sense of security, consider adding some anonymity. Privately, let students choose a fake name that they will use for each of their assignments. 

You could leave their writing outside the classroom in your mailbox so that others won’t have an opportunity to find their individuality. 


In this way, students can feel comfortable reading and criticizing their composed texts without stressing that remarks or conclusions are private.

If you prefer, you could even incorporate an element of rivalry for this endeavor. Once your course looks more familiar with sharing your writing, ask them to determine the name of another. 

Invite them to merge it by choosing a different alias, finding an ally, and changing aliases or changing their spelling completely to remove the identity of the person. 

If someone could keep their fake name without being discovered, they would give them bonus points.

Make an ongoing course narration

This is sometimes a means to get your students together well and also to let thoughts flow whenever they feel trapped in writing. 

At the beginning of the session, write the assumption of an extremely straightforward story for the students. 

You can write the beginning of an interesting story and let the student complete the story till the end.
For example, you can introduce two characters and their relationship and ask the student to complete the story and generate a moral for it. 

To make it more enjoyable and more difficult, set your students requirements that they must fulfill when they work together on a brand-new scene. 

Or a component of the vision needs to be contained. Choose what you enjoy and determine exactly what your course includes.

Copy a concept and write yourself

This is an excellent practice to encourage students to expand their skills because of authors. Ask them to write a poem, a short story, or a book about the writer they respect. 

Let them choose an excerpt from the article, no more than two sentences, which they think is a fantastic case of writing this writer. 

Then ask them to write their paragraph or a poem about everything they want. Most students will not have perfect games, but it will get them to test the font carefully and find out what makes it so excellent. 

Copy a concept and write yourself

Enhancing/rewriting a Story 

You can do that with fairy tales, classical literature, and maybe pop literature. It’s typical of fiction writing courses to reveal the ends of stories, but why stop there? 

Let your students change an event that happens at the center or perhaps at the very beginning. How can this affect the results? 

What could have happened, for example, if Belle had refused to live with the animal after her father promised her that he could save his life? Could her father have been murdered? Could the animal have been fulfilled? 

This is an excellent exercise to broaden creativity and also to analyze the principles of the plot.

Composing with the Squad

Divide your class into groups of 3-5 students and give them a prompt. Start with a single student from each team who writes by themselves. 

After 5 minutes, stop where you are between sentences, anything, and move from the newspaper to another member of your team. 

Continue with this particular exercise for a certain time until the bands are ready to write their scenes. 

This is a great exercise to encourage students to understand each other’s thoughts and different writing styles and to benefit from each other.

Art writing assignment

Bring a selection of random snapshots, pictures, posters, and photographs of renowned works of art to the course. Let the students choose randomly and ask them to compose a spectacle based on everything they see. 

Give them a mixture so that it can be varied and fascinating. After about 25 minutes, change and let each student choose a new image from which to compose.


“Drawing” in the writing

Inspiration can be found in images, but sometimes also through the creation of images. Ask your students if they want to spend time drawing part of the narrative. 

It can be a personality, space, a significant thing, or even an entire scene. It doesn’t matter if they’re not drawing great, the purpose is to inspire them to imagine what they are writing until they write it. 

This could help students add engaging and important information to their writing. Once they see what resembles someone or a place in their head, they can describe it much better.

Do some Novel writing competition

Many of the high schools have this competition. This is a competition where hundreds of students take part and write a novel of their own. 

They have the option of selecting any type of topic and writing the novel through their writing and thinking skills. 

The winner of the novel competition usually gets the chance of sharing his/her novel in the library of the school and this way, the students get inspiration from that. 

With writing exercises, personality sketches, and storylines, you can prepare for the earlier weeks of the Examination. 

Provide small prizes for the appreciation to each student and invite students to discuss their writing publicly and also to support each other in challenges along the way. 

It’s a great pleasure, and your students have gained an enormous amount of experience and self-confidence in the time they’ve been through.

5 Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing Skills for better assignments 

If you are in any doubt that your creative writing skills meet high standards, it is much better to improve them simply by considering a few effective hints:

  • Read more and more

This is possible to browse through English picture books, find various stories on the Internet or read features from your more imaginative buddy. 

Nowadays, many creative people have the chance to maintain a page from which you can get imaginative tips for your tasks. 

After studying, take a close look at the plot of this story to get a grip on the ideas, feelings of the writer. 

If you come across a sentence you don’t know, write it on a piece of paper and discover its meaning in a dictionary, for example in the Oxford Dictionary or another one that is reliable enough.

  • Rewriting the assignment

Now, when you have read a lot, you get a lot of good things to know but still, you are not completely able to write a unique and effective story. 

One of the reasons for this is the word selection that is not amazing in the sense of story, emotion, and other factors. 

However, an article rewriter can help you in this regard. It will change the wording of the assignments and consider the best synonym to maintain the original meaning of the content. 

Remember, the text rewriter tool is available for free online and you can use it for making your assignment unique. When you read a lot for different types of essays about the concerned topic, you might get involved in copying that reading material. 

For avoiding this, the text rewriter tool can help instantly. 

  • Keep a personal diary 

You don’t understand how creative you are until you keep a private diary. Whenever something fascinating, tragic, or boring happens in your life, write it down in your private diary. 

There is no limit to how much you can write about your diary, and this also provides a way for your creativity. 

To increase your effectiveness, make sure you write something in the diary every night. You will be amazed at how imaginative you are when you read your diary a month later.

  • Imaginative games

Do not think that playing games are a fantastic reason for you to get lazy just because you can enhance your creativity by simply playing brilliant games, perhaps not PC games. 

Occasionally, however, these games can also help you. Do you know these imaginative games? 


For example, “What happens next?” You should write with your mind and think about what will be suitable.

Apart from going to a party or talking about social networks, use this valuable time to play a game that can help you enrich and increase your creativity. 

It’s like killing a bird with two stones. It’s a wonderful way to refresh your head while working in your imagination at the same time.

  • Get reviews on your writing

One of the best practices for the students is to exchange their assignment papers with their fellows. This way, they can get the review as well as an alert about the mistakes of others. 

There are many advantages of this like getting knowledge about the sentence structure of others. As well as the way of thinking of your fellows. 

If you still want to get reviews from a better perspective then you should consider reviewing your assignments from outside the class. This can be through another teacher, family member, or even the student of another section. 


Creativity in assignments is one of the ways to become a talented professional. The school has different ways to make their students creative but the methods that are explained above will be beneficial for both, the teachers and the students. 

Remember, most of the educators are popular and appreciated because of the assignments they give to the schoolers according to their level to increase productivity. 

Although the technology in education helped a lot for students and educators but still, the creativity in an assignment is much more efficient through the fun activities.

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