Do You Know The Age Limit For Canada Immigration?

It is common knowledge that the age limit for immigration to Canada is between 18 and 30 years. However, it has happened that someone who has already passed the age of 49 still enters Canada and meets all the requirements for the various immigration programs, such as the Express Entry program, etc.


Canada has an Express Entry program for immigration. The entry system is the first choice for candidates hoping to adjust quickly and gain financial benefits. Those with lower age restrictions between 18 and 30 are generally considered suitable for the workforce.

The country is determined to attract qualified people, young people with a range of skills who can effectively fill these jobs. Ultimately, the economic well-being of the nation is at stake.

Under the Express Entry System, applicants receive a score based on their age and the age of their spouse.


An applicant’s CRS score can be up to 110 points (in the ranked list). If an applicant’s CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score happens to be between 415 and 460, calls may be issued.

To make it even clearer: Applicants seeking to move to Canada should ensure that they submit their applications as early as possible to take advantage of as many points offered for age as possible.

Assuming a 29-year-old achieves 110 CRS age points, their status will deteriorate significantly once they pass 30. After age 39, only 55 points would be possible.

Age (most extreme value 110)
Canadian immigration applicants who enter the Express Entry pool without a domestic partner can score up to 110 points on this basis of the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System. Applicants with a companion or domestic partner can receive up to 100 points. Canada gives preference to young immigrants, and applicants in their twenties receive the most points under this qualification criteria. Potential workers who are 45 years old or older will not receive Express Entry CRS points for their age.

Express Entry Age Points Grid (with a domestic partner):

  • Under 18 years old – score 0
  • 18 years old – score 90
  • 19 years old – score 95
  • 20 to 29 years old – score 100
  • 30 years old – score 95
  • 31 years old – score 90
  • 32 years old – score 85
  • 33 years old – score 80
  • 34 years old – score 75
  • 35 years old – score 70
  • 36 years old – score 65
  • 37 years old – score 60
  • 38 years old – score 55
  • 39 years old – score 50
  • 40 years old – score 45
  • 41 years old – score 35
  • 42 years old – score 25
  • 43 years old – score 15
  • 44 years old – score 5
  • 45+ years old – score 0

So if you are 45 years old now and at the same time have a significant other who also has further education or relatives in Canada or a job offer, you definitely have a chance to qualify. Ignore the assumption about the age limit in Canadian immigration.

Even if you are within the age limits, I recommend you apply immediately. Whether you are eligible for the program will always depend on the current selection criteria.

If they change, you will no longer have a chance to apply for Canadian immigration despite having sufficient age limits.

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