Does EBSU Accept Second Choice Candidates? See Answer

Does Ebonyi State University (EBSU) Accept Second (2nd) Choice Candidates?

Unlike in our days where you only have to choose a single University for admission processing, JAMB now allow candidates to choose University as a second choice during JAMB registration. Infact, some universities will accept you if you choose them as second choice.

Does EBSU Accept Those That Choose It as Second (2nd) Choice in JAMB?

Or in Other Words, Does EBSU Offer Admission to Candidates who Choose It As Second Choice?

The answer is No! Ebonyi State University (EBSU) does not accept candidates that make them second choice in JAMB. In fact, the management of the university has publicly announced that their admission is only open to students that made them first choice during JAMB registration.

This means that no matter the JAMB Score you have (Be it 300 or above), EBSU will not consider you for admission if you apply them as second choice.

So, if you applied for admission into EBSU, and you made the university your second choice, you are actually wasting your time. The university does not offer admission to second choice candidates.

However, if you have already applied for admission in to EBSU while choosing them as second choice and you are passionate to gain admission there, you may apply for a change of institution on JAMB portal now before the institution releases her admission list!

Okay! I hope this post has given a detailed answer to the question above.

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