Does UNILAG Accept Second Choice Candidates?

Does UNILAG Accept Second Choice Candidates?

I have seen students many times who have applied for admission to some institutions in Nigeria, but who have not been able to gain admission even after meeting all the admission requirements and stipulated cutoff mark, simply because they have not made the institution their first choice.

It is a very important prerequisite for admission to some of Nigeria ‘s popular institutions but students don’t pay attention to it. Sincerely speaking, if you make UNILAG your second choice without knowing whether or not UNILAG accepts candidates that chose them as their second choice during JAMB Registration, you are already jeopardizing your chances of admission to that institution.



Ok, I ‘m going to address the question in today’s post, “Does UNILAG Accept Second Choice Candidates? “If you are an aspirant of the prestigious University of Lagos (UNILAG) please read this post very carefully and make sure you share it with other aspirants of UNILAG.

I would like to tell you the History of the University of Lagos before I give an answer to the above question.

Brief History Of UNILAG

Founded in 1962, the University of Lagos has provided Nigerians and all those who have entered its domain in search of knowledge with a qualitative and research-oriented education for over 5 decades. At its inception, the University of Lagos was empowered to generate a professional workforce that would steer a newly independent country’s political, social, and economic development.

The establishment of the University of Lagos in 1962 was informed by the need to intensify the training of a professional workforce in search of rapid industrialisation and economic development for a newly independent Nigeria. However, it was quite obvious that the country lacked the necessary workforce to fulfil the dream of the people.

The University of Lagos  (Popularly known as UNILAG) is one of Nigeria’s major universities. It’s also one of the most popular and cheapest universities that anyone in Nigeria can attend. The university is reportedly a federal institution, with about 55,000 students currently studying there.

I will confess that UNILAG is very restrictive when it comes to providing admission to aspirants. As you already know, each year more than 50 thousand students apply for the University’s admission.

So, from the overwhelming number of aspirants, UNILAG ‘s management is always doing everything they can to fish out the best students. Below I will answer the question as to whether or not UNILAG will accept candidates who chose them as second choice for admission.

Does UNILAG Accept Second Choice Candidates?

The answer is No! The University of Lagos (UNILAG) does not consider candidates when offering admission those who chose them as second choice during JAMB Registration.

Whether it is UTME or candidates for Direct Entry, UNILAG does not consider a second choice applicant for admission. Therefore, candidates who made UNILAG their second choice of institution in JAMB are wasting their time as they will not be accepted by the university eventually.

In fact, UNILAG ‘s management said that admission to the institution is strictly for students who made the university their first choice, on their website.

As I have already said, UNILAG is one of Nigeria’s most aspired universities in Nigeria at the moment. Every year the university typically has too many aspirants.

So, to reduce the total number of people applying for admission to the institution, they decided to restrict admission to only those who made them their First Choice of Institution during JAMB Registration.

Sometimes, because of how competitive it is, even the institution’s first choice candidates end up not getting admission into the institution.

Well, if you’ve already made University of Lagos (UNILAG) your second choice of institution, there’s a solution for you. Request for JAMB change of course and institution form quickly now. The price isn’t more than Three Thousand Five Hundred Naira only (N3,500 Naira only).

This will enable you to either make UNILAG your first choice of institution or fully replace it with another institution.

Note:- that this form usually has a time-limit. Therefore, you need to buy it as soon as possible.

This is all I have to say on “Does UNILAG Accept Second Choice Candidates?”

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