Federal University Dutsin-Ma (FUDMA) School Fees (2022)

Federal University, Dutsin-Ma, Katsina, FUDMA School Fees & Acceptance Fees for 2022/2023 Academic Session:

On this page, you will get to know about FUDMA School Fees & Acceptance Fees for 2022/2023 Academic Session and how to securely pay yours without mistakes.

In this case, I am here to announce to all the newly admitted and those seeking to choose FUDMA as their first choice institution that the management of FUDMA has released her Cost of FUDMA School Fees & Acceptance Fees for 2022/2023 Academic Session.

So if you are searching for how much FUDMA School Fees & Acceptance Fees for 2022/2023 Academic Session is, then this is for you.

Like I said, this post is aimed at guiding those that are searching for how much FUDMA School Fees & Acceptance Fees for 2022/2023 Academic Session. So if you are seeking admission in FUDMA or maybe you have been admitted already, then here is a very nice break down of FUDMA School Fees & Acceptance Fees for 2022/2023 Academic Session for you.

How much is FUDMA Acceptance Fees

Federal University, Dutsin-Ma (FUDMA) Acceptance Fees For 2022/2023 Academic Session

Procedure For Payment Of The Acceptance Fees

  • 1) Log onto the portal at http://portal.fudutsinma.edu.ng/admissions and ensure your email address and mobile number on our portal are valid and you have access to them (this is very important as Remita will send the receipt(s) for your payments to the email address provided and it will be used later on in the registration process).
  • 2) Then generate a transaction ID and Remita RRR for payment of Acceptance fees;
  • 3) To make the payment, use any of the method below:
  • a) Click pay via remita which will redirect you to the Remita payment gateway, you would be required to either pay online using a Valid Debit Card (Visa or Master card) or internet banking platform;
  • b) Or print the Transaction Form with Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) and go to any commercial bank in your locality to pay. You might be required to have the RRR invoice slip sent to your email address provided in item A. above.
  • 4) 48 hours after Payment of Acceptance Fees, go to the University portal http://portal.fudutsinma.edu.ng/admissions to print out the following document and sign before moving to the registration centre:
  • »Acceptance of Offer of Provisional Admission (Form FUDMA/02)
  • »Undertaking Against Cultism (Form-FUDMA/01)
  • »Printed copy of Letter of Provisional Admission
  • 5) Proceed to the screening centre with all required documents as listed below for screening and verification of results.
  • »Signed copy of Acceptance of Offer of Provisional Admission (Form FUDMA/02) from the University Website;
  • »Printed copy of Letter of Provisional Admission from the Portal;
  • »Copy of JAMB result Slip and Original JAMB Admission letter
  • »Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate;
  • »Original and photocopy of O’ Level certificates/statement of results;
  • »Two copies of passport photograph;
  • »Letter of Reference from a person of reputable standing in the society vouching for your good behaviour;
  • »A signed copy of Undertaking Against Cultism (Form FUDMA/01) downloaded from the University website

Note: never you pay your Acceptance Fees or transfer your acceptance to someone you don’t know to pay for. If you are still confused on how to pay your FUDMA Acceptance Fees, then I will kindly advice you to visit the campus and find out more from their working staff so as to avoid stories that touches the heart.


FUDMA school fee Breakdown for each level and Programs.

FUDMA School Fees Schedule

1.Admission Acceptance Fee (Non Refundable)10,000.00
2.Certificate Verification (once)3,000.00
3.Departmental Charges1,000.00
5.Faculty Charges500.00
7.Internet Access (N2000 per semester)4,000.00
8.ID Card800.00
9.Computer Services3,000.00
13.Orientation/Students Handbook1,000.00
14.Sanitation & Utilities5,000.00
15.Students Records1,500.00
17.Development Levy5,000.00
18.Laboratory/Workshop/Studio Charge5,000.00
19.Hostel Accommodation (bed space)90.00
20.Hostel Maintenance10,000.00

Guidelines on Payment

Successful candidates wishing to make payment of the charges are advised to take note of the following payment options which can be made from anywhere within the country:

Three Payment options are available for candidates to choose from in order to make payments.

  1. Cash Payment at Designated Banks
  2. ATM payment at ATM Machines Across the Country
  3. WEB on the Quickteller platform.
  4. For cash payments; Visit any branch of
    1. United Bank for Africa
    2. Guarantee Trust Bank
    3. First Bank of Nigeria
    4. Zenith Bank Plc

Note that you will be required to present a printout of your Transaction ID slip in the bank.

After Payment has been received from you, a Payment Slip will be issued to you from the bank

  1. For ATM; Visit any ATM machine with your ATM card and do the following:
    1. select Quickteller from the ATM menu
    2. select pay bills
    3. Fill in the Transaction ID generated from the our portal when you are requested to enter the Customer ID
    4. Fill in 65101 when you are requested to enter the Payment Code
    5. Enter your GSM Number and complete the transaction.
    6. After successfully completing the payment, return to the portal to login and print out your payment slip
  2. For Web; Visit the Quickteller website to complete your transaction.
    1. visit www.quickteller.com/fudmapay
    2. insert your transaction ID
    3. insert your email and mobile number and click “continue”
    4. follow the instructions on the screen to complete your payment
    5. Print out the payment confirmation slip
    6. Return to the portal and printout a payment confirmation slip

Check an updated FUDMA Admission List here

How to make first class in FUDMA (Secrets of making First class in FUDMA)

  1. Focus your Mind on What you want.

If you’re aiming for a first class degree, you have to be prepared to put in maximum effort.

Students who manage to achieve a first tend to be those who consistently try their hardest throughout the year.

Getting consistently decent grades involves planning ahead, being organised and not leaving your assignment until the day before.

  1. Do Self research

If you find yourself thinking, “I’ve been to all my lectures and seminars, so I’m doing everything I can”, you might as well quit now.

Uni lecture hours are notoriously low, and while going to classes is obviously important, it’s the hours you put in outside of class and lectures that really matter. Read through your course handbook carefully and you’re likely to find that you should be putting in a substantial amount of work in your free time, too.

You can bookmark relevant websites, set Google Alerts for topics you’re thinking of writing an essay on, and just generally try to keep up to date with relevant academic discussion. Reading about developments in your area of academic interest should become part of your daily routine.

Over time, as you read around and get different perspectives, this will also help you to think critically and form an opinion of your own.

  1. Make the library your Best Friend

Although online journals are a great resource, the best grades are normally awarded to students who can demonstrate they’ve made an effort to use a range of different sources– including trusty old paper books.

Now, we’re not suggesting you set up shop in the library from morning till dawn. Instead, make the library your place to focus. After a while, you’ll start to actually enjoy the process of searching and finding books that are relevant to your ideas.

Remember that a first class student will have an idea and then use critical sources to support it, not the other way round.

  1. Ask Senior Colleagues and your tutors for help.

You can Book appointments or Tutorial with your Senior colleagues and tutors as often as you can, whether it’s to discuss an upcoming assignment, get feedback, or just chat about an idea you have.

  1. Attend All Lectures

Attending lectures is another (very important) part of the first class degree puzzle.

Turning up to all of your timetabled commitments is the very least you should be doing to get the most out of your degree.

Turning up to class is also key to winning over your tutors (you know, the people who will be grading your work?). They’re likely to be a lot tougher when grading work from someone they know doesn’t bother to show up to class, compared to someone they see participating and trying their best each week.

  1. Limit your time on social media

As fun as social media can be, very little is generally achieved with it. In fact, studies have even shown that social media just adds to uni stresses as you become more likely to compare yourself to classmates. So, unsurprisingly, spending hours of your life on social media is also pretty bad for your grades.

If you have the will power, set yourself a goal to avoid social media until the evenings. And if you struggle a bit in this area, or your addiction is seriously bad, you might want to consider temporarily deactivating your accounts.

  1. Make Friends with Serious people and Pick up a Study Mate.

No matter how great your motivation levels are, there will always be days when you need a kick up the backside.

Befriending an equally ambitious student is always a good plan, as you can motivate each other to go to the library on rainy days. Plus, you’ll find yourself feeling way more guilty about missing classes if your study buddy is making it in regularly.

Making friends with people on your course is also a good idea. Not only will it make hard work significantly more enjoyable, but discussing ideas with them is a great way to develop your thoughts and opinions without boring anyone who isn’t taking the same class.

  1. Stay healthy

Don’t underestimate how big an impact your health can have on your uni grades.

Eating the right brain fuel foods and drinking lots of fluids will set you up to do the best you can do at uni.

Make sure you stay fit and active, too. You might not want to believe it, but exercising regularly will give you a big energy boost – we’ve got a huge list of ways to save on gym costs, as well as ways to stay active without spending any money at all.

  1. Never Do without God

That was all you need to know about FUDMA School Fees & Acceptance Fees for 2022/2023 Academic Session and how to securely pay yours without mistakes.

Feel free to make your comment and ask any question using the comment box below

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