How Many Days Will it Take JAMB Result to Be Released After Exam?

How Many Days Will It Take JAMB to Mark and Released My JAMB Score?


During the days of Paper and Pencil Test results are not released immediately it takes one to two full weeks before the concluded Jamb result can be released to the candidates before Jamb CBT was introduced.

JAMB CBT is a fast process used to conduct examinations which is really capital intensive, and beneficial to everyone both the candidate and the JAMB Board. JAMB CBT makes it faster for every JAMB candidate to have easy access to their JAMB result or score in their comfort home before reprinting.

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Although I am not a prophet, I can still predict the fate of candidates in this year’s JAMB results that would be released soon. As expected, many persons will pass JAMB 2022. This is always traced to hard work and consistency. Some will score very high while others will score high.


Like you would expect, some candidates will not do well in JAMB 2022. They would not fail because JAMB is difficult, but because they refuse to follow JAMB’s guide. Some failures can also be a result of one or more disappointments. Health and Technical issues could also result in poor performance in JAMB.

Jamb 2022 Results Release Date

JAMB 2022 is computer-based. The results will be released within 48 hours of writing the examination. JAMB releases result every day. The result will be marked by computer and scored over 400. You may want to score above 250 to be on the safer side.

Once again, the Jamb exam pattern is:

  • 60 Questions from the Use of English (This will also cover the novel) and
  • 40 Questions From three other subjects.

Steps To Check Your JAMB 2022 Result

Click here for how to check your admission status on jamb 2022 result or continue reading for another method.

  1. Visit the Jamb official website
  2. Login to your Jamb profile or click here for help.
  3. Click on the print result slip option.
  4. Enter your Registration number and examination year
  5. Done.
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