How To Avoid Plagiarism When Writing Research Papers

What is plagiarism?

To avoid plagiarism, students must know what plagiarism is. It is copying someone else’s words and ideas in your research without giving them any references. 

In academic writing, avoiding plagiarism is extremely important. Plagiarized research content can affect the credibility of the student in a negative way. 

Types of plagiarism and tips to avoid them 

Verbatim plagiarism 

Verbatim plagiarism is word-to-word copying of words without the acknowledgment of the original author. The correct way of avoiding this type of plagiarism is to always use quotation marks. 

Quotation marks should be used with clear citations of the sources. It must be crystal clear to the readers which idea is yours and which one is borrowed. 

Copy Pasting from the Internet 

This is the most common mistake that students make while writing an assignment or a research paper. You cannot simply take the information from the internet and include it in your writing. 

All data must be properly referenced and included in the bibliography. Do complete research before you include any information in the paper. Any data that you have read on the internet which is not peer-reviewed should be avoided. 


Students should learn to paraphrase the text in order to avoid the plagiarism. This one technique can save them a lot of trouble. 

For those who do not know what paraphrasing is, it is the changing of a few words in a sentence. It is the copying of the structure of the sentence or an argument with or without referencing the original writer. 

Students can avoid this form of plagiarism easily. You just need to write a summary of the original work of the author which you are using. 

Merely putting the references at the end is not enough. If it is giving the impression of the words and sentences of your own then it is wrong. Try to clearly depict in the text that this part is paraphrased and not your own.

As a student, this will show that you have grasped the concept of the writer clearly and as a result plagiarism will be avoided easily. 

5. Collusion

This type of plagiarism occurs when a group of students works on the same research project. A regulation must be followed that ensures that all students get the right amount of credit. 

Permission must be granted for all collaboration for this type of plagiarism to avoid. All the consulting assistance for the project should be mentioned in the work.  This assistance can be in any form such as a suggestion from another fellow or the use of a laboratory and technicians. 

6. Incorrect citations

When giving references in a research paper, all references must be cited properly by the discipline. The bibliography must be added at the end as well as the end of quoted paragraphs. Any references that are not consulted should not be added.

Sometimes a student cannot find the primary source of information then it must be made clear that this knowledge is derived from a secondary source. 

7. Auto plagiarism 

If you have submitted any work before, then it cannot be used again for future research. Of course, you can refer to that work with citations. 

Identical knowledge and same piece of work cannot be published simultaneously. This will come under the category of auto-plagiarism. 

How To Avoid Plagiarism When Writing Research Papers
How To Avoid Plagiarism When Writing Research Papers

Tips for Students to Avoid Plagiarism in Research Papers 

Here are the tips to completely avoid plagiarism in research papers. You can follow this guide and can write plagiarism-free research papers.

Without wasting any time, start early 

To write a good and quality research paper, you must have an ample amount of time. Quality writing cannot happen in a hurry. 

Therefore, do not waste any time when you have a research paper to write. Start as early as possible. This will give you the time to do required background research before writing the paper. 

Be original in your writing 

Writing a paper is not about stealing the other writer’s ideas and adding them in your paper. Copy-pasting is the exact opposite of what you are supposed to do in the research paper. 

Copy-pasting encourages the students to write word to word from the original work. Therefore, try to be original and paraphrase it properly to include it in the research paper. 

Having your own style of writing makes the work original and authentic. It also makes the passages concise and comprehensive. As a result, research paper will be plagiarism free. 

Do proper research 

Doing background research to write the research paper’s introduction is an integral part of writing. Researching related content and citing it properly is how you should write a paper. 

As a reader, you can identify the research paper that is written without putting any effort. Therefore, research is necessary to write a quality paper. 

Use multiple sources 

Putting various sources in the research paper also makes it authentic. Avoid adding the data from only one or two sources. If multiple sources are cited in one sentence then it is important to cite them separately so that reader can understand which data is taken from which source. 

Using multiple sources in the paper has many benefits. It makes the research paper more credible. It shows that the student has done the proper research and has read a wide range of data. 

Keep notes and make rough drafts

If students are making notes from the sources, then always use quotation marks. This also makes sure that data is not accidentally plagiarised. 

After adding quotations, remember to add references. 


After completing the research paper, an important part of it is proofreading. Proofreading makes the research paper free of any errors. 

Grammatical mistakes are bound to happen while writing. This will make it grammatically correct. Proofreading also makes sure that the data is plagiarism-free. The help of a plagiarism checking tool can be taken to ensure that the data is completely plagiarism-free. 

Use online plagiarism checker tools

 The uniqueness and authenticity of the research papers can be checked using an online plagiarism checker. These plagiarism checkers give the matched data with proper reference sources so it is easy to understand from where the data has been copied. 

Plagiarism checkers scan the whole document and find similar data online. Using this information, you can then remove the plagiarised data. 

You can remove the plagiarized text from your research paper, you can use a paraphrasing tool.

A paraphrasing tool is used to rephrase the plagiarised text by changing the words. Students must check the plagiarism before submitting the final draft of the paper. 

Here are a few tools that you can use to avoid the plagiarism 

How To Avoid Plagiarism When Writing Research Papers
How To Avoid Plagiarism When Writing Research Papers

Prepostseo plagiarism checker 

One of the finest tools that are available free of cost is the Prepostseo plagiarism checker. It has become the choice of many students and academic writers.

Additionally, the tool helps blog writers and content creators as well. You can check the plagiarism on the go with the help of the Prepostseo plagiarism checker. 

Many useful features play an important role in making this a primary choice of the students. 

Some of them are; 


  • A chrome extension is available hence its use of it is very practical 
  • Your research paper is 100% safe with the Prepostseo plagiarism checker 
  • It supports almost all formats of documents such as Docx, doc, pdf, and txt. 
  • Plagiarism reports are downloadable 
  • Plagiarised text is underlined to mark it clear from the unique text
  • Android and iOS apps are available for those who wish to use them on their mobiles and tablets.


There was no disadvantage to using this tool as far as we used it. 


The basic plan costs $50 that has an increased word limit up to 5000. The standard plan costs $150 that has a word limit of 15000.

Editpad plagiarism checker is also helpful in avoiding plagiarism. It checks the thoroughly documents and finds any traces of similarities on the internet. 

Academic writers and teachers prefer to use this tool as it checks the documents in less than a minute. 

Some of the unique features that make it unique from the rest of the tools are; 


  • A document of 5000 words can be checked at one time. 
  • A browser extension is available free of cost.
  • All of the file formats are supported by the editpad plagiarism checker. 
  • Sources of similarities are deeply searched using advanced techniques. 
  • There is no need to get registered on the website to use the tool.


The tool is free of cost.


Another easy-to-use plagiarism checker tool is Some of the key features are given below;


  • It supports up to 90 languages which makes it a widely used tool. 
  • All formats of document files are supported.
  • allows users to check spelling and grammar as well.
  • Google voice search option has made the use of it very convenient.
  • There is no need to get registered on the website. 


The advertisements on the website can be annoying. 


Free of cost 

How To Avoid Plagiarism When Writing Research Papers
How To Avoid Plagiarism When Writing Research Papers

Paraphrasing tool is another way of removing and avoiding plagiarism. Paraphrasing is one technique that can be used if you want to steer clear of any type of plagiarism. 

Since paraphrasing is done manually is tiresome and takes a lot of time. We suggest you use paraphrasing tools and article rewriters. 

Some of the best paraphrasing tools are present online free of cost. There is no need to spend the penny to rewrite any text. offers the best services and can rephrase sentences and paragraphs in a few seconds. 

Some of the features are;


  • With the help of, you can rewrite essays, assignments, and even blogs. 
  • Text can be rephrased in multiple languages. It supports German, Turkish, and French. 
  • Along with paraphrasing, you can summarise the text as well. Read the final document and see what needs to be edited and removed. 
  • Advanced algorithms present the best possible results. 


Since the tool is free of cost, you should read the final essay before publishing it. Sometimes it can replace the words with synonyms that are not well suited to the sentences. 


A Monthly Plan costs $20/month and a Yearly Plan costs around $150/year


Looking for more paraphrasing tools? is the answer. gives good results by producing content that is similar to the original one but without any trace of plagiarism. 

Some of the key features are; 


Rephrase info offers the article rewriter, plagiarism checker, text summarizer, and a grammar checker as well.

You can login to the website or not. It is your choice. Works fine if you don’t login as well. 

It supports many languages. Some of them are; English, French, German and Swedish. 

Advanced technology produces content that is smart and unique. 

Available on Google play and iOS. 

No ads on the website make the user’s experience smooth. 


A monthly and yearly premium plan is available that is $20 and $150 respectively

You can use the tool and select the one that suits you the best. Different tools have different levels of safety and accuracy. Therefore, a comparison can be drawn between various plagiarism checking tools before using them.

Wrap up!

Plagiarism should be avoided for plenty of reasons. The concept of plagiarism was developed to create the ability in the students to have their point of view. 

To write a high-quality research paper, you must grasp the idea thoroughly. Having a clear concept of the original work makes you steer clear of plagiarism. Additionally, it will improve the technical writing skills of the students. 

Finally, to completely avoid plagiarism, you must use the online plagiarism checker. These plagiarism checker tools will identify any similarities between your research paper and the already published work. 

Plagiarism checking tools have become a necessity for research students to final check their papers and make sure the text is unique and authentic. 

If by any chance, the plagiarism is detected in the research paper then paraphrasing tools comes to rescue the situation. Students can rephrase the text by using paraphrasing tools and make it unique and free from any duplication. 

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