How to Get UNILAG Transcript: Apply for UNILAG Transcript and Statement of Results

UNILAG Transcript | How To Apply For University Of Lagos Transcript, UNILAG Statement Of Results And Other Necessary Documents After Graduation.

Today, we will show you how to get the UNILAG transcript from the University of Lagos record office. Please be inform that the Unilag transcript application is currently going on. If you are interested to get yours, you can simply follow the guide below for unilag transcript online application.

Here is the Application Process for Student Copy Transcript as released by the school management.

How To Apply For University Of Lagos (UNILAG) Transcript

  • Step 1 Please read “Important Information” and “Notice” carefully before commencing the application
  • Step 2 Click the “New Application” link
  • Step 3: Provide your matriculation number and click Next. (For applicants who are unable to remember their matriculation number click the “Click here if you have forgotten your matric no” button
  • Step 4: Confirm the correctness of the displayed names and contact details (The phone number and email fields can be updated if necessary)
  • Step 5: if the information displayed is incorrect, Login again, ignore the matriculation number section, and click next to continue (ensure you include the matriculation number in the address section before you submit)
  • Step 6: Select the appropriate program, document type (Transcript, statement of Result, etc), and the number of required copies
  • Step 7: Specify the destination, Dispatch method, and Address or (please find below information on the respective documents and postage costs)
  • Step 8: Make a payment online or logon to, click on Bills & Purchase, then click on Pay RRR invoice (please note that the RRR number is located on the payment advice)
  • Step 9: You can also be made by Printing out the Payment Advice and Pay at any commercial bank in Nigeria
  • Step 10: Once payment is successful or received, you will receive a confirmation email
  • Step 11: You are expected to track the status of your application via the application portal

How to Apply for UNILAG Student Copy Transcript

Application for the student transcript give students access to the unofficial copy of the results transcript. To apply for the student copy transcript kindly follow the following steps

Step 1: Login to the student portal (

Step 2: Click the “Student Academic Transcript” under Results menu

Step 3: Provide your recent email address and specify the programme you wish to apply for and submit

Step 4: Complete payment online or with any commercial bank in Nigeria with the generated RRR number

Step 5: The Student Academic Transcript will be emailed to the specified email address and will also be available on the student portal for download

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