How To Retrieve/Get Back Lost/Stolen Waec Certificate

How To Retrieve and get back my Lost/Stolen WAEC certificate easily? Follow the guide in this article to get all the details needed and procedures you need to get back your lost, stolen or burnt WAEC certificate.

Well I’ve been around people complaining about how to retrieve their lost waec certificate, some even complained that their result was stolen, some said burnt. However, which ever be the case, I’ll show you all the Neccesay steps you need to take to retrieve, get back your lost/stolen/burnt waec certificate with ease.

In light of this, if you truly want to know how to retrieve your lost or stolen waec certificate, I enjoin you to follow my steps explained here painstakingly as I take the lead.

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Items/Documents Needed to Retrieve your Lost Waec Certificate 

  1. Letter of Application for Attention of Result: To be handwritten or typed by the candidate
  2. A police report on lost or damaged certificate
  3. Photocopy or online result print of the lost, stolen or damaged certificate
  4. Two recent passports of the candidate
  5. Court Affidavit
  6. Administrative Charge of N20,000

Step 1 On How To Retrieve Your Waec Certificate

To get beck your lost WAEC certificate kindly follow the steps given below:

  • Visit any WAEC head office nearest to the school where you took your WAEC examination.
  • Inform any of the officials in duty that you lost your WAEC certificate and that you want to apply for WAEC Attestation of Result.
  • Give them a police report confirming that you lost your WAEC certificate, your recent passport and an affidavit for WAEC Attestation of Result.
  • Pay the required amount for the new certificate and provide other information about yourself (E. g your name, address, school where you wrote your examination etc).

Yeah! Those are the steps to retrieve your lost WAEC certificate easily. Nonetheless, i would like to also educate you about WAEC Attestation of Result. So if you want to know whether WAEC Attestation of Result has any limitation, continue reading below.

Step 2 How to get WAEC Attestation of Result?

  1. Write a Letter of Application requesting an Attestation of Result.
  2. Get a police report on lost or damaged certificate
  3. Get the Photocopy of lost or damaged certificate
  4. Two recent passport-sized photos of the candidate
  5. Sworn Affidavit for the collection of Attestation of Result
  6. Pay an administrative fee of N20,000.

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NOTE: All the above must be submitted to the WAEC office of the state of the exams.

Can WAEC Attestation of Result be used in place of original WAEC result?

For sure, your WAEC attestation of result can be used for any thing the original WAEC result can be used for. Even if you intend to gain admission abroad, you can still use your WAEC attestation of result as long as it was issued to you by WAEC. So there is absolutely no need to doubt whether WAEC attestation of result can be used in place of WAEC.

Does WAEC attestation of result look like the original WAEC certificate?

Yes! there is no much difference between WAEC attestation of result and WAEC certificate. The only difference is on the title of the two documents. In WAEC Attestation of result, the document is titled “ATTESTATION OF RESULT” . On the other hand, WAEC certificate is titled “CERTIFICATE“. This is basically the difference between “WAEC Attestation of Result” and “WAEC certificate”

How much to retrieve lost WAEC certificate?

Well, there is no definate answer to this question. While some people say it is Twenty Thousand Naira (N20,000), some say it is about fifteen thousand Naira (15,000). Nevertheless, there is no particular amount for retrieving WAEC certificate. In my opinion, if you want to follow the steps above just have about 15 – 24k with you.

How long will it take for lost WAEC certificate to be given?

Most time, it takes up to 30 months for persons who lost their WAEC results to receive it. Nevertheless, there is actually no particular time for that. In fact, whenever you apply for a new WAEC certificate, they will tell you when to come and collect your WAEC certificate.

Can I collect my WAEC Certificate or Attestation of Results online Instead?

The answer is YES. WAEC has disclosed that “Candidates are to note that, with effect from WASSCE for Private Candidates, 2019, request for the printing of certificates will be done electronically via”

Visit the website to see if the service is currently available.

Also, not that only candidates for WAEC GCE 2019 henceforth will have access to this online Certificate printing. And this doesn’t mean you can print it yourself. Rather you can only go online instead of their offices, and request WAEC to print it and get it delivered to your specified address.

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For the years before, the physical presence of a candidate will be needed to collect WAEC (GCE) Certificate at the WAEC office of the state of exams. This means the same is applicable to the Attestation of Result.

For WAEC (Internal) May/June, a candidate must return to the school of the exams. Yours should be with the exams officer of the school within two years after the exams.

School candidates do not have to visit WAEC offices.

But he will approach the exams body’s office for Attestation of Result instead of the school of exams.

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Yes! That is all i can tell you on the how to retrieve/get back lost WAEC certificate. If you had any problem following this tutorial kindly let me know what the problem in the comment section. Accordingly, if this tutorial worked for you, do not also forget to let other readers know in the comment section.

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