How to Write a Letter of Recommendation/Attestation (Samples)

You are recognized by the way you present something. Your presentation shows your choice, your literature shows your taste, your direction shows your thoughts. So, personality judgment can be made by seeing anyone’s written presentation.

So, if someone requests you to write a Recommendation or Character letter for them, never spoil their reason. Maybe they need that letter to get an amazing job, maybe this letter is needed for them to get admission in any top institution, or maybe they want to show their brilliance to any firm or company. Always keep their cause in mind and write a well-elaborated and maintained a Recommendation Letter for them.

In this article, we will share some tips with you, which you can consider, while writing a letter. Have a look and make your letter much better.

Start with a little introduction of your relationship with the targeted person, whether you are colleagues, friends, teacher-student, boss-employee, or any relation

The first step to write a cover letter for a recommendation letter is to tell your relationship with the targeted person. Just give a little introduction of who are you to the targeted person. If you are an employee with the targeted person, mention that or whether you are a teacher and writing a recommendation and character letter for your student, mention that. Your small introduction will make it accessible for the reader why are you writing the letter.

Tell the reason why are you appropriate to access him

Now the next purpose is to elaborate on why are you chosen to comment on the character and skills of the next person. Don’t give many details. Just give a brief reason, why the targeted person chooses you to write his recommendation letter. Prove your case by mentioning the work or study history with the targeted person.

Tell the capabilities of the person and the efficiency in him

Now give details about the skills and abilities that you find in that person. Whether he is a good student or an efficient employee or hardworking worker, give the main points of the skills that you observe in that person. Your provided list of skills about that person will highly aid him in future and selection. So, write accurate and truth about his skills.

Express your personal experience and observation about that person

Now it’s time to highlight your personal observation and perception about the person. Whether you have worked with him, or you have taught him, or any person working experience with the person. Just mention the facts that you admire and foresee in that person. Your personal observation about the targeted person must be authentic and clear.

Be truthful. Don’t exaggerate or over-explain any qualities.

That is the main idea of the recommendation letter. Never over-explain or exaggerate anything about the person. Mention the skills that are really present in the person. The skill list that you will provide will meaningful and considered authentic by the company. So  Don’t use false details to support his case. That will affect him in the future. So, be straightforward and stick to the center.

Tell the qualities of the person, by keeping in mind his cause for this letter

When you are writing the recommendation letter, keep the reason for writing this letter, in mind. Keep in mind whether the targeted person wants a letter for admission in the college, or he wants for getting a job, or he wants to show the letter to the immigration office. Write the recommendation letter on the basis of the reason and cause. If you will be to the point and center, that will enhance the efficiency of your letter.

Provide relevant information

Prove your cause of writing the letter by giving evidence and information. If you are writing about the student, mention his academic performance, if you are writing for an employee, mention the efficiency in working and giving outputs, if you are writing for a person, who wants to go abroad, give the extra details like the clear criminal history, good reputation, responsible citizen, etc. provide brief but true evidence to make your case more authentic.

Always sign or stamp the letter to make your statement more sure and authentic

In the end, after completing your letter make sure to sign the paper or if possible put the stamp mark. This act will enhance the accuracy and authority of the letter written by you. The sign or stamp will make the letter authorized and official. Your effort in writing and presenting the recommendation letter will help the person in the future, so make the best recommendation letter, which fulfills all the necessities.

Difference Between Attestation and Recommendation Letter

An attestation letter only vouches for the future character of admitted students. This is to say whether the student was an area mama/papa (rascal) before now no longer matters to the university. The attester is to guide the student to ensure that all those bad habits are not brought to the university and when they do, the attester is to be held responsible. However, in a recommendation letter, the one recommending states how long he/she must have known the bearer and that his/her quality will suit the institution/organization to which he/she is being recommended for. Since we are talking of attestation here, please, guide whoever is writing for you to attest that you will behave if given the opportunity to study. Writing that he/she has known you for years now and you are of good behavior tends to look like a recommendation letter.

In any case, however, if the attester must talk about your previous attitude, a statement referring to the future that you will not constitute a hazard to your new school will give the letter a coloration of an attestation letter.

Who Can Write An Attestation Letter?

Various persons related to an admitted student can attest for them. Whoever you choose to use must be a trusted person in the society. This means that you can neither use a minor nor an underage person to attest for you. Although the use of a younger sibling cannot be trashed, such younger one must have attained a level of societal dealings. However, at the age of admission, a younger sibling cannot be recommended to attest for an admitted student. The following therefore, is a list of persons who can attest for an admitted student:

  1. Father
  2. Mother
  3. Elder/aged siblings
  4. Uncles
  5. Aunties
  6. Landlords
  7. Street chairman
  8. Community heads
  9. Kings
  10. Ovie
  11. Oba
  12. Amananowei
  13. Lawyer
  14. Pastor
  15. Corporate bodies
  16. Academic guardian
  17. Teachers
  18. Headmasters
  19. Principals, etc.

The list can go on and on. However, what is more important is that the person must be an aged person and trusted/dependable in society.

Components of an Attestation Letter

An attestation letter is a formal letter and have the same component as a normal formal letter. Below are some of the components you must note:

  1. The attester’s address
  2. The Registrar’s Address (or the recipient’s address)
  3. The title of the recipient (i.e. Sir/Ma)
  4. The title of the letter (i.e. Letter of Attestation or Attestation Letter)
  5. Main body
  6. Salutation
  7. Conclusion

All these parts are very important in writing an attestation letter.

Free Sample Letter of Recommendation Templates


We hope we provide you detailed and authentic information about how to write the cover page of the recommendation letter. Keep the above-mentioned points in mind and write the best recommendation letter to impress the targeted company or institute.

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