How to write creative assignments using Paraphrasing Tool?

So you’ve decided to use a paraphrasing tool to write a creative assignment. Now, how do you use this powerful tool to achieve your writing goals? If you are wondering the same then don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to use the paraphrase tool properly. 

In this article, we’ll talk about how a paraphrasing tool works, how you can use it in creative writing and assignment making, as well as some powerful tips and tricks that you should know about paraphrasing.

how to use a paraphrasing tool for writing creative assignments.

How to Paraphrase in Creative Assignments?

Paraphrasing requires a mental process, so you need to have a clear understanding of the content that you are rephrasing. Once you have chosen the text, take a note of the main context  of the original content. Write down all the essential information that the original material contains and simplify it your language.

During rephrasing the exact statement can’t be introduced without a standard way of stating i.e using quotation marks and citing the sources whenever necessary. Moreover, students can work in pairs to paraphrase a paragraph on the board, or they can work independently. 

While practicing, stick to one paragraph at a time, rather than a whole article. By learning to rephrase sentences sentence-by-sentence, students can improve their grade and impress their teachers.

For independent practice, you can use Paraphrasing Task Cards. It comes with a poster and the first four task cards. The task cards are perfect for independent use. These task cards provide enough practice to complete your creative writing assignment.

Instead of this hassle, however, a paraphrasing tool is an excellent option for students writing creative assignments. It will help you meet deadlines while rephrasing a piece of writing in a matter of minutes. It will also help you learn distinct creative ways to express the same idea. 

Using a paraphrase tool will allow you to learn a variety of new words and phrases. This will enhance your creative writing skills and increase your chances of gaining a good grade.

Benefit of using an online Paraphrasing Tool

There are many advantages to using a paraphrasing tool for your next writing project. For example, you can write unique content, create it in a variety of versions using the same text, and achieve good grades in your assignments. 

Paraphrase tools are also fast and convenient to use. Moreover, they are mostly free to use however some require membership logins and premium subscriptions.

The Paraphrasing Tool is an application that lets you rewrite large chunks of text with just a few clicks. It’s capable of rewriting entire paragraphs, essays, and articles. It’s also capable of rewriting single words, phrases, or sentences. It helps you avoid plagiarism penalties and improve your text quality. This is a great tool for writers and students of all levels.

The Paraphrasing Tool can help you complete your writing projects or simply kick start them. You’ll sound intelligent, while at the same time expressing your ideas in a unique way. 

Like a human writer, the paraphrasers have extensive experience in rephrasing sentences and are capable of paraphrasing any sentence from the given source. Just make sure to check the deadline of your assignment and start practicing your creative writing.

The Paraphrase Tool is more advanced than a standard spinning tool. It works by taking into account the context of an entire paragraph, sentence, or even a single phrase. Paraphrase tool makes it unnecessary for students to go through the trouble of researching individual words separately.

A paraphrasing tool takes all of the information you enter and combines it with new words’ synonyms based on context. Unlike a traditional rewriting tool, it will also check for plagiarism, which is an essential aspect for students.

A paraphrasing tool will remove grammar mistakes, replace phrases, and make your content unique. These tools are very useful for writing creative assignments because they improve your writing skills and save you time. Paraphrasing tools are also useful for essay writing. This tool will also remove any errors in the original text and restate it in a new way that is both unique and flexible for the future.

Creative Assignments Using Paraphrasing Tools

Using a paraphrasing tool makes it easy to reword content. If you are looking for a paraphrase tool while writing creative assignments, it is important to find the one that best fits your needs. 

By using a giant database, produces plagiarism-free assignments. This paraphrasing tool uses synonyms where  and changes sentence structure as per requirement. It can help you write creative papers without worrying about plagiarism. 

If you have a lot of assignments, you can choose to paraphrase it with Its free paraphrasing is a great option for rewriting essays and other creative assignments. Lets learn more about how we can write creative assignments using

Below, we have used as an example of how this website can be used for writing creative assignments. 

How to Write Creative Assignments with 

While paraphrasing manually is difficult, using a can make the work look polished and professional. By using this tool, you’ll be able to meet the demands of your creative writing and maintain good grades.You can use this tool in the following manner to create your assignments.

  • Search for Source Content

First of all, to begin writing your creative assignment you must look for a good quality and relevant idea from a relevant niche. You should browse through the web or look for ideas in relevant books.

For instance, in the image below is presented a source relative to the current title. The below image’s title corresponds to a creative writing titled It’s a boy for a 12th grade student. 

Simply copy the sentences or phrases you want paraphrased in your assignments but don’t ever dare to copy whole content from the source as it comes under plagiarism. You can take ideas and source content from different platforms to write your assignment but can’t copy a whole article for the purpose.


  • Browse Tool and Paste

Now you have come up with the source content, now you need to browse to to paraphrase your assignment. To use this tool you simply have to launch it on your browser and paste the copied content.

  • Paraphrase and Get Results

After you have pasted the source content inthe input window there’s no effort required by you. Not its the tool’s exercise to use its AI algorithms and provide you with paraphrase and unique content.

For this purpose simply click on the “Paraphrase” option provided below the text fields. In no time using the advanced algorithms and NLP technology will provide you with the paraphrased results.

You can copy the results and save it in your file with a single click.

2. Grammar Checker

Correct use of grammar, punctuation and spellings are all important aspects to consider while writing your creative assignments. You must assure to have correct grammatization, orthography and punctuation in your assignment before submitting.

For this purpose the also features an editor that can check the grammar of the text. It also helps you choose better word choices, ensuring grammatically correct results. It offers a built-in grammar checker to fix your text and present you with flawless assignments.

  • Open grammar Checker

To fix your creative writing’s grammar, first of all switch to’s grammar checking tool. After launching the grammar checker past your paraphrased assignment in the field provided.

  • Check Grammar

Now, simply click on the “Check Grammar” option and in no time you will be provided with your grammar mistakes. The best thing about paraphrasing tool ai grammar checker is it auto fixes the errors and you don’t have to allow each error to be corrected. You can simply copy the fixed errors and have accurate grammar and punctuation in your creative work.

  • Readability Score

Another perk of this grammar checker is its feature to provide the readability analysis of your assignment. Below the text field, the readability analysis of your contents represents its total readability score, the level of ease to read it and the level of understanding according to the school graders.

3. Plagiarism Checker

While using a paraphrasing tool, it is important to check the original source to ensure that it isn’t plagiarized. also detects plagiarism from your written assignments. So you can again count on this tool to check for plagiarism.

  • Switch to Plagiarism Checker

To use in-built plagiarism checking tool, switch to “Plagiarism Checker”. You can click on the bar headed up the paraphraser and browse the plagiarism tool.

  • Paste Assignment

Now paste your grammar fixed assignment in the plagiarism checking field and hit on “check plagiarism”.  

  • Get Results

In no time the will provide you with the plagiarism results. In the example below you can see the results. The plagiarism checker displays 85% originality and 15% plagiarism the paraphrased content.

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