JAMB Marking Scheme & Grading System (Explained)

JAMB new grading system/ marking Scheme for 2022/2023 admission session clearly explained how JAMB will grade candidates for the forthcoming UTME examination.

Just like WAEC has its marking guide, JAMB also has a scheme of marking how they score their candidates and I have seen series of confusing posts on this topic before I finally researched into it and came up with something very official. I personally contacted JAMB officials and syllabus before I put this down into writing. So, be rest assured that nothing is left out in this post. Yet, I make it as concise as possible for you.

In total, JAMB sets about 250 questions for all the JAMB subjects that each candidate write. From the 250 questions, English Language (Use of English) takes 100 where as the remaining 150 is spread across the remaining 3 subjects

JAMB Subjects And Number of Questions

So in summary, Here are the list of JAMB subjects and the number of questions set for each subject.

  • English Language – 100 questions
  • Mathematics – 50 questions
  • Chemistry – 50 questions
  • Physics – 50 questions
  • Biology – 50 questions
  • Government – 50 questions
  • Literature in English – 50 questions
  • History – 50 questions
  • Economics – 50 questions
  • Geography – 50 questions
  • Accounting – 50 questions
  • Commerce – 50 questions

Negative Marking Scheme in JAMB

What Negative Marking Scheme in JAMB means is deduction of some certain mark from candidates marks whenever the candidates got a question wrong.

It is imperative to know that JAMB does not use the negative marking scheme and thus, does not deduct any mark whenever candidates fails an answer to a question or supplies a wrong answer to a question.

How JAMB Grades Students

JAMB examination is graded over 400 for four (4) subjects with English language having a hundred questions and three other subject containing a fifty questions each.

Calculating JAMB Score using an Example below will show how you will graded for a correctly answered questions and how they arrive at your total JAMB score.

Let us assume that out of the 100 questions in Use of English, you were able to answer 55 correctly. That would give you 55/100=55%.

Then for mathematics, you got 27 out of 50 questions. That would give you 27/50 * 100=54% or 54/100 (54 over 100).

Then for Chemistry, you got 31 out of 50 questions correctly. That would give us a 31/50 * 100=62% or 62/100 (62 over 100).

Lastly, for Physics, you got 37 out of 50 questions correctly. That is 37/50 * 100 = 74% or 74/100 (74 over 100).

To now get the total score, sum all your scores for each subject. That will now be 55+54+62+74=245.

The JAMB score is 245/400 (245 over 400).

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