List of Schools that Accept Awaiting Result for Admission (2022)

This page contains all the  you need to know about the List of schools that accept awaiting result for admission in JAMB and you’ll also find out how to use awaiting result for admission in 2022 as a secondary school graduate. 


Nevertheless, most students are not informed about the list of schools that accept awaiting result for admission. 

As it’s known, The problem of major students seeking admission is ignorance.  In this article, I am going to guide you on the list of schools that accept awaiting result and how you can use your awaiting result to get admission in any Nigerian University, Polytechnic or College of Education.

List of schools that accept awaiting result

Whenever you want to register for JAMB, you will be asked to choose your most preferred choice of institution and from this list, a lot of people think their first choice of institution, be it a University in Nigeria or Polytechnic believes their first choice doesn’t admit secondary school students with awaiting results.


I must reveal to you that ;All schools actually accept awaiting result candidate for admission into the various courses but limitations to this avail to a deadline being set for the candidates to upload their O’Level result.  

I have seen students saying if you are going to study Medicine and Surgery, Computer Science or Mass Communication and Accounting, you won’t be admitted because of awaiting result.

This in most cases isn’t true and irrespective of your JAMB sore or O’Level result, you can still apply for admission into any Federal or state universities of your choice and still be given admission.                                                 

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After you must have finished reading this article, I believe you will have a very good idea on how awaiting result in JAMB works and not believe some false information or rumored story of a sort.

If you’re still confused, sit up because I’m going to take you through what I understand by Awaiting result!

What is Awaiting Result in JAMB?

JAMB awaiting result refers to the result of your WAEC or NECO result that has not been released or is being withheld by WAEC/NECO. For example, if you participated in WAEC 2020 and your result is still on-hold or has not been released. This is a good example of an awaiting result. You simply await your result in a lay mans definition.

Awaiting results too should not be something you should depend on, I’m saying this because not all awaiting result is released. So it’s better you sit for another WAEC or NECO examination should in case your result was canceled and not released.


How To Use Awaiting Result For Admission in 2022

This may seem too easy and it actually is very easy. All you have to do is to visit any JAMB accredited registration center and tell them when registering that you want to use awaiting result for your JAMB registration.

After your O’Level have been released, you then will have to go back your JAMB registration center or anyone near you and tell them you want to upload your O’level credentials.

As soon as you’re done uploading your WAEC/ NECO result to JAMB Portal, you are definitely good to go.

All schools in Nigeria accept aspirants using awaiting result during their registration. All you have to do to be safe is to upload your O’level result at a JAMB registration portal to JAMB efacility portal.

Have any question or want to make inquiries about how to use awaiting result? We will love to hear from you. 

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Like I said earlier, you can register for JAMB with awaiting result and gain admission with it successfully. You don’t need to wait for an extra year at home because of the issue of awaiting result. All you have to do is to upload it to JAMB portal when the result is released. Howeveryou must upload it before your desired institution release her Post-UTME screening form. If not, there is no admission for you.

If you can do as instructed by JAMB by uploading it before admission processes commence in your desired school, you are good to go.

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