MTN Free Data Code | 120GB, 900GB Leaked [Updated]


MTN FREE DATA CODE 2022 – We will begin the weekend free unlimited Internet trick with the free MTN 900GB code blazing hot right now.

Before we proceed with the trick of the moment, those in other regions that have been demanding the weekend tricks will have to hold on for a while because I will have to sort out most of the tricks before posting. I might post some today and then complete the remaining ones tomorrow.

Do you want to enjoy this offer? Then you need to hurry up and take advantage of it now. As we said, it is a limited offer, and the code you will be using for the free data might stop working.

We will share with you how you can use MTN’s Free Data Code and get free data on your smartphone or computer.

All you need to do is dial the code that we are providing below. But keep in mind that this will only work if:

  • You have an active data plan already on your MTN SIM card
  • You have not dialed the USSD or sent an SMS for today’s date

How to Get 120GB and 900GB MTN Free Data

  • Dial *343*5*0#
  • Select option 7 to get a MTN free data code
  • Then enter the code *121*1*1#
  • Congratulations, you have just received your 120GB!

Other Leaked MTN Free Data Codes For 120GB, 900GB

  • 567*59# and *567*2*22# are both valid and ready to use. They grant you 120GB and 900GB respectively. The 120GB one is valid for only three months, while the 900GB one lasts six months.

Should you decide to try them out, dial each code with an MTN line that has never been given free data before; if it’s ever gotten free data from any source, these codes won’t work. Also, make sure your SIM card is eligible for the offer by texting “promo” to 131 (or 686).

Remember that these codes may get blocked anytime: don’t be surprised if they stop working tomorrow. On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to get a code like this working on your line, be happy!

How to Activate MTN Free Data Code for 120GB, 900GB

  • First, you will want to dial * 131 * 2 # on your smartphone.
  • Select option 3 (Night plan).
  • Select option 2 (1GB night plan).
  • Then select option 1 (N25 for 500MB).
  • When prompted to enter the promo code, use the leaked MTN free data code instead of the default one suggested by MTN (i.e, NIGHTPLAN).

How to Add More Data to Your MTN Free Data Code for 120GB, 900GB

  • To add more data to your existing MTN free data code for 120GB, you’ll need to dial *131*1*3# and select option 3, which is “Manage Data Bundles”.
  • Once you select option 3, a new set of options will be displayed on screen. Select option 2 which says “Buy Data Bundle”
  • Another set of options will be displayed again and this time, select option 2 which says “Night Browsing”
  • Select again the same option 2 which says “Night Browsing”; this time around, it comes with an additional message saying that it offers both data and SMS bundles (should there be any)
  • You should now see another set of options and pick option 1 which displays: “MTN 1GB Night Plan @ N25 valid between 12am – 4am daily
  • Another prompt by MTN will appear saying: Are you sure you want to subscribe for MTN 1GB Night Plan @ N25 valid between 12am – 4am daily? reply with 1 for YES or 2 for NO… make sure you reply with 1 for YES!
  • Wait for about 5 minutes before re-dialing *131*4# to check if your MTN data bundle has been successfully added up!

How to Check Your Balance on the Leaked MTN Free Data Code for 120GB, 900GB

You can quickly check your balance with this code. Dial the following: *559*63#

This is a free service. You can also check your balance online at MTN’s website here.

With this trick you can activate a MTN free data code

With this trick, you can activate an MTN-free data code. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy free internet on your MTN network.

There are many free browsing codes that work on MTN, but not all are unlimited. Some require a certain amount of cash before you can use them. But don’t worry because I have the real deal for you. Here is how to enjoy mtn 120GB Free Browsing Code, mtn 900GB Free Browsing Code, and more with this trick.

LATEST UPDATE: There is no guarantee that these codes have been updated, and it’s the last settings you’ll find below this post…

MTN free data code 2020

Apart from that, every other thing remains the same. Stay glued to our Facebook Page (click here) and Telegram channel (click here) for more free unlimited Internet tricks.
This trick is straightforward and doesn’t require users’ airtime to subscribe to anything or tunnel the app for it. All that is required is a simple code to activate the free 900GB.

Oh, at least I forget, this trick is for All MTN users Worldwide. Find procedures below.

1. Your Nigerian MTN SIM card with zero data and call credit
2. An Android device, iOS, or PC
3. The configuration settings

To get the access data, simply dial *131*7*5*1*1# repeatedly for it to keep accumulating. You will get 120GB and then repeat the process to accumulate your data to get as much as possible.

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Scholarmaga only drops such to alert ISPs of their Existence

How to Activate the Latest mtn 0.0kb unlimited browsing cheat for free

  1. Migrate to mtn beta talk or mpulse (Send BT to 131)
  2. Download the VPN application below
  3. install application
  4. select mtn unlimited server (server list)
  5. Select mtn unlimited tweak (tweak list)
  6. finally press connect and enjoy unlimited browsing

You must have zero data and airtime as it works like the hammer VPN tweak.

Download now and enjoy sharing posts with friends

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