NECO Further Mathematics Questions and Answers 2022/2023 (Theory and Objectives)

NECO Further Mathematics Questions and Answers 2022. I will be showing you NECO Further Maths objective and theory questions for free. You’ll also learn how NECO Sets further mathematical questions and other important NECO examination many more details.

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NECO further mathematics 2022 Essay Answers

further mathematics OBJ







NECO further mathematics Questions and Answers 2022 Objectives Answers

further mathematics-THEORY


Given: mass ,m =10kg

Force,F = 40N

Time, t = 0.5secs

Impulse, I = Ft = 40×0.5 = 20Ns

(13aii) Ft = m(v-u) where u= 0 (at rest)

20 = 10(v-0)

20 = 10v

V = 20/10 = 2m/s

Final speed = 2m/s


Given: u=0 ; v=2m/s ; t=0.5secs

S= 1/2(u+v)t

S= 1/2(0+2)×0.5

S= 0.5 metres

Distance = 1/2 metre or 50cm

  1. The gradient of a curve is 8x+2 and it passes through (1,3). Find the equation of the curve

A. y = 4x^2 + 2x + 3

B. y = -4x^2 + 2x -3

C. y = 4x^2 – 2x + 3

D. y = 4x^2 + 2x + 3

E. y= 4x^2 – 2x – 3


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