NECO Syllabus 2022/2023 SSCE & GCE | Download PDF For All Subject

NECO Syllabus 2022/2023 SSCE & GCE | Download PDF For All Subject.


Are you preparing for the forthcoming examination to be conducted by the National Examinations Council (NECO) board? or are you searching online for the 2022/2023 SSCE & GCE syllabus? then this article is just what you need to read.

Usually, NECO does not normally release any syllabus for students whichever way. but due to the fact that we are long in the system and know how the system runs, it was easy for us to curate the syllabus and hot topics that NECO will always include in their examination questions.

So in this article, it is sure that you will be able to view and download the latest NECO SSCE and GCE syllabuses for all subjects for free.


Before I proceed, it is imperative to note that you can use this syllabus for both June/July and December/January examination.

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How To Use The NECO Syllabus

  • Download the Neco syllabus for the subjects you offer.
  • Download a PDF reader to use to access the syllabus.
  • On each subject you open, you will see the aim, after which are the topics/contents/notes and the Objective
  • Look at the topics/contents/notes and also check the objectives
  • Then scroll down to the end of the PDF and see the recommended textbooks
  • Look for one of the recommended textbooks and open to any topic you which to learn and study it by following the objectives.

Download NECO Syllabus

Below are the links to download the latest NECO syllabus for all subjects;

Now that I have provided the NECO syllabus for all subjects, I also gave hints on how to open and use the syllabus pdf format of NECO all I expected is you to follow the procedures painstakingly and trust me you will never regret coming to this website.

Should in case you have questions, do not hesitate to ask me using the comment section below and also share this with your friends and other NECO candidates so you can all pass NECO in flying colors.

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