10 Best Nursing Colleges In Cape Town

The nursing profession is one of the respected amongst many disciplines. This is of course due to the demands required of nurses in the line of duty. Many people go into this profession with the mindset that it is a walk-over but soon discover that it takes more than just a shiny all-white outfit to cut it in the trade. In order to become a nurse, certain skills are required of you, so you don’t have to careful where you get your qualification from.

While there are numbers of nursing colleges in South Africa, we are going in this article, be listing out the ten best nursing colleges in Cape Town for those who reside in the city and its environs. This list is no particular order of superiority.

Each school mentioned here simply meets certain criteria that make them worthy of mention.

These are the list of the top 10 Best Nursing Colleges In Cape Town

1. Western Cape College Of Nursing

Western Cape College of Nursing is premium nursing school located in Cape Town, South Africa. It has some of the best facilities and tutors equipped with great knowledge to impact its students. At Western Cape College of Nursing, students are assured of quality education and best practices as proscribed by the relevant medical bodies in South Africa.

Students who attend this college are some of the most elite in the city and in the country at large. Little wonder they have a hard time securing places of appointment once they graduate.

Contact Info:

  • Phone Number: +27 21 684 1200
  • Website: http://www.cput.ac.za/about/visit/athlone-campus

2. Sarleh Dollie Nursing College

The first thing you notice once you enter Sarleh Dollie Nursing College is its serene atmosphere suitable for a great learning experience. The school has some of the best training facilities for modern nursing and adheres to a strict curriculum that combined the theoretical and practical approaches.

Students go through Sarleh Dollie Nursing College with one goal in mind – to be grilled in the most elite ways in order to properely engage in the nursing career at the highest professional level.

The tutors here are well versed in medical procedures as well as research, hence there is no shortage of knowledge for students at the school. Sarleh Dollie Nursing College is a well respected school of nursing, with accreditation from all relevant bodies in South Africa. This explains why students flock in from all over the city to gain from the fountain of knowledge that Sarleh Dollie Nursing College has to offer.

Contact Info

  • Phone Number: +27 83 860 4006

3. College of Cape Town

College of Cape Town has a great nursing school that is very recognized in the city of Cape Town. With years of experience in training professionals in the nursing field, College of Cape Town has earned quite a reputation that precedes her. At the core of its existence is the vision to raise only the best nurses in the country.

With dedicated tutors and staff, College of Cape town nursing college has been able to achieve that since its inception as one of the city’s premier colleges. The school operates with a rich curriculum that combines both classroom and field training to prepare its students for the real world. Students here are promise of a life-long fulfilling career upon graduation.

Contact Info:

  • Phone Number: +27 21 461 9418
  • Website: http://www.cct.edu.za/

4. University of the Western Cape

One of the best choices you can ever make is enrolling at University of the Western Cape school of nursing. It is one of the foremost nursing colleges in the city with years of experience in churning the best career men and women that take the nursing profession by storm. The faciltites here are state of the art as well as the staff base, equipped to the teeth with only highly trained professionals.

University of the Western Cape school of nursing is a highly recognized institution of learning and incorporates the very best in both theory and practical for its students to give its students a jump start into the nursing profession.

Students here are the most experienced and when they leave school, they go on to thrive in any environment they find themselves. University of the Western Cape school of nursing offers both full time and part time courses.

Contact Info:

  • Phone Number: +27 21 959 2911
  • Website: https://www.uwc.ac.za/Pages/default.aspx

5. Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Cape Peninsula University of Technology has one of the finest nursing colleges in Cape Town and indeed South Africa. Started by visionary leaders whose core mission is to raise highly trained professionals in the field of nursing. At Cape Peninsula University of Technology, students are assured of the best quality training possible to prepare them for a long career in nursing.about:blank

The school is located in a serene environment that places priority on collaboration and flexible learning. Cape Peninsula University of Technology has both part time and full time programs for its students which enables them learn at their pace.

Contact Info:

  • Phone Number: +27 21 959 6767
  • Website: http://www.cput.ac.za/

6. Healthnicon College Inparow

The name Healthnicon College Inparow is synonymous with excellence and standard. The founding vision behind this school is to be the leading name when it comes to training world class nurses and health professionals. Located in the city of Cape Town, Healthnicon College Inparow has been uncompromising in the teaching practices with a hope to raise giants in the hospice care industry.

This explains why students from this school are highly respected. They equally have no hard time securing the best jobs in both public and private parastatals when they eventually graduate.

It’s no brainer that Healthnicon College Inparow has taken nursing training to an entirely new height, drawing prospective students from around the city and South Africa who are looking for sound quality training.

Contact Info:

  • Phone Number: +27 61 331 1389

7. Kingsway College

Kingsway College has premium nursing college which focuses on the training of world class health care givers and nurses in South Africa. Built on a solid foundation of standard, Kingsway College has led the way for other nursing colleges to follow.

In this school students are not only polished with the best training materials to ready them for a life long career in nursing, but they are taught to be outstanding career men and women uncompromising on ethics and best practices when they find themselves in the field upon graduation.

Kingsway College nursing school has some of the best tutors and training hands with years of field experience, so there is no shortage of knowledge for students that enroll here.

Contact Info:

  • Phone Number: +27 21 418 4287
  • Website: http://www.kingswaycollege.co.za/

8. Northlink College

Northlink College is home to one of the premium nursing colleges in the country. It is situated on a serene campus, equipped with nice training facilities to build students up in the right form. It encourages collaborations among its students to enable them become great career men and women when they eventually leave the school.

Northlink College has a rich syllabus that values a lot of practical training. It is their belief that students should have a taste of what to expect when they eventually get to the real world. This is the reason graduates from Northlink College are well liked and respected all over the country. They prove to be doting professionals in any hospice setting both in the public and private sectors.

Contact Info:

  • Phone Number: +27 21 970 9200
  • Website: http://www.northlink.co.za/

9. Victoria Hospital Wynberg Training School for Nurses

Victoria Hospital Wynberg Training School for Nurses is a premium nursing college situated in the city of Cape Town. The school has cutting edge training facilities and educational manual with a primary aim of raising highly trained professional for a great career in nursing.

At Victoria Hospital Wynberg Training School for Nurses, students are assured of fair tuition rates, practical training, and field excursion during their stay. All these is billed to expose students early enough to the rigorous nature of the job.

Because of this insight gotten during their time in school, students here are better equipped to handle the complex parts of the trade when they finally secure employment after graduation.

The motto here at Victoria Hospital Wynberg Training School for Nurses is excellence and high standard, and they have always upheld it since inception.

Contact Info:

  • Phone Number: +27 21 799 1116
  • Website: http://www.friendsofvictoriahospital.org/

10. New Hope School Of Nursing

At New Hope School Of Nursing, quality is the watch word. A lot of time is invested in one on one training for students looking for a fulfilling career in the field of nursing. New Hope School Of Nursing is a private owned nursing school, so its no wonder why the highest priority is placed on small classroom with a balanced teacher to student ratio.

As at last check, New Hope School Of Nursing has graduated some of the most qualified students in the city of Cape Town. This feat has put the school on the map, earning for it numerous awards and accolades from a number of bodies to include government and private entities.

Contact Info:

  • Phone Number: +27 21 671 2334
  • Website: http://project7.co.za/
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