How To Pass JAMB 2022/2023 Examination (Guide & Secrets)

There’s hardly anyone who performs outstandingly well in JAMB or in any other thing worthwhile without putting together some things. This excludes those that choose to engage in examination malpractice. As for actions like exam malpractice, these are usually regretted in a thousand and one ways in the future. At the end of the day, it pays greatly to work hard and reap the results of your labour.

Because this article comprises of everything you need to know about the JAMB 2022/2022 Examination. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to JAMB or you’ve been writing it for sometimes now.

This will bring a stop to Failing JAMB cause they’re many hidden things you should know that are keeping you from succeeding.

JAMB examination is one of the most technical examinations every student in Nigeria must pass, before gaining admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria. 

More so, it is largely true that knowing how to pass JAMB is not an easy task. Since the inception of the examination body in 1978, there have been a great reduction in the number of unqualified students gaining admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions. This clearly tells that the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is indeed, trying to improve the standard of education in Nigeria.

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Well, in this article, i will be discussing the Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB), Materials needed to prepare and pass JAMB examination, and lastly i will show you how to pass JAMB examination with a very high score. If you have been failing JAMB examination all these years, all you have to do now, is to read this article carefully and use the guides it contains effectively.

Basics Of The JAMB Examination

After paying for your registration form, you will get a CD containing the syllabus and brochure. Purchase the recommended novel with a token amount. The brochure will help you select your course choice along with the University. You have the option of choosing a federal university for your first choice, a state university for the second, a polytechnic for the third, and a college of education for the fourth.

You will need to choose three relevant subjects besides the Use of English (which is compulsory), making it four subjects altogether. If we were to judge from the past JAMB examinations, each subject contains 250 multiple-choice questions (no theory section). A hundred of the questions come from Use of English while the remaining subjects get 50 questions each. So you need to prepare yourself mentally to answer those questions.


To prepare for JAMB examination, the following materials are necessary:

  1. JAMB Syllabus
  2. JAMB Novel
  3. JAMB Pastquestions
  4. JAMB CBT Study App


Regular Focused Study

Notice we did not use the word “read” here but focused study. This is because, focused studying means cutting out all unnecessarily distractions(social media notifications, podcasts, distracting music, etc) and immersing your self in active study. It encompasses active reading and other important things such as understanding, taking detailed notes, memorising facts, making flashcards and doing everything to keep what you have read in your memory.

When reading through your textbooks, ensure you have an exercise book by the side to help in summarising what you have read in your own words.

If you are solving problems, get an exercise book for it rather than using different sheets of paper as this helps in keeping all your thoughts in a place and makes everything organised. Believe it or not, an organised environment makes learning easier.

Concentrate On Your Strengths

Most students have those subjects they prefer than others although some are lucky to understand all their subjects. If you have subjects you prefer, then study them first. Concentrating on your strength helps you score higher in those subjects which will cover up for your weak areas.

Get Help For Your Weakness

If you have a subject that is your weakness, don’t ignore it because it’s still a 100 mark. Try your best to understand it by studying more and asking people knowledgeable about the subject to help. Ensure you listen with rapt attention while they are teaching and practice what they have taught you alone.

Put In More Hours

Have you been reading for three hours for your JAMB exams? Put in an extra two hours but remember to take breaks so you come back refreshed. You do not have to burn the midnight candle unless you are a night owl, but ensure you are creating out adequate time to study.

You should set a target completing the syllabus before the examination day. But don’t be in a hurry when studying or you won’t be able to keep anything in your memory. The key here is to read early so you can cover your syllabus. Avoid waiting until the exams are a week or two away.

Join A Study Group Or Learning Centre

It all depends on your personality. Do you find it comfortable reading alone, or with other students where you can ask and answer questions? You might find it easier and more beneficial to solve past questions when you do it in a group where everyone weighs in their knowledge. If you don’t have a study group, you can register at a centre mainly for JAMB lesson centre where they teach the core JAMB subjects. Make inquiries about the place before registering so you do not end up paying for a half-baked lesson centre.

Keep Fear At Bay

One thing that precedes failure is fear. Once you can overcome certain fears in your life, victory is always close. You have no reason to get scared of writing JAMB as long as you prepare properly and take the points listed above seriously. Believe and have confidence in yourself and capabilities. Don’t get carried away by rumours you might have heard.

Eat And Rest Properly

Some students make the mistake of starving themselves of food and sleep because they want to read more. But doing this will only result in confusion, weakness, and difficulty in assimilation. Make sure you are eating a well- balanced diet with brain foods such as nuts, egg, fish, fruits, and vegetables. Sleep well so you can wake up with high energy levels to continue reading but this time, with a clearer brain.

Preparing For The JAMB Examination Day

The day of your exam plays another important role in ensuring your success. After registering, you will get a centre where the exam will take place. Locate the place before the exam day so you will know the best route to navigate and get there.

Wake up early on the exam day to memorise everything you have read before preparing to leave for the venue. Ensure that you leave home early so you get to the centre at least 45 minutes before the exam begins so you can settle in properly. Rushing to your venue or arriving late can leave you disoriented and confused which can have a great negative impact on your exams. So you must avoid it.

Listen to every instruction the exam official gives and those on the screen before you answer the questions. Read every question with understanding before answering them. Remember to be accurate but avoid checking your time every minute so you don’t get scared or distracted.

To improve your accuracy, answer the strength subjects before attending to the weak ones but don’t get too overconfident that you forget to read the questions properly.

It is easy to pass the JAMB examinations once when you follow the rules and steps listed above. You also need to find something that will motivate you to take out those books and study or solve mathematical and scientific problems. What is your motivation? Getting a high JAMB score, gaining admission into the university immediately after secondary school? Studying your dream course? Find your motivation and use it to kick-start your journey to success in your exams.

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