StudentVUE PWCS & ParentVUE Login Page Made easy

The StudentVUE PWCS &ParentVUELogin Page provides access to records and grades of the student for both the student and parent. page both student and parents to have access to the student’s grades and records.

How to create a PWCS ParentVUE account

Parents can use ParentVUE to view students’ grades, schedules, attendance, immunization records, and update contact information. The steps of creating a ParentVUE account are outlined below.

  • Select ParentVUEfrom the Parents Resources option.
  • On the ParentVUE Access screen, enter your existing username and password
  • Click the login button

How to create a PWCS Parents Canvas Account

The PWCS Canvas is an online extension of the classroom environment. It is a learning management tool that teachers use to communicate with students about day-to-day classwork, assignments, and homework. To access the Parents Canvas, follow the steps below.

  • Go to`
  • Click on Canvas
  • Click on Canvas for parents
  • Click on create account
  • Input your name and personal email address. Choose a password and student pairing code

Note- You can receive the student pairing code by asking your child’s teacher or asking your child to log in to their account and retrieve the pairing code.

  • Accept the privacy terms and click on start Participating.

How to Log into my PWCS Parents Canvas Account

After you have created a Canvas account with the steps above,

  • Navigate to the PWCS canvas portal
  • Click on Find my School
  • Type in Prince William Public School-Parents, click on the selected dropdown
  • Create an account or sign in to your already existing account by inputting your username(email address), and password.

How to add a student to Canvas Parent Observer Account

  • Go into the student’s Canvas account
  • Copy their pairing code
  • Go to your parent canvas account
  • Click on account
  • Select observing
  • Input the pairing code in the provided box
  • Click the +student button

How to access the Office 365 Login

The Office 365 Login provides an avenue for students and staff to communicate. Collaborate in real-time from school or home, and store files, all within a secure online environment. Email accounts are issued to all students between grades 3 to 5 for school use. Also, a student can download Microsoft Office up to five times for their school work devices.

  • Navigate to the ParentsVUE portal
  • Scroll down the page and click on Office 365 Login
  • Input your email address or create a new account.
  • Input your password and click on sign in.

How to get the app

The mobile application is handy in assisting parents to be in touch with whatever is going on with their child in school. Based on your school selections, you can get custom feeds and event feeds. You can also get notifications and emergency alerts. On the PWCS app, you can also get contact information, lunch menus, and other information just when you need them. To download the PWCS mobile app, please follow the steps below.

  • Search for PWCS on your android or iOS app store
  • First select ‘iPhone apps’ if you are using an Apple tablet then, search for ‘My PWCS’
  • Click the download button.

Note You do not need to log in to use the PWCS mobile app. It is free to all students, staff, parents, alumni, and anyone else interested in staying connected to PWCS  Schools.


How do I access my StudentVUE?

  • Enter the StudentVUE URL in your browser or open the mobile app
  • Enter your username and password(Microsoft 365)
  • Select Login

How do I log in to the Parent VUE?

  • Go to
  • Navigate to the top menu bar
  • Click on I am a parent
  • Input username and password
  • Click on the login button

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