UDUSOK School Fees 2022/2023 for New (Freshers) and Old Students

Usmanu Danfodiyo University › UDUSOK School Fees 2022/2023 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes). Usmanu Danfodiyo University School Fees Schedule for the 2022/2023 academic session is out online – See more details below.

The amounts to be paid as school fees by the fresh and old undergraduate students of the Usmanu Danfodiyo University › (UDUSOK) for the 2022/2023 academic session has been released.

UDUSOK School Fees

UDUSOK School Fees Breakdown for 2022/2023

Breakdown of UDUSOK Official School Fees Schedule for 2022/2023 Academic session.

Fees Schedule For New Studens (Freshers)

1B. AGRICULTURE34,800.0034,800.00
2B. FISHERIES34,800.0034,800.00
3B. FORESTRY34,800.0034,800.00
4B.A. ARABIC LANGUAGE31,800.0031,800.00
5B.A. ENGLISH LANGUAGE31,800.0031,800.00
6B.A. ENGLISH LITERATURE31,800.0031,800.00
7B.A. FRENCH31,800.0031,800.00
8B.A. HAUSA LANGUAGE31,800.0031,800.00
9B.A. HISTORY31,800.0031,800.00
10B.A. ISLAMIC STUDIES31,800.0031,800.00
11B.A. LINGUISTICS31,800.0031,800.00
12B. Ed. ( ADULT EDUCATION)31,800.0031,800.00
13B.A. Ed. (ARABIC)31,800.0036,800.00
14B.Sc. Ed. (BIOLOGY)31,800.0036,800.00
15B.Sc. Ed. (CHEMISTRY)31,800.0036,800.00
16B.Sc. Ed. (ECONOMICS)31,800.0036,800.00
17B.A. Ed. (ENGLISH)31,800.0036,800.00
18B.Sc. Ed. (GEOGRAPHY)31,800.0036,800.00
19B.A. Ed. (HAUSA)31,800.0036,800.00
20B.A. Ed. (HISTORY)31,800.0036,800.00
21B.A. Ed. (ISLAMIC STUDIES)31,800.0036,800.00
22B.Sc. Ed. (MATHEMATICS)31,800.0036,800.00
23B.Sc. Ed. (PHYSICS)31,800.0036,800.00
24B. Ed. ( PRIMARY EDUCATION)31,800.0036,800.00
25B.Eng. (CIVIL)49,800.0049,800.00
26B.Eng. (ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS)49,800.0049,800.00
27B.Eng. (MECHANICAL)49,800.0049,800.00
28B. Tech (ICT)49,800.0049,800.00
30MEDICINE (MBBS)54,800.0054,800.00
31B. Sc. NURSING54,800.0054,800.00
32B.Sc. RADIOGRAPHY54,800.0054,800.00
33LLB COMMON & ISLAMIC LAW41,800.0041,800.00
34B.Sc. ACCOUNTING39,800.0039,800.00
35B.Sc. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION31,800.0031,800.00
36B.Sc. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION31,800.0031,800.00
38B. PHARMACY54,800.0054,800.00
39B.Sc. APPLIED CHEMISTRY34,800.0034,800.00
40B.Sc. BIOCHEMISTRY34,800.0034,800.00
41B.Sc. BIOLOGY34,800.0034,800.00
42B.Sc. BOTANY34,800.0034,800.00
43B.Sc. COMPUTER SCIENCE42,800.0042,800.00
44B.Sc. GEOLOGY42,800.0042,800.00
45B.Sc. MATHEMATICS34,800.0034,800.00
46B.Sc. MICROBIOLOGY34,800.0034,800.00
47B.Sc. PHYSICS34,800.0034,800.00
48B.Sc. PURE CHEMISTRY34,800.0034,800.00
49B.Sc. STATISTICS34,800.0034,800.00
50B.Sc. ZOOLOGY34,800.0034,800.00
51B.Sc. ECONOMICS31,800.0031,800.00
52B.Sc. GEOGRAPHY34,800.0034,800.00
53B.Sc. POLITICAL SCIENCE31,800.0031,800.00
54B.Sc. SOCIOLOGY31,800.0031,800.00
55DVM (VETERINARY MEDICINE)49,800.0049,800.00

Fees Schedule For Old Studens (Returning Students)

1B. AGRICULTURE28,800.0028,800.0033,800.00
2B. FISHERIES28,800.0028,800.0033,800.00
3B. FORESTRY28,800.0028,800.0033,800.00
4B.A. ARABIC LANGUAGE25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
5B.A. ENGLISH LANGUAGE25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
6B.A. ENGLISH LITERATURE25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
7B.A. FRENCH25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
8B.A. HAUSA LANGUAGE25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
9B.A. HISTORY25,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
10B.A. ISLAMIC STUDIES25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
11B.A. LINGUISTICS25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
12B. Ed. ( ADULT EDUCATION)25,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
13B.A. Ed. (ARABIC)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
14B.Sc. Ed. (BIOLOGY)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
15B.Sc. Ed. (CHEMISTRY)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
16B.Sc. Ed. (ECONOMICS)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
17B.A. Ed. (ENGLISH)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
18B.Sc. Ed. (GEOGRAPHY)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
19B.A. Ed. (HAUSA)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
20B.A. Ed. (HISTORY)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
21B.A. Ed. (ISLAMIC STUDIES)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
22B.Sc. Ed. (MATHEMATICS)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
23B.Sc. Ed. (PHYSICS)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
24B. Ed. ( PRIMARY EDUCATION)30,800.0030,800.0029,800.00
25B.Eng. (CIVIL)43,800.00  
26B.Eng. (ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS)43,800.00  
27B.Eng. (MECHANICAL)43,800.00  
28B. Tech (ICT)43,800.00  
30MEDICINE (MBBS)48,800.0048,800.0053,800.00
31B. Sc. NURSING48,800.0053,800.0053,800.00
32B.Sc. RADIOGRAPHY48,800.0048,800.0053,800.00
33LLB COMMON & ISLAMIC LAW35,800.0035,800.0035,800.00
34B.Sc. ACCOUNTING33,800.0033,800.0037,800.00
35B.Sc. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
36B.Sc. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
37B.Sc. MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCES48,800.0048,800.0048,800.00
38B. PHARMACY48,800.0048,800.0053,800.00
39B.Sc. APPLIED CHEMISTRY28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
40B.Sc. BIOCHEMISTRY28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
41B.Sc. BIOLOGY33,800.0038,800.0032,800.00
42B.Sc. BOTANY33,800.0038,800.0032,800.00
43B.Sc. COMPUTER SCIENCE36,800.0041,800.0040,800.00
44B.Sc. GEOLOGY41,800.0046,800.0040,800.00
45B.Sc. MATHEMATICS28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
46B.Sc. MICROBIOLOGY28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
47B.Sc. PHYSICS28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
48B.Sc. PURE CHEMISTRY28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
49B.Sc. STATISTICS28,800.0033,800.0032,800.00
50B.Sc. ZOOLOGY33,800.0038,800.0032,800.00
51B.Sc. ECONOMICS25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
52B.Sc. GEOGRAPHY28,800.0038,800.0032,800.00
53B.Sc. POLITICAL SCIENCE25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
54B.Sc. SOCIOLOGY25,800.0025,800.0029,800.00
55DVM (VETERINARY MEDICINE)43,800.0048,800.0043,800.00

Fees Schedule For Spill Over Studens and Foreign Students

1B. AGRICULTURE28,800.00100,000.00
2B. FISHERIES28,500.00100,000.00
3B. FORESTRY28,500.00100,000.00
4B.A. ARABIC LANGUAGE25,800.00100,000.00
5B.A. ENGLISH LANGUAGE25,800.00100,000.00
6B.A. ENGLISH LITERATURE25,800.00100,000.00
7B.A. FRENCH25,800.00100,000.00
8B.A. HAUSA LANGUAGE25,800.00100,000.00
9B.A. HISTORY25,800.00100,000.00
10B.A. ISLAMIC STUDIES25,800.00100,000.00
11B.A. LINGUISTICS25,800.00100,000.00
12B. Ed. ( ADULT EDUCATION)25,800.00100,000.00
13B.A. Ed. (ARABIC)25,800.00100,000.00
14B.Sc. Ed. (BIOLOGY)25,800.00100,000.00
15B.Sc. Ed. (CHEMISTRY)25,800.00100,000.00
16B.Sc. Ed. (ECONOMICS)25,800.00100,000.00
17B.A. Ed. (ENGLISH)25,800.00100,000.00
18B.Sc. Ed. (GEOGRAPHY)25,800.00100,000.00
19B.A. Ed. (HAUSA)25,800.00100,000.00
20B.A. Ed. (HISTORY)25,800.00100,000.00
21B.A. Ed. (ISLAMIC STUDIES)25,800.00100,000.00
22B.Sc. Ed. (MATHEMATICS)25,800.00100,000.00
23B.Sc. Ed. (PHYSICS)25,800.00100,000.00
24B. Ed. ( PRIMARY EDUCATION)25,800.00100,000.00
25B.Eng. (CIVIL) 100,000.00
26B.Eng. (ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS) 100,000.00
27B.Eng. (MECHANICAL) 100,000.00
28B. Tech (ICT) 100,000.00
30MEDICINE (MBBS)48,800.00100,000.00
31B. Sc. NURSING48,800.00100,000.00
32B.Sc. RADIOGRAPHY48,800.00100,000.00
33LLB COMMON & ISLAMIC LAW35,800.00100,000.00
34B.Sc. ACCOUNTING33,800.00100,000.00
35B.Sc. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION25,800.00100,000.00
36B.Sc. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION25,800.00100,000.00
37B.Sc. MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCES48,800.00100,000.00
38B. PHARMACY48,800.00100,000.00
39B.Sc. APPLIED CHEMISTRY28,800.00100,000.00
40B.Sc. BIOCHEMISTRY28,800.00100,000.00
41B.Sc. BIOLOGY28,800.00100,000.00
42B.Sc. BOTANY28,800.00100,000.00
43B.Sc. COMPUTER SCIENCE36,800.00100,000.00
44B.Sc. GEOLOGY36,800.00100,000.00
45B.Sc. MATHEMATICS28,800.00100,000.00
46B.Sc. MICROBIOLOGY28,800.00100,000.00
47B.Sc. PHYSICS28,800.00100,000.00
48B.Sc. PURE CHEMISTRY28,800.00100,000.00
49B.Sc. STATISTICS28,800.00100,000.00
50B.Sc. ZOOLOGY28,800.00100,000.00
51B.Sc. ECONOMICS25,800.00100,000.00
52B.Sc. GEOGRAPHY28,800.00100,000.00
53B.Sc. POLITICAL SCIENCE25,800.00100,000.00
54B.Sc. SOCIOLOGY25,800.00100,000.00

How To Pay Your UDUSOK School Fees

Follow these steps below to make your UDUSOK School Fees payment:

  • All students are required to pay their fees before they can continue with course registration. If you are a new student, use the username and password you created during the creation of the account. Returning students should use their existing login details. All students require UDUS and Remita invoices in order to complete their payment.
  • To pay your fees:
  • Go to MIS portal http://mis.udusok.edu.ng:
  • Log in with the username and password you created during account creation (if you are a new student);
  • At the top left side of the page Click on pay fees, this will list the fees items/prices for the program you were confirmed;
  • Click on Pay fee;
  • Click Send Fee Details for Processing, this will generate your UDUS invoice;
  • Read the instructions on the displayed page to print your UDUS invoice;
  • To print the Remita invoice, click on pay fees at the top left-hand side of the main page again;
  • Click on Print Remita Invoice link on the displayed page. This will redirect you to Remita Payment Gateway platform;
  • On the Remita page, click on “Print Invoice” link at the top right-hand side of the screen to print your invoice;
  • Go to any bank of your choice with the invoice and make payment. Make sure:
  • You obtain Remita receipt for your payment;
  • The Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number on the receipt matches that of the Remita Invoice;
  • Verify Your Payment
  • In order to continue with registration, your payment must have been confirmed by the UDUS Portal. To confirm your payment;
  • Log into the MIS Portal http://mis.udusok.edu.ng using your username and password;
  • Click on verify the payment. This will open a “verify payment” page;
  • A message will be displayed indicating whether your payment has been successfully verified or not.
  • Once your payment has been successfully verified, you can proceed with the registration of courses.

Note: never you pay your School fee to someone you don’t know to pay for you. If you are still confused about how to pay your UDUSOK School fee, then I will kindly advise you to visit the campus and find out more from their working staff so as to avoid stories that touch the heart.

That was the Usmanu Danfodiyo University (UDUSOK) School Fees 2022/2023 Academic Session for Freshers and Returning Students. Feel free to share this post with others and make your comment below using the comment box.


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