WAEC and JAMB Subject for Pharmacology and Therapeutics

It is very important for every student who is aspiring to gain admission in any Nigerian University to study Pharmacology and Therapeutics to know the relevant WAEC and JAMB subject requirement.

This post literally answers that question with other important points and vital information.

WAEC and JAMB Subject for Pharmacology and Therapeutics: What Is Pharmacology and Therapeutics?

Pharmacology and Therapeutics is the science that deals with the art of diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

In a nutshell, it is simply the process of utilizing the potency of drugs through proper administration and management inorder to heal.

In this medical field, drugs and medicine are the focal points.

What Are The WAEC Subject Combination For Pharmacology and Therapeutics?

As part of the admission requirement to study Pharmacology and Therapeutics in any Nigerian University, WAEC has it that you must have at least 5 credits on your subject combination which pertains to the course.

Moreover, this requirement also applies to O-level candidates that are using their NECO, and GCE statement of result aside WAEC.

Therefore, the required O-level subject combination for Pharmacology and Therapeutics are:

  1. English Language
  2. Physics
  3. Mathematics
  4. Chemistry
  5. Biology
  6. A trade subject

Special notice

If you are applying for admission in any tertiary institution in Lagos State, the Yoruba language is compulsory and must be included as a member of your O-level subjects.

What Is The JAMB Cut-off Score For Pharmacology and Therapeutics?

The joint admission and matriculation board – JAMB, has a fixed Cut-off mark of 180 for Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

But to be on the safe side, aim for a JAMB Score of 200 and above.

This is because the more you score, the higher your chances of admission increase.


What Are The JAMB Subject Combination For Pharmacology and Therapeutics?

Before we dish out the correct JAMB subject combination required to study Pharmacology and Therapeutics in any Nigerian University, you have to note that English language is the first and compulsory subject and not just for this course but for all other courses.

And moreover, if you do not find mathematics in the list, then it is not compulsory for this course.

So, Here is the list of JAMB subjects required to study Pharmacology and Therapeutics –

  1. English Language
  2. Chemistry
  3. Biology
  4. Physics or Mathematics

Are They Other Alternatives To Gain Admission And Study Pharmacology and Therapeutics Without Jamb?

They are other ways of gaining secured admission to study Pharmacology and Therapeutics in Nigeria without writing JAMB.

Alternatively, you can gain admission through:

  1. JUBEB
  2. IJBM
  3. HND
  4. ND
  5. Predegree

What Are The Direct Entry requirements To Study Pharmacology and Therapeutics?

In the direct entry system of admission, it is mandated that in order to gain admission and study Pharmacology and Therapeutics, you must have the following in addition to the required WAEC subject combination:

(A) Two ‘A’ level passes which must come from Biology, Physics and Chemistry plus UTME entry requirements.

Which University In Nigeria Can I Study Pharmacology and Therapeutics?

Here is the University in Nigeria that runs certified degree program on Pharmacology and Therapeutics –

  1. Delta State University, Abraka (DELSU)

How Many Years Am I expected To Study Pharmacology and Therapeutics?

Normally, if you are using jamb post UTME method to secure admission to study the course, it will take you
4-years to finish up.

The deficit is reduced to 3 years if you are using direct entry method for admission.

However, due to academic reason, you can study the course up to 5-years or more depending on the magnitude of your carry-over courses.

Are There Any Special Consideration?

Yes there are. To this effect, here are some of the special consideration you should know:

  • Some universities do accept an O-level result with D7 or E8 even if it is on a compulsory subject (instead of credit)
  • Moreso, some tertiary institution accept two sittings in O-level result.

WAEC and JAMB UTME Subject Combination for Pharmacology and Therapeutics: Conclusion

Pharmacology and Therapeutics is a very good course with exciting future prospects.

Not only will graduates understand the chemistry of medicine but they will apply it for healing of the body.

In this post, we have given you what you should know about the subject combination for Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

However, we would love to hear from you and if you have any inputs, let us know in the comment section.