WAEC Marketing Questions & Answers 2022/2023 (Theory and Objectives)

The following are fresh questions on WAEC Marketing and 2022 replies for WAEC applicants seeking free WAEC marketing answers to WAEC marketing questions 2022 and 2022.

Questions and answers to WAEC 2022 from papers 1 and paper 2 are on this page. This means that you will receive answers on this page from both WAEC theory and Marketing.

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Goal of marketing Document 1 has 50 questions to be targeted. OBJ questions are the ones that you should choose A, B, C, etc., while document 2 is the theory.

Questions of the theory are also known as questions of the essay. All questions regarding the marketing theory are in paper 2 and require detailed written answers.

Marketing OBJ Answers 2022 to Paper 1 Questions (Objectives)

I have provided a detailed WAEC Marketing samples OBJ answers 2022 to paper 1 question (Objectives) just to help you prepare better for the actual exam.

1. The wholesale price of a product is determined by ____?

  1. A retailer
  2. An advertiser
  3. A middleman
  4. The manufacturer
  5. Buyers.

The correct answer is D. The manufacturer

2. What are the two methods of advertising?

  1. Direct and Indirect advertisement
  2. Radio and TV advertisement
  3. Informative and persuasive advertisement
  4. Target and frequency advertisement
  5. Demand and hoarding advertisement.

The correct answer is A. Direct and Indirect advertisement

3. Who is a shareholder? A shareholder is someone that;

  1. Shares the company’s products to the public
  2. is an employee of a company.
  3. buys a company’s share
  4. helps the company to build a relationship with customers.
  5. Shares information on the company’s income

The correct answer is C. buys a company’s share.

4. CEO stands for _____?

  1. Chief Execute Officer
  2. Customers Experience Officer
  3. Communal Economy Operations
  4. Chief Executive Officer
  5. Commercial Expert Officers

The correct answer is D. Chief Executive Officer

5. Which of this is not required of a good marketer ___?

  1. Persuasiveness
  2. Arrogance
  3. Politeness
  4. Smartness

The correct answer is B. Arrogance.

6. A business owned and run by one person is known as _____?

  1. One man business
  2. Retailer business
  3. Mini-business
  4. Sole-proprietorship business
  5. Start-up business

The correct answer is D. Sole-proprietorship business

7. VAT mean ______?

  1. Value-Added Technology
  2. Virtual Accounting Transcript
  3. Value Added Tax
  4. Virtual Advertising Technology

The correct answer is C. Value Added Tax

8. One of the following is the duty of a warehouse ____?

  1. Breaking down the prices of goods
  2. Storing of goods/products
  3. Advertising products.
  4. Setting prices for goods.
  5. Packaging of newly-produced goods.

The correct answer is B. Storing of goods/products

9. Which of the following is the duty of NAFDAC___?

  1. Supplying food and drugs
  2. Ensuring the consumption quality/standard of food and drugs
  3. Assigning locations for food and drug sellers.
  4. Production of the best qualities of food and drugs
  5. Control the price of food and drugs

The correct answer is B. Ensuring the consumption quality/standard of food and drugs

10. Factors influencing buying decisions include the following, except _______?

  1. Advertising
  2. Packaging
  3. Service facilities available
  4. Product equality
  5. Branding and the quality of the product.

The correct answer is D. Product equality

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WAEC Marketing Theory Questions  & Answers for Paper 2 (Essay).

Same as shown in the OBJ section, here are also Solved WAEC Marketing theory questions 2022 & answers samples for Paper 2 (essay) for you to prepare with before the actual exam.

Please, use this WAEC 2022 Marketing theory questions and answers below for practice purposes only.

There are samples and possible WAEC Marketing questions and answers that may likely appear in this exam.

1. a. Who is a marketer?

Answer: A marketer is a person that engages, advertises, and enlightens buyers on certain products.

2. a. What is the market? A market is a place where goods and services are exchange

b. List and explain the three types of markets that you know.

  1. Consumer market:
  2. Industrial market:
  3. Producer market:

Consumer market: This consists of buyers who buy goods for their use and consumption and not for making profits.

Industrial market: Industrial market consists of a group of individuals, groups, or organizations that purchase a specific kind of product for direct use in producing other products or for day-to-day operations.

Producer market: It consists of individuals or businesses that buy products/goods for the purpose of making a profit.

3. State 5 Reasons for the use of sales promotion

  1. To encourage slow-selling lines
  2. Introduce new products
  3. Offset price competition
  4. Boost sales in a particular geographical location
  5. Encourage more frequent use of a product.

4. List 3 means by which a company’s product can be transported.

  • Land
  • Sea
  • Trail

5. Mention 5 roles of advertisement.

  1. Introduction of new products
  2. Persuading customers to buy
  3. Educate people on the use of the important uses of products
  4. Create brand loyalty
  5. Creation of demand.

WAEC Past Questions and Answers for Marketing 2022

1. Which of these advertising methods combines both sound & sight?

  1. Radio
  2. Newspaper
  3. Monitor
  4. Television

2. What is the Central Bank’s recommendation to commercial banks in accordance with their lending policy called?

  1. advisory notes
  2. directives
  3. consolidation
  4. moral suasion

3. Which of these best describe Waybill?

  1. document driving details of goods sent by public vehicle, train, and air
  2. document driving details of goods sent by train ad ship
  3. Documents driving details of goods sent by ship alone
  4. Detailed document driving of goods sent by air alone

4. What is the name given to any good or service that meets consumer satisfaction In marketing?

  1. Product
  2. price
  3. Place
  4. Promotion

5. The two-division of trade are_____?

  1. home & foreign trade
  2. wholesale & retail trade
  3. exports & imports
  4. visible & invisible trade

6. Which of these is not correct about a sole proprietorship?

  1. a sole proprietorship has a separate legal entity
  2. There is unlimited liability in a sole proprietorship
  3. Chances of expansion in a sole proprietorship are very slim
  4. It can be converted into a company anytime.

7. Which of these cannot be influenced by consumer behavior?

  1. Life style
  2. Culture
  3. Religion
  4. Distribution.
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