Walden Student Portal Login & MyTempo in easy steps

Walden Student Portal Login

To Login to your walden student portal visit https://my.waldenu.edu/

Click Login

Enter Your Username

Enter Your password


How to access the Walden Students Assistance Program

Walden University is an accredited concerned with the student’s academic and professional growth. It accomplishes this through the student assistance program of the center for student success. It provides free and confidential counseling on a variety of personal and professional issues that may be affecting the quality of students learning experience. To access your Walden Student Portal, login into the school website

How to Access the Walden Student Affairs.

Walden Student Affairs is dedicated to providing a positive learning environment and experience for all students. It supports students and alumni at the university in conjunction with the Student Wellness and Disability Services Department. To access the Walden Student Affairs page, go to https://academicguides.waldenu.edu/studentaffairs

How to Access Walden student groups

The student groups at Walden enhance student life, leadership, and engagement. Being a member and participating in the activities of honor societies, professional organizations and special interest groups will increase your opportunity to hold leadership positions, build valuable networks and identify opportunities for professional development. To access active student organizations at Walden University,

How to access Walden Student Application Login

To access the application page of Walden University, please follow the steps below

  • Go to https://myhomepage.waldenu.edu/Walden/
  • Fill out the form on the left corner of your screen to create an account.
  • Click on Application Login
  • Enter your email address and password to log in.

How to Access Walden Student Blackboard

The Walden Student’s Blackboard is the my Walden Student Portal. To access the Walden Student Blackboard, go to https://my.waldenu.edu/ on your web browser. On the home page, you will have access to do the following.

  • Reset your password
  • Order your transcript
  • Get support if you have trouble signing in.

How to Request for Walden University Transcript.

Transcript request on the Walden University portal takes 6 steps. They include Login and registration, selecting documents, filling in order details, providing consent, filling out billing information, and reviewing orders. Below are the processes.

  • It is mandatory to create a new account or log in if you have already registered
  • Enter your email address and your password to sign in
  • Follow the prompts to complete the remaining 5 steps.

Walden Student Code of Conduct

The code of Conduct at Walden University is a must-read for every Walden University student. It is contained in the student’s handbook. This handbook highlights and addresses the University’s expectations of students in the areas of nondiscrimination, no harassment, professional conduct, and academic integrity. To access the Walden University Code of Conduct, go to https://catalog.waldenu.edu/content.php?catoid=95&navoid=22930

Walden Student Handbook

Access to the Student Handbook is very important. The handbook provides you with a wealth of information regarding your University. It addresses the University’s policies, resources, support, expectations and responsibilities, financial aid and tuition information, and more. On the Walden Student Handbook Page, you will find other useful links to the previously mentioned resources.

Walden Student support

The support at Walden University is always available to help you through difficulties using the student platform. It provides guidance, support, and resources to help you through a successful journey at Walden. To access to support portal, go to https://www.waldenu.edu/why-walden/support-services on your web browser and select any of the resources for assistance.

Walden Student Portal
Walden Student Portal


Does Walden University accept Transfer Students?

Yes, Walden University accepts transfer students for undergraduate programs. This can be done using your transfer credits from previously attended universities. You will need to

  • Obtain an official transcript from your previous institutions
  • Present your previous coursework for assessment by Walden University.
  • Receive a preliminary transfer credit evaluation which will include a summary of the courses that have been accepted for transfer up to the maximum number of credits.
  • Have earned credit in courses for which you received a C or higher.
  • Visit the Walden Transfer Portal for more information.

Is financial aid available at Walden University?

You may be able to receive financial aid at Walden if you are a citizen or an eligible non-citizen. The financial aid programs available at Walden University include Federal Grants, and Federal Student Loans available for undergraduates and postgraduates. Visit the Financial Aid Portal for more information.

Walden University is an institution that prioritizes academic and professional growth. You will enjoy the learning process and grow with their student assistance program. To wrap it up you will find all the relevant information you need to know when you log in on the school website.

Walden University is an accredited online university that has been thriving for years. It is home for professionals who would want a second degree or part-time worker. We hope this article has been able to see answer your questions. Read more recent posts from us through these links.

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