YABATECH Post UTME Past Questions and Answers (PDF)

Download Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) post utme Past Questions and Answers PDF here.

No doubt, you can’t mention top polytechnics in Nigeria without YABATECH. Each year, the numbers of applicants keeps increasing. This is why YABATECH is among the most competitive polytechnics in Nigeria.

In light of this, You need the complete pack of Yaba College of Technology, YABATECH post-UTME past questions and answers PDF to prepare and pass the Post UTME exam so you can stand a chance of gaining admission.

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YABATECH Post UTME Past Questions
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Yabatech Post UTME Questions and Answers Samples

From the words or group of words lettered A to D, choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentences.

When the little girl hurt herself she —— her mother for sympathy.

(a) looked up (b) forced (c) appealed for (d) turned to ANS D

2 The ————— applauded the lecturer. (a) crowd (b) congregation (c) spectator r (d) audience ANS D

3. The new Eko Bridge in Lagos should help to greatly ease the terrible traffic———-(a) compression (b) conversions (c) congestion (d) convergence ANS C

4. Able and ————-, he eventually reaped his reward. (a) awkward (b) industrial (c) officious (d) industrious ANS D

5. The driver failed to obey the speed-limit regulations in the college compound, and was summarily dismissed. (a) answer (b) understand (c) notice (d) observe ANS D

6. Convert 35 to a number in base two. A. 10112 B. 100112 C. 1000112 D. 1100102 ANS C

15. The nth term of a sequence is represented by 3 x 22-n. Write down the first three terms of the sequence A. 3 /2, 3, 6 B. 6, 3, 3 /2 C. 3 /2, 3, ⅓ D. ⅔, 3, 8 /3 ANS B

16 Simplify -1½ A. 8 B. 4 C. ¼ D. ⅜ ANS A

17. Solve the equation 5×2 – 4x -1 = 0 A. -1, 1 /5 B. -1, -1 /5 C. 1, 1 /5 D. 1, -1 /5 ANS D

18. P and q are two positive numbers such that p > 2q. Which one of the following statements is not true? A. –p < – 2q B. –p > – 2q C. – q < 2p D. q < ½p ANS B

19. Another name for a non-realistic drawing is ——A. Baroque B. Impressionism C. Abstract D. Realism ANS C

20. The equipment used for weaving in textile is referred to as ——————— A. Spinning B. Warp C. Loom D. Weft ANS C

21. —– is the most durable material for sculptural work. A. Clay B. Soap C. Bronze D. Wood ANS C

22. The modeling of the upper part of the human figure is referred to as a ——- A. Half body B. Portrait C. Bust D. Profile ANS C

Instructions: In each of the following sentences there is one word underlined and one gap from the list of words A to D choose the word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word and which will correctly fill the gap in the sentences.

23. Adebayo had felt sure of winning the election but as the officials countered the voters, he felt really————— (a) ambiguous (b) uncertain (c) disturbed (d) insecure ANS B

24. People who are normally —————— often turn out to be dauntless heroes in the face of real danger. (a) unsteady (b) cowardly (c) colorless (d) bashful ANS B

25. After an exciting life aboard in the army, he found farming at home extremely——— (a) difficult (b) repulsive (c) unprofitable (d) boring ANS D

26 His conceited altitude after the victory contrasted sharply with his friends———— (a) humiliation (b) disgrace (c) shame (d) modest ANS D

From the words or group of words lettered A to D, choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentences.

27. Please could you———the radio so that it’s not quite so loud (a) turn out (b) turn down (c) turn in (d) turn off B

28. Kola wore his national————- which was made up of flowing garment with beautifully embroidered trousers. (a) outfit (b) suit (c) costume (d) uniform C

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