Zangle CJUSD Login Page [Students and Parents] Easy Steps

ZangleCJSUD, or the Colton Joint Unified district School, established its first district in 1872. The school is well-known for its dedication to student success.

Click here to access your Zangle CJUSD Login Page.

How to access the Zangle CJUSD student portal page.

The student Portal is only accessible to those in middle and high school. The Q is the cloud repository for all student information. You can access all that information on the Zangle CJUSD student portal. Follow the steps below to access your student portal.

  • Navigate to the district website or any CJUSD middle or high school site
  • Find the ‘Q’ at the right of the photo gallery
  • Hover on ‘Q’ and click on Q Student Portal
  • On the student portal page, enter your username and password

Note Your username is your student ID number and your password is a confidential number given by a teacher or office staff

  • Click on Login
  • Read the student responsible use pledge and click on “I have read and accept the following terms of use’’
  • Click on return

What is the Zangle CJUSD parent portal?

The Zangle CJUSD parent and guardian portal allow parents to access information uploaded by teachers regarding their children in real-time. The Parent or guardian will have access to student information including attendance, behaviour, grades, report card marks, and more.

How to access the Zangle CJUSD parent portal.

  • Open up a web browser and navigate to the CJUSD portal at
  • Click on Q at the right navigation bar
  • Click on the Parent Portal Icon
  • If this is your first time on the portal, you will need to sign up by providing your parent’s email address and you will receive an email that will guide you to set up your password.
  • If not, enter your username(a unique set of numbers) and the password that you set up the first time.
  • Here, you will have access to view all your children’s information whether they are in elementary, middle, or high school.

How to Access Q Communication 2.0 on your web browser

  • Log in to your parent portal account
  • Find the School Link section and click on the link Q-Communication 2.0
  • Verify your contact information on the updated Q-Communication page
  • You will see one or more contact cards under “Action required: Confirm your account information”if you have unverified contact information.
  • Verify your email and/or phone number and enter the verification code to confirm
  • Click on Confirm or Not my child for each child
  • Click on Yes, this is me  or This is not me to confirm your name and school affiliations.
  • You can click to edit your email and phone number. You can also skip for no and go ahead to click on yes, this is me.
Zangle CJUSD
Zangle CJUSD

How to Access Colton Middle School Student Portal

The Colton Middle School Student Portal provides secondary students access to class assignments, marks, academic history, graduation requirements and more. Please follow the steps below to access the Colton Middle School Student Portal

How to access the Parent Meeting Page on the CJUSD website

  • Go to
  • Hover or click on Parent and Community
  • Click on Parenting, Media and Everything in between


How do I enroll my students at Colton elementary and middle school?

To do this, you will need to do the following

  • Find the Colton School closest to you
  • Get an enrollment packet
  • Make sure you have all the required documents
  • Call the school first to confirm enrollment dates and times.

How do I transfer my student from another district or school into CJUSD?

The transfer process at CJUSD is handled through the Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA) office in the Student Services Department. Kindly visit the Student Services Department Page for more information and forms.

How long does the transfer process into CJUSD take?

The transfer process at Colton Joint Unified School District takes about 30 days

How can I get a copy of my CJUSD transcript/Diploma?

You can get proof of graduation through your official transcript. You can request for your transcript online through the Pupil personnel Services Department. Start by clicking on the Students tab for Records Request.

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