Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy page of, the best education website across the World. On this page, we will disclose to you how we use, manage, protect, and collect information from our users. We will also let you know a few things about how we run this website for the interest of students.  You are highly advised to read this content carefully before using any information on this website.

Copyright policy:

ScholarMaga is an educational organization. In light of that, nobody is allowed to copy, parody, reconstruct, or use any article, video, image, or product on this website without our informed consent. Not complying with this policy may result in the arraignment of the defaulted person in the court of law. In other words, we will bring an action against anyone who fails to comply with this policy.

Do we you cookies?

Yes!  Scholarmaga uses cookies to help in giving readers the best experience while they are using this website. Cookies help us to store the activities of our readers when they visit our website. When we know the activities of our users while on our website, we will be able to make Scholarmaga more user-friendly.

What information do we collect from our users?

It is important to know the kind of information we are likely to collect from our readers so that you will not be duped by fraudsters claiming to be one of our staff. Below is the personal information we are likely to collect from our users:

Email/Gmail Address: We use the email we collect from our users to send them our latest education news and articles which might be useful to them.

Credit card details: Where you want to buy something from our website, you will be asked to provide your credit card details. These details are not sent to us at all. They are only used to pay for the goods you purchased from us. More so, it is important to note that we do not send SMS or Messages asking users for their credit card details. Please disregard such calls or messages when they come.

Full name: To be a registered member of this website, you need to provide your name in the box provided for that.

Phone number: Readers who wish to be members of this website must also provide their phone numbers to be able to register fully.

How we keep your personal information

All your personal information with us is saved in our database where no third party or even our own staff can have access to. Thus, if we have any information about you that you don’t want anyone to know, don’t be perturbed because your information is safeguarded. Note that we will not be liable if any of your details with us leaks.

Links of other websites on our site

Of course, We share links of other websites on our website for reference purposes. However, it should be noted that we will not be liable for any discomfort you might have by visiting such websites. Accordingly, by posting links to other websites on our website, we do not claim that the information on that website belongs to us. We only post external links to help our viewer find more comprehensive content on a particular topic.

Do we advertise in Scholarmaga?

Sure! We advertise on this website. Scholarmaga shows advertisements from some of the most popular third party advertisement services in the world Eg. Our website shows ads from Google Adsense, etc. We also allow advert from schools/companies around the world who wishes to promote their product or services through our website. This advert can be in the form of a banner or text. If you wish to know how you can advertise with us, view our contact us page HERE.

Lastly, it is pertinent to know that this privacy policy is subject to changes with or without our reader’s notice. Thus, you are advised to check this privacy policy subsequently to know whether or not it has been updated. Conversely, if you wish to contact us, simply CLICK HERE to get all the information you need to contact any of our staff. You can read more about ScholarMaga HERE.