Airtel Socialpak Free Browsing! Latest Config File + VPN

Hey guys, have you heard of Airtel Socialpak bundle?Well, it’s a package designed by Airtel for chatting on Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, BBM and WeChat.

I know you will be wondering how can I use that to browse free besides it is made for social media apps like Facebook and the like. Well, we are going to see how you can take advantage of this Socialpak.

We are going to provide you with a configuration file as well as the VPN to use and power all apps on your phone. I will advise you to pay close attention to every steps to avoid mistakes.


To activate the Airtel Socialpak, all you need to do is to ensure your sim is well inserted and then dial the code for Socialpak.

In a short form, the code for Socialpak is *141*4*1#

  • Dial *141# and enter 4
  • On the next popup, enter 1
  • Select the plan that is most desirable

Whwhen you are done, then we are ready for the next step which is powering all apps


The requirements to power all the apps on our phone are as follows:

  • Valid Airtel sim
  • Airtel socialpak bundle subscription – *141*4*1#
  • HTTP Injector App – DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Airtel Socialpak 2020 config – DOWNLOAD HERE (updated)


Below is how you can set up the configuration file using the Http Injector Vpn

  1. Download the Http Injector app and the airtel social pack config from the above link,
  2. Launch the HTTP Injector,
  3. Click on the file icon,
  4. find and locate the config you’ve just download and click on it,
  5. Click on “START” and wait for it to CONNECT
  6. Enjoy!

Now you have successfully activated the Socialpak bundle as well as setting it up to power all apps on your phone.

If you face any issue while trying to set this up kindly let me know in the comment section but it will be rear to face any issue.

Kindly share with friends and stay tuned for more.

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