List of Best Art Courses for Art Students

If you are looking for studying arts and you are confused about which course will be the best to take on in arts then here, we’ve got it all covered for you. The Arts discipline offers a variety of subjects to choose and the combinations are always a bit muddled. Listing out the best art subjects and about them.

These are top Art courses for Art students in secondary school

  • Creative and Visual Arts
  • English
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Theater Arts
  • Linguistics
  • Music
  • Mass Communication
  • Chinese
  • Law


Through language, people interconnect, share ideas, and express their feelings. Without language, man would be incapable of sustained and result-oriented thinking. The British introduced the English language in Nigerian Schools and was a good source to get employment.

After independence, the Nigerians did not buy many changes in their education system where English was a common subject in all the schools. It is the language of instruction from upper primary education through secondary, to tertiary education in Nigeria.

Formal education in Nigeria is acquired through the English language or subject. The English language leads one to go outside of the country and take higher studies and placements.

The benefits of studying English as a course in Arts stream are-

  • Better job opportunities
  • Higher family income
  • Higher productivity
  • Access to the better health facility
  • Improved standard of living
  • Ability to participate in the life of the community


It has been seen that the Federal Government had stopped the study of history in primary and secondary schools and the results are manifest. But some sources provided that the government has said history will be re-introduced in the education curriculum as a standalone subject.

The Nigeria Education Research and Development Council (NERDC) even announced it was set to reintroduce history as a subject, beginning from the 2018/2019 academic session.

Studying history as a subject will give the students an idea of their past. Studying history gives an idea of what to do and not to do in our present and future. History brings back the culture, heritage of a place.

Taking history subjects will be the best choice after the English language. History is very important, neglecting it would result in Havoc of the country. The youth should know the past and act accordingly and improve it in other ways.

Civic Education

Civic education is a subject that prepares the people or youth of a country to carry out their roles as citizens. Civic education gives us a brief idea of a political system in a country. Civic education seeks to achieve unquestionable goals, such as pass on knowledge about democratic institutions and practices, instilling and cultivating the most important democratic beliefs and values, and encouraging more active and informed political participation.

Civic education teaches one about the procedures of the legal system in a very detailed way. Civic education is both formal and informal teaching to develop knowledge, skills, values needed for productive engagement in the political process and the civil society.

Therefore, the failure of civic education in schools might give a negative result on the frame of mind of the students. It is therefore not good, to see some of the Nigerian youths involving in violence,non-tolerant attitudes, and antisocial behavior.

Maybe, for this reason, the Federal Government of Nigeria re-introduces Civic Education as a compulsory subject. Civic education will help to develop the students’ desirable social norms and national ethics.

Civic education will help to study further-

  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Political leader


Literature-in-English is one of the essential subjects of the study in the Nigerian senior Secondary Schools. Literature-in-English as a key school subject which mentions also to the study books of art such as drama, prose, and poetry which are the category of literature which authors produce, to enhance their skills in the English Language.

Literature is a work of art that gives out as a useful instrument in the interaction and education of individuals through subjection to fictional characters and situations.

It is recorded as one ofthe key subjects which are mandatory for all secondary school studentsin both the junior and senior secondary school classes, even so, not yetexecuted in many states of the nation.

Students who want to opt for courses like law,English, and Theatre Arts, Mass Communication must pass the Literature-in-English at credit level in Senior Secondary School Examination (WASSCE) to get admission into any NigerianTertiary Institutions.


It could be concluded from these above stated best art subjects for art students that efforts to enhance student performance in all the subjects and boost positive attitude to the subject should focus mostly on engaging students in meaningful teaching.

The subjects are the best one in arts to be taken for any students, best because these subjects give you a wide range of course selection in your tertiary institute and chance of employment in many fields. Hopefully, this article would be helpful for every student to choose wisely their subjects in schools.

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