Best Boarding Schools In South Africa 2020

They are over 50 boarding schools in South Africa and only a few are worthy to be called the best. If you are interested in attending a boarding school in South Africa, we have got you covered.

Our comprehensive list of boarding schools in South Africa is exactly what you need.
We are going to provide you with basic information about each boarding school so you can get the idea of each school education philosophy.

Top 11 Boarding Schools In south Africa

1. Durban High School

Durban high school is a government-owned public high school. The school is located in the urban state of Durban. Hence, the name Durban, high school. The Year of establishment is 1866. This year of establishment makes it the oldest high school in Durban and, one of the oldest in South Africa. The school is an all-boys high school.

The current school population is over 1000. The staff strength is over 75 people. With this type of staff strength, you can rest assured your child would cater to sufficiently. The high school also has a ‘sister’ primary school- Durban preparatory primary school. The boarding school is situated in over 10 acres of land allocated to it by the Durban Town council. This landmass makes it one of the largest schools in the country.

2. Grey College, Bloemfontein

The Year of establishment is 1855. Grey College is a public all-boys college. The college is located in Bloemfontein, free state south Africa. The college founder is Sir George Grey, the former governor of the Cape colony.

This college is the third oldest school in South Africa. Both Afrikans and English speakers are allowed to study under the same roof but are taught in a different classroom. The college was ranked among the top 5 best schools in Africa in 2003 and 2013. This ranking was based upon the quality of education, student population, and strength as we as a school profile.

3. Christian Brothers’ College, Boksburg

This college is located in the town of Boksburg in the city of Gauteng. The school is owned by the Roman Catholic church which makes the college a private one. The boarding facility started in 2013, and it is exclusive for boys.

The school is made of three arms: the primary, preparatory, and the high school. The school was established in 1935. The school ways are majorly influenced by the character of Edmund Ignatius Rice, who founded the Brothers.

4. Hilton College, South Africa

This boarding school is for boys only. The college is located on 1764 hectares of land in the urban city of KwaZulu-Natal. The college year of establishment is 1872, which makes it one of the oldest in South Africa. The school remains one of the few pure boarding schools left in the whole country.

5. St. Andrew’s For Girls Bedfordview, Johannesburg

As the name implies, is an all-girls school. The school is an independent Christian school. The school was established in 1902. The founders of this school are two Scottish individuals named Jessie Johnson and Jean Fletcher. The school is located in the urban city of Johannesburg.

6. Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls

The school was established by the one time world richest woman – Oprah Winfrey in 2002. The school is a full boarding all-girls school located in Gauteng, South Africa. The school began officially in 2007.

The inaugural student set graduated in 2011 with their total number of 72 girls. The school was established with the aim to educate girls who share a similar background with the rich American woman. The current school population is put at over 300 girls.

7. Durban Girls College

Durban girls college is located in KwaZulu- Natal, South Africa. The college years’ of establishment is 1877. The school is exclusively for girls as the name suggests. The school is an independent boarding college. The current school population is currently over 800. The school was formerly referred to as Durban young ladies’ collegiate institution.

8. Cape Academy of mathematics, science and technology

The Academy is a public, boarding facility located in cape town south Africa. The Year of establishment is 2004. The school was created to address the deficiency in sciences and mathematics. The school was created by the western cape education department. The current school population is put at over 250.

9. Inkamana High school

This high school is located in vryheid, Kwazulu – Natal, South Africa. The year of establishment is 1923. The school is a full boarding school for both boys and girls. The school is privately owned as well. The school is one of the best in the country based on the success rate it has received in the Certificate exams written by its students. The current school population is over 300. This number includes both boys and girls.

10. Queen’s College, South Africa

Queens college south Africa is an all-boys college located in Eastern Capetown of Komani. The school is a publicly owned, established in 1858. With this year of establishment, the school is one of the oldest in the country.

The school founder is Mr. CE Ham. The school was temporarily shut down in 1864 due to a disagreement between members of the district council regarding financial support for the school. The school later reopened after the issue was resolved.

11. A.J.C. Jooste high school

This high school is located in Petrusburg, south Africa. This school is a boarding school, and it is coeducational as well. The school also has an associate primary school. The medium of communication and teaching is the local language Afrikaans.

The language barrier might make the school unsuitable for international students.
There you have it — the list of boarding schools in South Africa. The list is exhaustible, but for the sake of time, we will stop here.

As an international student reading this, you might ask yourself, why do I need to study in South Africa? Here are a few things that would help you answer that question.
South Africa is emerging as one of the best education destinations in the world. This fact is evident in the increasing number of the international student coming into the country yearly to attend its schools.

Another thing you should consider is that due to exchange rates globally, south Africa offers students a quality education with high value for money.

The rich cultural diversity in the country means that you get more than just education if you choose to study there. We wish you all the best in your education.

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