10 Best TVET Colleges in Pretoria (South Africa)

Getting a sound education also puts into consideration certain key factors such as what you hope to achieve at the end of the day. While some people get a university just for the fun of it, some do so simply to get a nice paying 9 to 5 job and hopefully build a career.


But there are select who believe in getting a sound technical education that would enable them to carve a niche for themselves in the labor market and help establish a niche profession for themselves.

In this article, we will be covering 10 best TVET colleges in Pretoria for those people looking for quality technical training in the city of Pretoria. It is an unordered list, so you need not worry about it being in a prioritized order. Follow along now.

These are the list of 10 Best TVET Colleges in Pretoria 2020


1. Bonalesedi Computer Training College

Bonalesedi Computer Training College is a top quality training college that offers the very best in computer training and operation. This school registers students throughout the year so there is no fear about missing out on an academic calendar.

Bonalesedi Computer Training College has a small sized classes and a balanced student to teacher ratio to ensure that every student is attended to specially. The school offers courses in MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint etc. it also provides technical support, system development, ICT management, data communications and call center operations etc.

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2. Wamalloy Engineering College (Pty) Ltd

Wamalloy Engineering College (Pty) Ltd has some of the best courses in management, engineering, electrical fitting, and mechanics. The school has a robust curriculum which ensures flexible learning for its students. Over the years, Wamalloy Engineering College (Pty) Ltd, has received a high rating from relevant South African educational bodies and has continued to achieve excellence.

The school has some of the best lecturers in the city and a conducive learning environment for a qualitative learning experience. Wamalloy Engineering College (Pty) Ltd also offers free lessons on Saturday for interested students.


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3. CTU Training Solutions 

CTU Training Solutions is one of the leading names in ICT training. The school is a certified Microsoft Gold Learning Experience Partner and has some of the most advanced learning curriculum to match industry standards. It uses a robust curriculum to equip its students for a lifelong ICT career.

Students who enroll in the school make use of Microsoft technologies that are designed to upgrade human capital that can be used in both the private sector and government establishments.

Some of the solutions offered at CTU Training Solutions include Internship Programmes, Short Skills Development Programmes, Digital Courseware, Virtual Online Learning, Microsoft Competency Attainment, Online Labs etc

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4. Lyceum Correspondence College

Lyceum Correspondence College is a quality training center with expertise in Business, Traffic Management, Fleet and Freight Management. The cornerstone for Lyceum Correspondence College is to prepare students for growing capitalist industries.

The tutors at this schools are seasoned professionals who have years of industry experience and are incentivized to give students the best training possible to meet up with current standards. Lyceum Correspondence College has a robust but flexible curriculum that allows for a great learning experience for its students. Students from this school go on to become experts in their chosen fields. 

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5. MSC Business College

MSC Business College is a cutting-edge educational center that equips students in the areas of IT, Business, Marketing, Accounting, Project Management, Tourism etc. The school was founded almost 30 years ago in 1991 and has since grown to become one of the most respected business colleges in Pretoria.

MSC Business College makes use of very current technologies as training tools together with a student-centric robust curriculum to make sure its students are at par with industry-set standards for every discipline. Students from this school graduate and go on to become captains of industries and professionals in their chosen fields.

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6. Cranefield College

At Cranefield College, students are assured of quality training and a conducive learning environment. Their tutors are well-trained and have field experience in every discipline. Cranefield College offers various certificate courses, diplomas, Postgraduate diploma, Masters and PhDs.

The school also offers short-time courses for students. Cranefield College has produced some of the finest career professionals in Pretoria and in the country at large. Some have also gone on achieve exploits in many other countries to include the US, Canada, Australia and parts of Europe.

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7. Skills Academy

Skills Academy is one of the many great distance learning colleges in Pretoria that offer various certificate and degree courses in many disciplines. It flexible programs allow students to learn from any location in both online and offline classrooms.

Skills Academy has some of the best tutors and their student-centered approach which allows every student to be properly attended to is second to none. This is why graduates from Skills Academy excel so well in almost any chosen field.

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8. INTEC College 

At INTEC College, students are offered flexible distance learning in almost any course or discipline. The school has a wide selection of courses to pick from which range from Business to Arts.

INTEC College has seasoned tutors and lecturers with years of field experience, so students are always assured of being in the best hands. Many graduates from this college occupy so many great positions in major industries in the city and Province at large.

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9. Boston City Campus & Business College

At Boston City Campus & Business College, the watchword is excellence and standard. The school has made a name for itself as being one of the few greats that offer courses are at par with industry standards. Boston City Campus & Business College is one of South Africa’s foremost colleges and has achieved a high record of excellence over the years.

They operate a robust but flexible curriculum that ensures that each student is attended to specially, and it’s no surprise that students from this school graduate and become highly-sought-after professionals in their chosen fields.

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10. La Louve Private Hair Academy 

La Louve Private Hair Academy is a beauty and styling academy based in Montana Park, Pretoria. It has a track record of excellence and equips students with the latest skills in beauty trends and women’s hair styling.

It is a private academy so the most care is taken to ensure that highest priority is placed on standards. La Louve Private Hair Academy has graduated some of the best beauticians and stylists in the city.

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