How To Pass WAEC Examination 2022/2023- Get Straight A’s

How to pass WAEC examination 2022/2023- Do you want to find out the hidden secret of how to pass WAEC examination in one sitting?, then this article is for you.

In my previous article I wrote about how to pass jamb examination without engaging in examination malpractice which students confirmed to work for them.

If you truly want to know how to pass WAEC examination, I enjoin you read this article painstakingly.

Brief Information About WAEC Certificates

As you might have known, WAEC is one of the required documents needed for your entry into the higher institutions (university,polytechnic or college of education) acceptable in West Africa.

With this, the WAEC certificate is valid through out West Africa in general and can be accepted world wide on some other conditions. in case you misplaced your WAEC certificate, you may want to Read; How to Retrieve Lost WAEC Certificate| Get back your Stolen/Burnt WAEC Certificate

How To Pass WAEC Examination.

These are the best ways to pass WAEC examination excellently. 

Note that these steps have been tested and confirmed working, now let’s ride on with the steps of how to pass WAEC examination.

Be Determined To Pass WAEC 

Get Ideas From Those Who has Experience 

Study and Practice with myth 

Study With Syllabus

Make Use of Past Questions 

Perfect Your Time Management 

Always Read Instructions Before you Start any Paper. 

  1. Be Determined to pass WAEC.

You would agree with that it is almost impossible to achieve anything without determination. That makes determination come first on the steps of how to pass WAEC Examination.

To pass the waec examination, you have to be first determined and set yourself under hungergoal. yes! the stage where it is either pass or pass.

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.

Failure can never overtake me as far as my determination is strong enough.

  1. Get Ideas From Those Who has Experience.

It is very Wise to get ideas from those that already wrote the waec examination and find out their major challenges,How not to face same and if possible how to canter such challenge and use them in your advantage.

Great Ideas mostly come from the unexpected, Interview your senior even the ones that had to write twice, they have answers to your questions and solution so you don’t face the same.

Failure is the beginning, success is the end Taking the right action is all that matters.

you only need what’s available to get what can be available, not everything but little to make yourself happy

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  1. Study and Practice with Myth.

Although, many do not believe in too much of studying. but trust me proper preparation prevent poor performance*(5Ps). if you prepare and study well, then you will be successful.

you can be the catalyst for your change. you should know that amazing things that exist in the world now are not created with super powers but rather they structured their ideas with proper preparation.

how to pass waec examination should not be your worries if you practice this 5ps (proper preparation prevent poor performance). As a matter of fact, this is the main point you need on how to pass waec examination.

Don’t under-estimate the power of motivation, it is what keeps you practicing, surround yourself with motivation and you’ll live the rest of your life with success.

  1. Study with WAEC Syllabus.

Am sure you are also eager to know if waec stipulate a specific kind of Books to read fro its examination. I will frankly say ‘YES’.

The board actually expects its candidates to read some specific type of books in order to pass its Examination and these list of Recommended textbooks are combined in the Syllabus which you can download here=Download laest waec syllabus here.

  1. Make Use of Past Questions 
  2. Perfect Your Time Management 
  3. Always Read Instructions Before you Start any Paper. 

Those are the top secrets you need to prepare and pass WAEC examination. Note that I will update this article as soon as I compile more tips that will help you to pass WAEC examination.

Meanwhile, I enjoin you to make good use of the information contained in this article effectively. I am very optimistic that they will help you to pass WAEC examination excellently. Thanks for reading.

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