How to Score High In JAMB 2022/2023 Revealed – Pass JAMB 2022 Successfully

How To Score High in Jamb 2022/2023-Many students have written jamb more than five times yet they have not gotten admission into any institution not because they are not intelligent or lazy, but because they are yet to know the secrete on how to score high in jamb.

Well, without wasting much of our precious time, if you’re ready to know the secrete of how to score high in jamb, I’ll urge you to move with me in the steps I’ll be listing.

This brings us to the reality that passing Jamb alone (Scoring 180 to 200) is not enough. What matters now is how high you can score. The higher you score, the more your chance of getting admitted to study your course of choice.

In this article am going to teach you how to read and guide you to scoring very high(300+) in jamb, so take your time to read this page to be able to grab something.

NOTE: Jamb started setting questions since almost 20 years and since then, they have set all the question there is to set for a particular subject or course. JAMB subject topics are not changing every year, they are all static and constant. this means that all the questions that JAMB may have set from all those topics are all still valid and since there is no new topic, it means there is no more new question for them to set.

In recap to the above quote, it means that they’re only reshuffling the questions each year. Now see this!

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  • Start reading on time. Some of the students wait for jamb exam to approach before they start reading without knowing they can’t cover up the jamb scheme before the exam day.
  • Look for jamb scheme of work.Some students prepare for jamb with there waec scheme making them to go far from where jamb bring out there question from. With jamb scheme you will know the topics to read and how to read them.
  • Search for jamb past question. Majority of jamb candidate prepare for jamb empty handed thinking that jamb is easy to pass. With past questions you can be able to know how jamb question is and how to answer them.
  • Attend Jamb CBT lesson. Jamb CBT helps jamb candidate to master how to operate system to avoid mistake in exam hall since jamb is all about CBT. These CBT will also help you to develop your skills in answering questions and also it corrects the questions you answer incorrect. So I recommend you go the jamb CBT.
  • Constant Reading

    I hear Jamb candidates say, “I have finished this subject, no need to focus on it”. It is not the right attitude towards learning. With every passing week, go through all your subjects over and over again. With this, the points will be clearer to you.

    The reason why you should constantly go through your subjects is that it helps you refresh the ideas.
  • Put Down High Score Points

    As you study for Jamb, ensure to put down the key points in your rough note. When the exam gets very close, revise the point all over again.
  • Avoid Procrastination

    Later things. This is the language of procrastinators. Avoid the use of such language and get back to work.
  • Study Effectively

    Effective study means that you actually gained something from what you have studied. As you read, ask yourself, “what have I learnt so far?”.

    Telling yourself the truth is honesty.
  • Ask Questions

    Do not keep quiet. When you come across what is difficult to you. Quickly seek help.
  • Study Long

    It is true that life not all about duration but donation. However, most effective studies are functions of time. Spend quality time to study.
  • Having confidence in exam hall and avoiding implicating your self by doing malpractice. These days people don’t write there jamb with their hand, they look for machinery, which is very bad because when your caught the exam will be denied from you and other punishment.


  • Understand What has changed in Jamb

Ever since the introduction of Jamb cbt, a lot of things have changed. This range from the introduction of CCTV cameras to the use of pin vending system and many more.

  •  Reasons You May Fail Jamb

Whether you believe it or not, you can either succeed or suck seeds in Jamb. Now for you to fail, it means there are factors that sponsors or nourish failure.

  • Understand The Power of Jamb Past Questions

Jamb past questions can make you pass Jamb with lesser effort. The joint admission and matriculation board do not have new questions to set. They re-package the old ones in a way you will not suspect. The use of past questions will reveal this to you. However, not everyone knows how to effectively use Jamb past question.

  • Prepare Mentally

    What you are not prepared for, you are not qualified for. Before writing Jamb, you need to be mentally and physically prepared. The two articles below will be of great help.

NOTE: When you read with the primary aim of learning something new and acquiring new knowledge, you will discover that you will develop more interest in what you are reading and ‘interest’ is one of the things that strengthen the chemical links and bonds between the neural traces of that subject in your brain. Memories are just neural traces in the brain that get stronger and become easier to remember with application of interest, strong emotion, repetition and revision.

With this, I hope I’ve been able to expose the secret as to how to score high in jamb 2022/2023 examination.

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