Universities Offering Safety Courses in Nigeria

See the list of Nigerian universities offering safety courses online this 2021.

You will as well find out what safety courses are available for study in Nigerian universities.

On this website, I’ll provide you with all of the pertinent information and a guide to the many safety courses offered by Nigerian universities. So, if you are one of the students who are interested in taking a safety course, the material on this website will be beneficial to you.

Firstly, All entry-level employees in an organization should take safety training. Employers should train their employees on safety measures to help guarantee that health hazards are avoided and that these safety courses are implemented when appropriate.

What are Safety Courses

In Nigerian universities, safety courses are courses that affect knowledge, educate, and train students on the methods, skills, and tactics that should be used to keep safe at any given moment and in any given situation.

Many firms in Nigeria have already made health and safety training mandatory for all of their employees, or if they don’t have all of their employees, they hire a professional safety officer with extensive knowledge of workplace safety.

These are the list of Universities that offer Safety Courses in Nigeria.

  • SMSTZ Group
  • Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPN)
  • International Competency Certification Center (ICCE)
  • SGS Nigeria
  • Lonadek
  • OilTrain
  • SkillEdge Consulting Limited
  • Hybrid Consulting Ltd

List of Available Safety Courses In Nigeria

  • Health And Safety Education
  • Investigation, reporting, and recording of health and safety incidents
  • Health and safety Foundations.
  • Work equipment hazard and control
  • Risk assessment
  • Health and Safety Policy Set up
  • Principle of health and safety control
  • Review, audit, and Monitoring of health and safety performance
  • Movement of people and vehicles Safety
  • Health and Safety culture Promotion
  • Hazard and control
  • Mechanical and Manual handling of hazard and control.
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