When Should Students Ask for Academic Support?

Students have to write a great variety of academic papers. They are not that easy to do and many learners struggle in merely every paragraph of their essay, term paper, or other projects. It may happen due to various reasons and the result is always the same – students lose a lot of precious grades.

Thus, many of them ask – How can I write my essay? They do not have the right clues to write it perfectly. It is vital to realize there is a serious problem to start working it out. Not all students notice they require academic support. This informative article focuses on the critical signs when help is really important.

When Should Students Ask for Academic Support
When Should Students Ask for Academic Support

A Lot of Grammar Errors

Most students have regular problems with grammar. It’s okay when you misspell some words, mess up the tenses, or put commas in the wrong places. Yet, you should get alarmed when you repeat grammatical errors too often and thus get deprived of essential grades. This is the right sign you need academic help.

Low Readability

A serious sign you need academic support is the weak readability of your texts. Not all students realize their texts are hard to read and understand. It deprives them of many grades. The common signs of low readability are as follows:

● Too long sentences;

● Too long paragraphs;

● Over-explanations;

● Illogical transitions to other parts;

● Misuse of the passive voice;

● Junk sentences;

● An inappropriate lexicon, etc.

When Should Students Ask for Academic Support
When Should Students Ask for Academic Support

Watery Sentences

Check the relevance of the sentences you write. Perhaps you lose grades because you write parts that have little relation and significance to your topic. They are called watery or junk sentences. You need to revise your papers before you submit them to identify such parts. If they are present, they must be replaced with relevant sentences. Otherwise, your grade will be low.

Regular Repetitions

Another sign you have problems with disclosing your topic is frequent repetitions. They may be the part of watery sentences as well. You may either repeat the same phrases or repeat the same facts using other words. At any rate, this is a serious mistake that leads to the loss of many vital grades.

The Wrong Lexicon

Watch what words you use when you write your papers. Perhaps you use the wrong ones? Some words may not belong to the subject. The others shouldn’t be used in a scientific paper. You should avoid

● Slang;

● Clichés;

● Technical terms;

● Jargon;

● Acronyms, etc.

A Lack of Evidence

Your teachers may deprive you of grades because your theories cannot be proved by true facts. It’s quite possible you cannot research effectively to find the right evidence. The inability to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant data is a serious and quite typical issue.

You Are Tired

Finally, you may simply be exhausted. You need to talk to your inner self and be honest with yourself. If you overwork, you lose! Mental and physical exhaustion may come due to various reasons. Make allowances for them:

  • Violated sleep regimes. You sleep less than 8 hours and work without breaks.
  • Junk food. You may consume food that does not bring energy to your brain and body.
  • Bad habits. In case you consume alcohol or drugs, your brain functions may be impaired.
  • Private relationships. If teens live through personal dramas, they may have a bad mood that leads to mental exhaustion, a loss of motivation, poor grades, and so on.

What Kind of Academic Support to Choose?

When Should Students Ask for Academic Support
When Should Students Ask for Academic Support

If you realize you need help, use the Internet. It’s a huge hub of all kinds of learning and helpful data. The best sources of academic support are:

SourceLearning Advantages 
Educational sites You can access sites created by colleges, universities, and separate educators. They offer a wide range of trustworthy educational materials.
Non-profit sites Find non-profit sites that also offer various learning materials. They come in the forms of guides, manuals, samples, etc. They can be accessed for free.
Learning apps Many learning apps provide students with smart tips and offer corrections to their mistakes. To get them, use the right editors and grammar checkers.
Online courses Look for special online courses for students. You will easily find the ones that focus on the problems you face. Pass them to improve your skills and knowledge.
Custom writing agencies You can also hire someone to solve your learning issues. Custom writing platforms offer quite cheap prices to satisfy all your needs and offer papers of the best quality.


It is significant to recognize serious problems with writing your English papers. Thanks to our examples, you will be 100% confident you need help. We have also provided you with great solutions you may get on the Internet. Even if you have to pay for it, academic support is worth spending your money on because this is your future success.

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