How to Retrieve WAEC Examination Number

The WAEC Examination number is very important even after the conclusion of the examination because there is no way to check your WAEC results without your WAEC examination number.


Here is how it works; Your WAEC examination number is usually a combination of your centre number and seat number. Your centre number is the first seven (7) numbers while your seat number is the last three (3) numbers.

How to Retrieve your WAEC Examination Number

1. Retrieval By Court Affidavit: You can go to a court of law to swear an affidavit for the loss of your examination number. In fact, you can also use this process for the loss of any other related WAEC document like WAEC certificate or photo card.

Next, you proceed to any WAEC office with the affidavit for the retrieval of your WAEC examination number. At the WAEC office, you will be asked to submit passport photographs too (usually in white or red background).


Affidavit payment may depend on the type of court and the purpose of your affidavit, but it is very affordable. You also need to pay retrieval fees at the WAEC office and buy result checker card too for checking your results.

2. Retrieval By Proxy: If you want another person to retrieve your examination number for you, if for some reasons you cannot, especially if you are outside the country, there is a process you can follow too.

First, you must swear an affidavit like in number 1 above. However, your affidavit must be in a proxy pattern and it must be noted on the affidavit too. Next, the proxy should proceed to the WAEC office with the sworn affidavit, passport photographs (of the proxy, and the person on whose behalf he wants to collect the examination number), letter of authority, from you to the WAEC body stating that you have given authority to the proxy to collect your examination number (usually addressed to The Manager, Customer Service Center, WAEC, State and country), photocopy of international passports and ID cards.

3. Retrieval By School Name And Seat Number: If you have any Internet enabled device, simply search for WAEC center numbers in Nigeria and only click on a reliable source. Click on the ‘find’ or ‘search’ page on the site, type in the name of your school or center you had your exams and search. Copy the center number of your school/center and add your seat number. Note that you must not leave spaces between these numbers.

4. Retrieval Through Schools And Centres: Usually, schools have records of students who have written WAEC examinations.


Thus, you can equally go to the school you wrote your exams and politely request your examination number.

Ok! Those are the methods or steps you can take to retrieve/get back your WAEC examination number fast.

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