How to Write a Good & Presentable SIWES/ IT Report

SIWES report stands for the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme. This report is related to the Industrial Training of IT. The presentation of this report is necessary for the second or third year of school, for every student. The presentation of this SIWES report makes the scores so it is a really important part of academics to be able to make the best SIWES report.

Your academic result depends upon your assignments, written tasks, presentation, SIWES report, or any other task given to you by your teacher. So, you should always try to make the best presentation of your written tasks.

Now you might think that why do you need to write this report? The answer is that it is important because it develops your professional management skills and improves your technical knowledge about the course.

Here in this article, we will guide you with some useful points that can help you to make your SIWES report much better and authentic. Have a look and improve your skills.

Basically, the SIWES report is based on 4 chapters. The description and guidance of each chapter are given below.

  • The first chapter includes the short but impressive introduction of your technical Industrial Training Report. Your introduction should be really attractive and meaningful.
  • The second chapter is based on your personal experiences and achievements during the training. Explain what you learn and acquire from the training.
  • The third chapter includes the issues you faced during the training. You should explain the problems that occurred and what solutions you apply to get over them.
  • The fourth chapter includes the general conclusion about your whole training. You should elaborate on the training period and should use graphs and diagrams to prove your report.

Why SIWES report is important?

This report is important in academics because:

  • It refers to the efforts of the student during the training program
  • It refers to the fact that the student has absorbed and extracted the training and is now skillful.
  • It refers to the general concept and summary of the training and experience of the student.
  • It refers to be a medium for the professional trial of the student.

Specific Format of Report

The SIWES report must be written in the following format.

  • Font Style: Times New Roman
  • Font Size: 12
  • Line Spacing: 1.5

Tips for better SIWES report

Explain the short history of the organization you choose

Start by giving a short but informative description and background of the company that you choose for training. Explain the origin and purpose of that organization.

Explain the structure of the organization

Now explain the Organizational Structure of that company, whether it is Centralized or Decentralized. Elaborate on the management of the organization.

Introduction of the employee responsible for your training, your supervisor

Next step after the description of the company, tell about the person who supervised your training. Explain his post and his efficiency in that organization.

Additional information about that company

Tell more information about that company. What is the purpose? What is the balance between output and input? Tell details about your experience of working there.

Problems that occurred at training

Now it’s the part that talks about your personal experience of working in that company. Tell and explain the problems you faced in the company during your training. Your expression and vocabulary can aid in your good scoring and professional skills.

Solutions of the issues

Now explain your efforts and hard work in the process of training. Explain what techniques you applied to solve the issues. Explain the future guide for the new trainers. These points will increase your grading and efficiency.

Explain the work done by your supervisor

Always have good terms with your supervisor in the training, as he is responsible to guide you and improve your skills. Have good terms with him and always mention his efforts and his work in your report. This nice gesture will make your relationship with the supervisor better and long-lasting.

Explain how you wind up the project

After all the discussion, now explain your techniques and achievement that you got from training. Explain how you come to a conclusion. Explain your reason and cause.

Now it’s time to conclude your report about your training. Your conclusion must be strong enough to prove your case. The whole weight is on the conclusion. Your conclusion or summary must be including your whole experience in the training. You should briefly explain the issues and their solutions that occurred in training. Your summary must including some tips for future trainers.  In the last report, you must write references, a list of methods, and an appendix.

We hope that this article will help you and guide you to prepare your SIWES report. Try to apply all the points and make your report error-less and exceptional. Your best report can give you much better grades and professional skills.

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