Universities and Polytechnics that Admit Without JAMB

To get admission in any top-class university is the dream of many students. But due to the hard grading criteria of today’s academic and very competitive results, the students find it hard to get admission in any good university or polytechnic.

Many Nigerian students face the same difficulty of scoring low in JAMB, and then they can no seat in any top university or polytechnic. The grading criteria of JAMB is getting difficult and narrow, day by day. In this case of rejection, the students lose their confidence and result in poor performance.

But there is good news for those students. You can still get your seat reserved in better universities, even if you don’t have good scores in JAMB. Here in this article, we will provide you information about the universities and polytechnics that will admit you even with fewer scores.

Polytechnic Institutions

MoshoodAbiola Polytechnic

At top of the list, we are talking about the great polytechnic institute by MoshoodAbiola. The short name of this polytechnic is MAPOLY. It is located in the city of Abeokuta, in the state of Ogun, in Nigeria. The purpose of this polytechnic is to provide education and skills to all. This polytechnic is a public sector, established in 1980. The public sector enables the facility to all the citizens, without any restriction. At this moment, this polytechnic is having 5 schools, run under director, and a total of 21 departments. Each department provides the study of different fields to students, for example, business, engineering, science, information technology, and social sciences.

So if you are one of the hardworking students, who own average marks in JAMB, but want to study and improve skills in some great school or university, then you can choose this option.

Next, we have Osun State Polytechnic, which enables the students to get their seats reserved, without much demand for scores in JAMB. The short name of this polytechnic is OSPOLY. This polytechnic was established in 1992, located in the Osun State of Nigeria. This is a public institution, which facilitates the students from all status. If you are a student, looking for some efficient but less score demanding institution, then you can consider this option. This polytechnic has 9 faculties and 30 total educational departments. You can have the option of each field of education like media sciences, business, arts, general sciences, engineering, and other relevant departments.

Osun State Polytechnic

You can polish your skills by getting admission to this polytechnic and it demands not many scores in JAMB.

The Polytechnic of Ibadan

Next, we are talking about The Polytechnic of Ibadan. The short name for this polytechnic is Poly Ibadan. It is located in the city of Ibadan, in the state of Oyo, Nigeria. This institute was established in 1970. This polytechnic is working best and it is most famous for its working slogan, which is stated as “Work, the medicine of Poverty”.

It makes the students more skillful and advanced. This sector is famous for its efficiency in the technical department. The students can get the offer of a diploma in various fields like engineering, business, sciences, social sciences, and management plans. If you want to have a professional diploma, but cannot get admission to any high-scoring university, then you can have a look at this option.

Institute of Management Technology, Enugu

This institution is a polytechnic college. This is located in the city of Enugu, Nigeria. The purpose of these polytechnic colleges is to provide them access to professional courses to the students who got average marks or the students who cannot afford great universities. You can have the same professional diplomas through studying in any polytechnic in Nigeria.

Plateau State Polytechnic

Then we are talking about this Plateau State Polytechnic, located in the North Central part of Nigeria, in the state of Plateau. This polytechnic was developed in 1978. This public sector institute allows the students to get professional diplomas in any field of their choice like Engineering, Technology, and Sciences. You can get your skill polished by taking admission in this polytechnic.


National Open University, Nigeria

The NOU does not admit the students on the JAMB basis, so you can have this option if you are scoring low.  But keep in mind that although this institute doesn’t work on JAMB, it provides a strict and restricted atmosphere for education.

Private Universities

Besides the option of Polytechnic and universities, you can also consider the private universities to get admitted. They don’t demand much scoring but one drawback is that they charge high fees from you. So it is up to you, what you want to select.

By reading this article, you may get the idea about different educational options provided to you by the Nigerian government. You can choose whether you want to study at University, Polytechnic or Private institutes, that depends on your scoring too.

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