WAEC Biology Questions & Answers 2022/2023 (OBJ & Theory)

WAEC Biology Questions and Answers: This WAEC 2022 Biology expo question and answer is available free of charge to all candidates taking the examinations this year.


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WAEC Biology Practice Questions and Answers 2022

Exam Pattern:

WAEC Biology exam comes in theory, OBJ, and practical papers. It has paper one, paper two, and paper three. Paper 1 is the Objective paper (OBJ), Paper 2 is Theory (essay), paper 3 is the practical paper.


1. What is another Name for larva?

  1. Nymph
  2. Maggot
  3. Caterpillar
  4. Chrysalis

2. Which source of energy do plants need to produce food?

  1. Photosynthesis
  2. Chlorophyll
  3. Sunlight
  4. Microorganisms.

3. Which of the following is the major difference between animal and plant nutrition?

The plant has the ability to synthesize:

  1. Food for plants and animals
  2. B Water for plants
  3. Water for animals
  4. Food for plants only.

4. The process of converting starch into maltose is known as____?

  1. Hydrolysis
  2. Condensation
  3. Translocation
  4. Photosynthesis

5. What Causes the ascent of water in a tall tree?

  1. Adhesive forces
  2. Transpiration pull
  3. Root pressure
  4. Cohesive force

6. Which of these substances digestion will be affected if the duodenum of a patient is removed surgically?

  1. Starch and protein only
  2. Starch and lipids
  3. Starch, protein, and maltose
  4. Starch, protein, and lipids.
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